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Get Your Spring Ten-Item Wardrobe Ready

Before this week's post begins, check out the beautiful Slovak copy of Lessons from Madame Chic, which was sent to me by my Slovakian publisher, Ikar. What a treat! I look forward to connecting with my Slovakian readers very soon.

Spring is officially here and this week I wanted to talk about getting your spring ten-item wardrobe ready. Many of you have probably already started this. I know I have as you are expecting a video to come out very soon :)

If you have been practicing a ten-item wardrobe, this should be easy and fun for you. You already know what to do. Store away your winter items that you no longer need. Keep any sweaters or lightweight coats on hand in case the weather turns (and these days, the weather always seems to be turning!), bring out the clothes from last spring/ summer that you plan to use again this year and mend anything that needs to be mended.

At this point you should write down a list of anything you need to purchase for your spring wardrobe. (All of my readers in the southern Hemisphere who are not going into spring, you can do this for your fall wardrobe.) Keep in mind the colors you'd like to wear this season and plan what would go nicely with what you already have. Don't forget to include the "extras" (like tee shirts) and accessories on this list. Keep your list handy and your budget in mind when you're out shopping and slowly, like you're on a treasure hunt, you can tick items off your list. This part is so much fun.

Hang your items proudly in your closet and just enjoy yourself this season.

If you haven't yet started your own ten-item wardrobe, it's never too late to start. Don't be intimidated by the number TEN. Ten is just a guideline. You can have twenty core items if that works better for you. It's not about the number, it's about your fresh new mentality about your wardrobe. You have chosen to think of your capsule wardrobe as art and you have decided to not let another day go by where you aren't wearing something that is authentically you. So just start wherever you are. You are not behind. For more information on the ten-item wardrobe, check out my book, Lessons from Madame Chic.

I will be shooting my spring ten-item wardrobe video this week so it will be out soon. As you'll see in this week's video, I'm really feeling blue (in a good way). If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or check out my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

In The News

Hamilton's Real Style magazine has given Lessons from Madame Chic a fabulous review.

Jenny of JenEric Generation blog discusses her favorite style points from Lessons from Madame Chic.

I have finished my second round of edits for book two and have sent it off to my publisher at Simon & Schuster. Hurray! Check out my 14 second facebook message here.

If you like the "le no makeup look" I'm wearing in this week's video, stay tuned next week for a video tutorial.

I would love to know... how is your spring ten-item wardrobe coming along? On your social media sites, be sure to use the hashtag #TenItemWardrobe.

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Unknown said...

You are so gorgeous Jennifer! Looking forward to seeing your video. I have my list for my winter wardrobe over here in Australia. Very exciting to be focused and only buying high quality items. xxx

Unknown said...

Hello Jennifer, I am one of your readers from Slovakia, I have to say the book is excelent and I found there a lot thing I can apply in my life or wardrobe :) Lets continue in this way...:) Gabriela

Emma Knight Peel said...

Thank you for explaining how you go about collecting your ten item wardrobe. That was very helpful! It's great to get a color scheme and not get distracted from it. Otherwise, I've frequently bought sweaters and tops because I like the cut, so I choose from the colors available, none of which are any of the colors that look best on me. Then, I end up with a closet full of clothes that aren't my color! I'm excited about buying high quality items. I'm so tired of buying cheaper clothing that ends up looking terrible on me and being a waste of money. When someone is dressed in high quality clothing, you can really see the difference.

Sheree said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder to get my spring wardrobe in order.
How should I handle body change (weight loss) as I recently began working out six days a week and I have moved to a clean eating regimen. This means a change in body weight and shape over the next year or two or more...
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Cass said...

Looking forward to your Spring Wardrobe video, Jennifer. I've started working on mine, but it's currently snowing, so I'm still primarily in winter mode!

My search for a nautical tee remains fruitless. The only ones I've found in the style I'm looking for are too short for a tall gal like myself. Love your lighter blue one.

Anonymous said...

:) I am smiling after going through that post. Congratulations, for the new book also! That must feel amazing seeing your work spreading through the world and getting feedback :) I love the freshness of this blue attitude :)and am excited to have a purpose in my own wardrobe. As I am also trying to be better at my budget managing it all brings me a joy of improvement. Waiting for your new ideas (and brushes:) Thank you! I would like also to greet Madame Chic and her Family this way and thank her for being the inspiration towards beautiful changes! Women are great and desperately needed in this world :)

Unknown said...

