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Skincare Updates

This week we are talking about skincare updates. My skin has been "acting out" recently due to stress. Whenever this happens, I push the pause button and know that my body is trying to tell me to relax! Can you relate?

This video shares some tips I recently gleaned from my esthetician, Juliana, at Petite Spa. She recommended I use an oil for my skin. To which I replied, "An oil? Are you serious?"

She was, in fact, serious and I'm so glad I listened to her! I show you my calendula oil by Eminence in the video, but you can also use a coconut oil, sweet almond oil or even an olive oil (I hear this is one of Sofia Loren's beauty secrets), all of which can be purchased at your local grocery or health food store.

Many people have also asked me if I remove my makeup before using the Clarisonic. My answer is, I do now! I share how I remove my makeup in the video and show you what I am currently using for eye and face makeup removal.

Finally, many of you have written to me telling me you'd love to try the Clarisonic, but it is not in your budget. I am trying out the Spa Sonic, which retails at around 1/3 of the price of the Clarisonic. I'll do a more comprehensive review of the spa sonic, as well as a giveaway, in a few weeks.

If you are unable to see this week's video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel, www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I urge you to become a connoisseur of your own skin... learn to read it and more important, to listen to it. Listen to your skin when it is trying to tell you something. Never give up your curiosity about how to best care for it and don't make assumptions (like me, assuming that oil is detrimental to the skin!) about new ideas. The most expensive products don't always equal what's best for you. Look at the beautiful Sofia Loren... olive oil sure worked for her :)

This week I would love to know... what are your skincare updates?

See you soon! xx

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Tracey Smith said...

I've heard that French women use Argan oil on their skin and hair too. Josie Maran has a great one to try!

juliagray19 said...

This post struck a chord. Thank you so much for passing on the advice from your aesthetician about calendula oil! If I do not break out next summer when I try it, that piece of advice from her could be the answer to my prayers! I'm severely, officially allergic to mosquitos (which is the worst thing for living in Alaska! They are the unofficial State Bird!) and I know that people use calendula candles to drive them away outdoors.

When it comes to skincare in the extreme north, our dermatologist encourages: Moisturel, Eucerin or its generic equivalents, and Dove sensitive skin cleansing bars. People tend to be pretty pale up here in Alaska because so many of us do not get enough sunshine in the winter because of the latitude. Many have Vitamin D deficiencies because of not enough sunshine exposure.

As far as water is concerned, there are free apps on the iTunes app store to remind you to drink water! I use the free app MyWater. It'll even send you alerts when it's time to drink more water. It's easy to keep track.

My sister has young twins and she simply needs to take naps to rejuvenate and keep up with her stressful job and the kids. I don't know how she would do it any other way. My sister's a great, hardworking person, but Superwoman is a myth. Meditation is also important. Yoga helps relieve stress, too. Rodney Yee of Gaiam makes gentle, effective yoga DVDs. The 10 Minute Solution DVD series also has an excellent 10 Minute Solution DVD for Yoga! It's a mix-and-match segments DVD program and is wonderful, especially when pressed for time.


geramyum said...

I've had my Clarisonic for over two years and it recently she died on me. I called Clarisonic and they replaced it with no begging or tears on my end. So I continue to be glad that I plunked down the money. Also, after using the Clarisonic on my face for cleansing each night (I only use it at night) I find the serums I use to brighten my skin, the anti aging products and even the oil I use... works better after using my Clarisonic and I use less product. I think SkinCeuticals is an excellent product line. It's not organic, but I want results and I get them. Hope the writing continues to go well for you - Amy Woods

Lana said...

Jennifer, I have to say out of all the wonderful things I learned from your book, your advice to become a connoisseur of my own skincare was the most life-changing. I was so glad to see your video posting today! I read your book about a year ago and ever since, I've been trying techniques and products to perfect my routine.

Your advice to eliminate cleansing in the morning completely changed my skin - I just splash lukewarm water on my face and my skin doesn't get oily during the day at all. I apply a daytime eye cream, oil-free moisturizer and Bobbi Brown BB cream with SPF before the rest of my makeup. At night, I use a makeup remover towel and then my Clarisonic Mia (received it for my birthday - good idea for the Christmas wish list too). For now I just use a nighttime eye cream and moisturizer but I'm definitely going to try an oil as you suggested.

Another oil to add to your list of recommendations would be coconut oil (extra virgin organic). I have a few friends who use it to remove eye makeup - just put some on a cotton pad and it takes everything off. One friend even noticed it makes her lashes thicker and longer! I use it as body lotion sometimes - it really is a wonder oil.

