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Modern Smoky Eye Tutorial

Last week I visited BYUTI salon in Brentwood, California and shot some hair and makeup tutorials that are perfect for the holiday season. This week kicks off those videos with BYUTI makeup artist, Georgette, and a modern smoky eye tutorial.

Georgette teaches us three essential tips to creating a dramatic, but modern smoky eye:

♥︎ Intensify the color in the crease of the eye
♥︎ Define the color in the outer "v" of the eye (think sideways v)
♥︎ Create a contrast of color with a lighter shade on the direct lid of the eye

Another new technique she used for this look is to only apply eyeliner to the waterline of the bottom lid. Because the crease is darkened, the eyeliner on the lower lid allows the eye to look bright, open and uplifted.

Georgette recommends finishing off this look with a bronzer and a neutral lip, to keep the focus on the eyes.

Thank you Georgette and BYUTI Salon! If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

For more on BYUTI salon visit: www.byutiluxe.com

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week. Come back to the blog on Friday for a very special giveaway of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck Steel-True by Victoria Wilson (including some amazing pictures and a great YouTube video of the author).

See you then!

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Unknown said...

I love your hair! Can you do a tutorial on that?

Unknown said...

Fabulous look!

Tarayn said...

Your Hair looks fab!!!!! Do a tutorial on that! Also, what was the name of the eye liner she put on your? Seems like they make some liners for the waterline but not all of them are appropriate.

Greenjane72 said...

Lovely! As usual though I'm a few posts behind. I blame 3 children, work and the run up to Christmas :) I'm still thinking about scents and an old friend 'Joy' by Jean Patou came back into my life all of a sudden today. Divine. Re skin care have you tried Neal's yard wild rose beauty balm? Get it next time you're in London. Most wonderful cleanser and mask. I stock up whenever I can. Btw I've applied capsule wardrobes very successfully to my children too. Again I sincerely thank you :) Jane x

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, and Georgette's tips were so useful! Still, no tutorial would be complete without information on the makeup brand and gorgeous colors she used on you. Could you share?