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Get Ready With Me: Makeup Edition

After our intense month discussing The Untethered Soul, I thought it would be fun to do a get ready with me video: makeup edition. In this video I'm getting ready to attend a casual business luncheon for the Harvey Mudd Entrepreneurial Network (remember when I spoke to them last fall about artistic entrepreneurship?).

I hope you'll check out this week's video to join me for a chat and glean some makeup inspiration. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or check out my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Here's an image of the pink Zara blazer I wore that day. You know I love my blazers! This is a new edition to my spring ten-item wardrobe, which you'll be seeing soon...

Here's a list of the makeup I use in this video:

YSL Top Secrets BB Cream

MAC pro longwear concealer

MAC studio finish concealer

MAC blot pressed powder

Urban Decay primer potion**

Urban Decay NAKED palette**

CHANEL kohl eyeliner in ambre

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush** in mood exposure

Sephora eyebrow editor in Honey Blonde

MAC lip liner in Strip Down

Hourglass Femme nude lip stylo** no. 6

Cruelty-free makeup
Did you know that not all of your favorite makeup brands are cruelty-free? Thank you to Jessie, a reader of the Daily Connoisseur, who sent me Peta's cruelty-free search index. Check to see the status of your favorite brands and make your own informed decision about the makeup you use. The products listed above with the ** at the end of their name are all cruelty-free. Going forward, I feel inspired to review, support and seek out more of these conscious brands.

Madame Chic Around the World

Here is the fabulous Czech cover for Lessons from Madame Chic, which will be released this April from Mladá Fronta. I look forward to connecting with my Czech readers very soon.

Would you like to see more of these videos? I love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below letting me know.

See you next week xx

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Riley said...

Jennifer--Beautiful!! You look so natural and its so refreshing- lets your health shine through. Cant wait for Spring---Thanks for this reminder that it wont be long before its here!!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

You look so radiant and I loved watching your make up routine...
I do have a question.
What brand of brushes do you recommend? I have to upgrade my bronzer/blush brushes and wondered if you have a favourite.
Think pink is a great colour for you to wear next to your face.
Your children must be growing up so fast...we had a fun family brunch with Isla who is almost 4 and Henry who is already 6 months!
Loved your post and am interested in your new book!

Claire said...

Thanks for the information about cruelty free makeup! Did I just hear you say we have to wait till mid-April for your Spring 10-item wardrobe? Mon Dieu, I can't wait!

Rose said...

Yes indeed, it's great to see this sort of video Jennifer, real life as it were. Like you I have dark hair and skin but I'm very cautious about blush, too cautious perhaps. How do you decide how much to apply I wonder? I would never have applied as much as you did in this video yet when you were done it looked lovely and not overdone at all.

Emma Knight Peel said...

Hi Jennifer! That was fun! You look great! I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, too. Before I started using it, my eyeshadow always ended up as a greasy crease, but now it stays put all day. :) I had a sun spot on my cheek for years, and Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector erased it! I get it from QVC.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Great tips ~ thank you!

Hoffmann Family said...

Loved it! Thanks :-)

JennieLynn said...

So lovely - I really appreciate the simple, natural look and would definitely love to see more of these videos! :) I picked up several excellent tips from this one.

Russian Chic said...

Always fresh-faced, never overdone! Dear Jennifer, may I please ask what makeup mirror brand/model do you use? Do you like it? Thank you.

Unknown said...

Loved this video! Please continue to make videos like this; I enjoy that you show the OOTD along with the explanation of the occasion that it's for. It makes it more unique than just a regular MOTD / OOTD video to know where you will be wearing the look to.
Very inspiring!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Riley- Thank you!

Hostess- Right now I use Sephora and MAC makeup brushes... So great to hear about your grandkids! My girls are growing up so fast too! Would love to collaborate with you on the new book. Maybe a giveaway? xx

Claire- Yes I have to finish purchasing the last items. It will be here soon! :)

Rose- The blush looked really heavy on camera for some reason. In person it was just right. Also the blush melts into the skin after a few minutes and isn't so harsh. Go forth and experiment! :)

Emma KP- Thank you! I will try that recommendation for my dark spot!

La Vie Q- Merci!

Hoffmann Family- Thank you!

JennieLynn- Thank you!

Russian Chic- Thank you! I think the mirror is Conair from Bed Bath & Beyond

Unknown- Thank you very much

batwidow said...

Great little video - yes, more of these. You make it look so easy!

Rita said...

Jennifer, I'm glad to see your comment about the blush looking too heavy on camera, but just right in reality, I was wondering about that!
I'm inspired by your eye makeup, nice definition without going overboard.

Debbie said...

Thanks Jennifer! Excellent video. I also like that you included the note about cruelty free makeup.

In regards to applying eye liner to your water line, any extra advice? I have been hesitant to do this for hygiene reasons. Luckily I haven't had any trouble, but I've heard different opinions about it. Just curious to hear your thoughts and tips.

Looking forward to more great info and your 10 Spring items!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer! Hope you are well these days. I love the photo you posted, Yourself ready to go - unique, the mirror frame, the daily connoiseur taste to it :) As I am looking closely what to leave for the upcomming season I am so excited we have been many out there. Also, with so many needs around us, it is good to give away what we own and share with others. And yes, this rosy color is perfect for you :) Take a good care. I am also kind of expecting Czech readers to apear around, coming from Poland I know they have been chic ladies already :) Till the next time. Can't wait. Have I mentioned your voice is perfect for recordings and highly missed? I know I have. Oh, one more thing, don't you think we should wear more skirts and dresses? At least myself I miss them around and in my own style and need to do something about that. X Thank you for all the inspiration!

Gabriela Schmidt said...

My friend gave me your book,published in Slovakia,and it was the best present ever. I am impressed. I like your style and advices you wrote about. Today I finally checked your blog and I like it so much. Great job and I am looking forward to read and see soon about your new tips, advices...:) Gabi