I also wanted to tell you your makeup has been looking flawless lately! I know you've been trying new products and you've inspired me to try a few new things too. I haven't quite mastered the highlighting technique yet - would you mind giving us a quick tutorial? I just worry I won't blend it enough and it'll look funny.

I look forward to more great videos and especially look forward to your new book!


Ann R. said...

Just a message for Juliagray….Calendula is a plant good for first aid in healing broken skin..so using it on the face in an oil would be effective...not to be confused with Citronella. Citronella is the plant used to repel insects, and its essence is used in candles and such. Hope that helps.

Ann R. said...

One little trick that I have been doing and have been seeing positive results….is to rub down my whole body with the juice of a lemon before turning on the water for my shower. I call it my 'lemon bath'. I just cut a lemon in two and take it into the shower stall with me. I start at my neck and squeeze out the juice onto my skin avoiding sensitive areas. I work all the way down to my feet. Lastly, I rub some carefully onto my forehead and face. Then turn on the water and rinse off. [I do my face last because I don't want it sitting on there the longest. I do the rougher thicker skin first. ] I've found it is a marvelous exfoliant and skin brightener. I did that every other day for a week, and then after that, as needed (about once or twice a week.) After the shower, I just rub in a basic moisturizer. I had been buying some expensive chemical exfoliants for my face and neck but wanted to use it on my body but ended up being too costly. After doing some research, I figured the lemon juice is an acid, it works the same way. I have better luck with chemical exfoliants, than physical abrasive exfoliants. I've found the 'scrubs' actually create minute abrasions and mildly 'injure' the skin. Maybe the 'lemon bath' won't work for everyone, but after a month or so, my skin appears clearer, smoother, and a bit younger. You'll know if you do it too often because your fingertips will feel rough. Then just back off and apply it less frequently. Another plus...the bottom of my tub is cleaner after the process. :-) The seeds just wash down the drain.

Rose said...

Being some decades older than you Jennifer I've been using enriching oils -- rosehip or argan -- for some years now. I don't use them every night, rather several times a week according to the weather, at two years short of sixty my skin is in good shape. I don't use a Clarsisonic but I do use a good complexion brush after removing my makeup at night, then with a cleansing gel in the mornings. I know in your book you indicated you prefer a splash of lukewarm water but, for me, I figure the night time enriching oils/creams need to be cleaned off in the morning. I've had good results since I adopted this practice.

I think an important thing to remember is not to just slap product on your face, using a little and taking two minutes to massage it in gets better results. I know this because I had to learn to do it. :)

Lauren E.Flocken said...
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Lauren E.Flocken said...
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Lauren E.Flocken said...

Hi Jennifer!

I use the Olay pro x and it is a great product for the money. It does the job. The brush is a bit smaller than the clairsonic it does not turn off after one minute but I do not find these to be problem. I love the olay regenerist line and it has dont wonders for my skin.

I have two questions: Did you send a copy of your book to Madame Chic and did she love it?

What are tour recommendations for Chic maternity wear on a budget? Any tips for a second time work at home mom with a toddler for dealing with nausea and fatigue in the beginning?


Lauren E.Flocken said...

Can you do a review of the Lerosett clay mask by Gunilla of Sweden? You can get a free trial offer from them on their website gunillaofsweden.com. I am always on the look out for an organic mask that can diminish dark spots and clear impurities.

Another tip: add granulated sugar to your face wash. It exfoliates and dimishes dark spots and clears acne.

Caterina said...

About once a week i boil herbs (rosemary or lavendar) in water. When it reaches the boiling point, i remove from the heat and let the steam rise up to my face being careful that my face doesn't get too close. This, along with drinking plenty of water and a nightly exfoliant, helps to eliminate impurities. I now use either olive oil or coconut oil over my face and body. In France I found olive oil soap bars with honey which is also wonderful for the skin.
Argan oil is great for the hair and keeps it conditioned and shiny.

Sarah Extance Garcia said...

I really enjoyed this skincare video. I love Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel and also the exfoliating beads version. It is a little pricey for a cleanser ($35), but I only use a small amount, so it lasts. This cleanser has ingredients of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and extracts of Peach, White Oak Bark, Lemon, Lime, Linden, Grapefruit, and Arginine. It has transformed my skin - particularly improving the clarity, removing dry patches and clearing up blocked pores. I don't even use a serum now. I also use a rich moisturizer because of my dry skin. Currently I use Kiehl's Rose Arctica cream and eye cream. I really need to try your oil advice, especially with the colder weather. I have been battling dry skin my whole life. And of course I use sunscreen always.

sheepystitious said...