March 1st, I decided that I NEEDED SPRINGTIME. I packed away my dark, heavy clothes that I've been wearing for the last three months. This morning I woke up to another blanket of snow over our 2 ft. snowdrifts. It is 16 degrees today, frigid wind, and a snowing white-out. But, I am proudly wearing my spring colors. I have golds, teals, roses, and greens. I need the hope of spring and am anticipating it with COLOR. Although, I still have a couple heavy sweaters and cardigans in my closet, I am wearing them over my flow-y skirts with tights and boots. I am determined to get into the Spring-spirit, regardless of whether or not the weather cooperates.

How much fun to see you debut your light Spring attire, and that you actually have the decent weather to wear them! Spring - bring it on and let it bloom!

Anonymous said...

I have been following you faithfully since I’ve read your book (in Lithuanian by the way) it came up last year and is still one of the best selling on the book store shelves. You rock our European word here.
I won‘t lie. It‘s tough for me to go 10 item, I have been a true fashionista all my life. I can‘t really explain what was going on in my closet up until I’ve read Lessons from Madame Chic. I still have so much stuff to go; but it‘s truly clearer right now and for this spring summer I’m challenging myself to 10 ITEMS. And it‘s so scary.
Anyways sorry for this longish comment; and I just wanted to say. Thank you for inspiring, changing lives and being here for me and so many others. Can‘t wait to see the new video!!

Kari said...

Hi Jennifer, I await your wardrobe video:). And I'm working mine out in my head. I find it difficult so far to whittle it down to 10, I think my reality is somewhere closer to 20. Just because of work wardrobe and gardening activities! My question to you is how often do you do laundry and dry cleaning? With only 10 items, that must be often. I don't have kids, but I have 2 sweet kitties and they get a lot of fur on me when we snuggle! So I find things going in the wash quickly and suddenly I have no tshirts! Love to know your thoughts.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies! Thank you for your comments!

Olga- Thank you! This advice is still good for you in Australia as you can just think fall/ winter. Very excited you are doing this with us!

Gabriela- Hello! I'm so thrilled to be in Slovakia. Thank you for writing to me :) xx

Emma KP- Totally. You'll see my ten-item wardrobe this year is a mix of high and low. I have A.P.C. next to Zara but all with quality in mind. Also some pieces are over 4 years old but because they are high quality, they still look great!

Wabisabiwife- Congratulations on getting motivated to get in shape! Just take it a day at a time and don't worry if your wardrobe will be too big for you as that is a high quality problem! :) You can tailor some of your favorites and just keep a running list of what you need to update for your new size.

Cass- I've found some great nautical tees this year at Zara. You'll see them in my video next week. Good luck!

lemoisdesmirabelles- Thank you as always! I'm glad you are loving the blue like me too! :)

Ann G R- I hope spring comes to you soon! In the meantime stay chic in that winter gear!

Coffeeaddictgreta- Thank you! That is one of the kindest comments I've read! I'm so happy you find inspiration from this. As for the ten-item wardrobe: You can do it!! Don't worry about the number ten. Just do what number works for you. And you can still love fashion doing this as you will see with my video next week!

Kari- I do laundry once a week and rarely go to the dry cleaner. I wash my delicates and press them myself. I'll do a video explaining this in greater detail.... thank you for the request!

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I happen to be from Slovakia and I just finished reading your book today. :) It is just phenomenal! I loved it so much, I feel like it is a lifechanger for me! If find the advices very helpful and easy to apply on the daily basis. I hope that you will write another book very soon, I am looking forward to it! Good luck :)

Unknown said...

I´m from Slovakia and this is the best book i´ve ever read! I´m totally agree with your every single word and i´m in love with french style. I hope that my dream "visit France" will come true once :) Thank you for your advices, that change my life step by step :) Kisses Michaela from LIPSTICKS JUNGLE

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

Somehow I discovered one of your videos on YouTube and from the first time you made a big impression on me. I love how simple and uncomplicated, I believe, you lead life. Love all your videos!!

Do you have in person appearances?

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

Somehow I bumped into one of your videos a year ago and I must say you left a big impression on me.

Thank you for all of your videos as they are a true inspiration!