Thanks for the follow up post - your earlier post about not washing your face in the morning helped me SO much, and radically changed my routine and skin (for the better!).

I love Eminence, and love that you featured this brand in your video - it's SUCH a great skincare line and I highly recommend trying their full line of masks, cleansers, and serums. So worth the money, and natural/organic, too!

After splashing my face with warm water in the morning, I use organic argan oil over my skin as a facial serum and moisturizer similar to how you use the calendula oil, but I don't wipe it off. I then use 100% pure foundation with SPF, and then follow up with the natural makeup look (100% pure mascara which smells like berries! and The All Natural Face vegan gel eyeliner in hot fudge brownie). I finish off with some Burt's bees lipbalm or my favorite YLBB Nars Dolce Vita (still looking for a natural replacement for my favorite shade).

At night I remove my makeup with some coconut oil or olive oil and a cotton pad, and then wash my face with Kiss my face olive oil bar soap. I tone with Thayers rose witch hazel, and then run a LUSH full of grace serum bar over my face. On really dry days, I follow up with Eminence's Rosehip moisturizer. A few times a week I exfoliate my face with baking soda (cheap, natural, and effective).

My skin (which was previously extremely problematic, acne prone, and both oily and dry) has been nearly perfect with this routine, and I'm very happy to say I hardly need to wear the foundation at all. I wear it for the SPF and to even out my complexion. I look forward to more updates in the future!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

I recently had a facial and my esthetician recommended Dermologica Sensitive Skin line, as my skin is sensitive and we now have winter in Canada (Blech! Instant dry skin!) She used the products during my facial. I bought the travel size kit to see if I liked the products, and I do. I can feel a difference in my skin in almost a week. I'll be saving up to buy the regular sized bottles of the products (cleanser, spray toner, barrier serum, masque and moisturizer). I used the masque last night and I will be making that a weekly routine.

Interested to read everyone else's suggestions, I want to try a few of these!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, I adore your videos and am a new but loyal and steadfast fan of The Daily Connoisseur.

As a woman of a certain age who had very oily skin and breakouts, when I was young, my skin is dryer now, but I still have to be careful and find a balance.

This is the second time in a week I've heard about using oil (my young friend uses Clarins lotus oil) and I'm intrigued. So, it doesn't cause any milia or clogged areas of the pores?

I am currently using a Clarisonic Pro at night with Elta MD Facial Cleanser (deep clueing, pH balanced and oil-free).

For eye makeup removal, I have been using the Estee Lauder Gentle Eye makeup remover (blue bottle).

I've been skipping the morning cleansing on occasion, to see how I like it and I've also been drinking water at night in the a.m., too, although this is something I generally do.

Thanks, Jennifer!

Marija Charlton said...

Hi Jennifer,

Merci for the continued wonderful videos - despite the stressful workload! Hopefully, the soon coming holidays will allow you a bit of time to relax and rest.

I have just turned 40 this year, and thankfully have mostly had problem free skin (give or take a couple of episodes).
I am a devoted user of rose hip oil on my skin. I use it every night instead of a night cream - it works wonders! I leave the skin a little damp with toner and massage the oil into the skin (apparently, massaging an oil into damp skin increases it's absorption). I love it!
My day to day skincare brand is Dr Hauschka - it's biodynamic and gentle. I have used their products for about 10 years now. Every so often I decide to buy a different brand, and I always end up feeling disappointed and come back to Hauschka - their Regenerating Mask is incredible! The only other product I use on a regular basis is the Clarins exfoliating scrub- it's gentle but works so well!
With warm regards from Australia,

Anne Marie Sterling said...

I credit my mom with my lovely fair skin, and also her training to also always wear sunscreen. I have been for years, and still get carded on my birthday (and I'm closer to 40 than 30). I feel like the Clarisonic has made the biggest impact on my acne.
My favorite new find is Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil. It is amazing for makeup removal, and my skin feels so wonderful when I'm done. My other secret is using an extra slather of thick moisturizer (shea butter or oil!) when I'm out in the elements running or walking the dogs. Running and spa treatment at the same time!
Also, I've had a cold recently, and have been using Smith's Rosebud Salve around my nose and lips, and have avoided that lovely raw red ring. (it is also great for lip balm, cuticles…)

Deana B said...

I LOVE this post! Please do more skin care updates and reviews of products! :) I would also love some makeup videos. :)

One trick I do love is to mix a little bit of epsom salt in with my cleanser at night or with just some water in the morning. It seems to help a bit keep my skin smooth and help to some extent with break outs.

I notice when I apply an oil, my skin glows. I love DHC Olive Virgin Oil over my regular moisturizer. I went ahead and ordered the Calendula one you suggested because it sounds perfect for my skin type. Another kind I like is grape seed oil.

As far as products, I am cureently using Rhonda Allison's line, particularly the Amino Peptide moisturizer, Pumpkin cleanser, and Citrus Gel cleanser. Her line is made from basic, effective, and natural ingredients. The addition of the oils provide me extra moisturization.

Once a week, I use Retin A and once a week, I use a glycolic acid cream for anti aging treatments. I don't really do masks too often because I have not found any that I am in love with yet.

I have a Clarisonic but still on the fence about it.

Oh, and for my day sunscreen, I like Josie Maran's one with SPF 30.

novelist said...

A helpful video accompanied by lovely music. Trying to be economical: A clean washcloth with Dove Sensitive on my moistened face is my choice for deeper cleansing lately. My skin feels great afterwards. Thank You for your helpful videos!

Madeleine Lawrence said...

Hi Jennifer,
thanks for the tip about the oils. I have also read that coconut oil has some great anti-ageing properties.
I couldn't help thinking, as you held up a couple of the products you use, that those products may also be a part of your problem. I had problems with my skin right through my twenties in spite of a superb diet and using 'good quality' products such as Clarins. I swapped to Jurlique - MUCH more natural, and using biodynamic ingredients grown on their farm here in Australia. My skin problems vanished, never to return even with pregnancies, stress etc...I am frequently complimented on my skin. Although I'm 46 I also don't wear makeup, other than lipstick. I realise that not everyone will be comfortable with that idea, but when you consider what goes into makeup and that the French believe it ages you terribly if left on overnight one wonders what it does when left on all day - presumably the same thing!!

Another brand that may be good for you is Dr Haushka - I met a woman with amazing (makeup free) skin and she was a long-time user. I'm sure you could get samples sent for both of these skincare lines.

Have a wonderful day, Madeleine.X

Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

Great post! I've been dealing with some skincare issues myself for almost a year now, but I'm happy to say that my skin is finally looking healthy again. My naturopath recommended organic jojoba oil with drops of organic lavender essential oil (which works wonderfully for breakouts), and I've found the Boiron homeopathic remedy Calcarea Sulphurica to surprisingly work wonders. Stress is also the #1 culprit for my skin issues, so I identify with what you're experiencing. It's ironic that breaking out causes yet more stress.

You're still gorgeous! I hope your skin starts behaving soon.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments on this post. Thank you for your recommendations and for sharing your skincare stories. I am so intrigued by using oils now for both the skin and the hair. I will keep experimenting and keep you updated all along the way! Lots of love, Jennifer x

Janna Kennedy said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am a new connoisseur of your site ;). Discovered your book a few months ago (from The Simply Luxurious Living site) after having my third daughter and have been continually inspired.

As to skin care: I have been using an oil mixture to clean my skin. Its is half castor oil and half olive oil with a few drops of essential, I like a little orange but have used other. I only use it in the shower. Massage it in and then use a cotton ball to remove and it does wonders to cleanse and moisturize. Living in Colorado things can get very dry in the winter so this really does the trick. I will use it less in the summer but that my trick.

Thanks for all you dedication to bringing us useful tips.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nour Merza said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your post! I've tried using oil as a facial moisturizer several times in the last few months, but I find that every time I do it makes my hair extremely greasy, especially around my forehead. I wash my hair every other day in order not to dry it out too much (it's already quite dry) so do you have any advice on how to keep my hair grease-free while using oil as a moisturizer?

Another problem I've been having is that my makeup gets runny by the afternoon if I've used oil as a moisturizer in the morning. Any advice for that?


Denise said...

I just tried the Clarisonic for the first time tonight after removing my makeup. Gliding the brush over the face was unexpected, no tugging or friction. It is so gentle. My face has never been cleaner and in only 50 seconds. After rinsing the gel off with a warm clean washcloth, I applied moisturizer. My skin felt like I had just left the aesthetician's. I'm going to keep trying and see how my sensitive skin responds. Thank you for such an informative video.