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Get Ready With Me Spring Makeup, My TEDx Talk & More

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother and feel so grateful to be a mother myself. A mother's work raising the next generation is so important and you should be treasured, each and every one of you. I hope you have a marvelous day with your family.

Thank you for your amazing and supportive response to last week's video on Vulgarity No More. You have voiced your opinions. They matter and they have been heard! I will continue to explore this topic in future posts and videos with the hope that we can resurrect a more elegant society. Thank you for helping me in these efforts.

TEDx Talk
If you follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram you've already heard my exciting news: I have been invited to give a TEDx talk in New York City on September 6th of this year. This is such a dream come true for me! The talk will be taped and there will be a link for you to watch it. I am also working on scheduling a meet up or book signing with the hopes that I can meet some East Coast readers. I will keep you posted. Thank you to author Laura Saba for nominating me for this talk and thank you to TEDx organizers Chris Ojaste and Tim Desiderio for selecting me. It is so appreciated!

Get Ready With Me: Spring Makeup

This week's video was actually shot a few weeks ago. We get ready together and I show you some of my spring makeup tricks, including how to create a glowy cheek using cheek stains.

As always, you do not have to use the exact makeup I use in this video as there are comparable shades and matches at every price point. Have fun doing the detective work and finding out what works best for you!

If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur. If you never want to miss a video please subscribe to my YouTube channel (it's free!) and upon subscription select the option to receive email updates.

Here is a list of makeup used in the video:

Benefit Gimme Brow
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette shades used are:“side car” and “half baked”
Urban Decay Glide on Eye Pencil in “underground”
Shu Uemeura eyelash curler
Buxom mascara
Benefit Sun Beam
Benefit Lollitint
Clinique chubby stick in “whole lotta honey”
Benefit high brow highlighter
Urban Outfitters nail polish in “rodeo sweetheart”


Thank you to Christine from The Refined Side for your lovely book review of Lessons from Madame Chic.

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought

I firmly believe that we can all be Madame Chic: our own unique very best version of ourselves. I am going to start a new way to end the blog each week with a Madame Chic inspiring thought. I hope you enjoy this! Today's inspiring thought is:

The manifestation of a rose is a magnificent thing. Here is my first double delight of the season from the container garden on my patio. When you are out walking today try to get out of your mind. Don't focus on your problems or your to-do list, put your phone in your pocket. Take note of the beauty in the landscaping around you, even if is only a tiny weed flower poking out of the concrete. Appreciate nature and be in the now.

I would love to hear from you... how do you like the makeup look? If you try it out send me a picture on social media with the hashtag #lenomakeuplook. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on everything else like TEDx, #VulgarityNoMore and Madame Chic inspiring thought.

FTC: all products used in this video were purchased by me. All opinions remain my own.

See you next week!

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Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,

what a beautiful bloom! I have this very rose in my front garden, and being in the southern hemisphere I'm about to see my last bloom of the season. It's quite poignant to think there will be no roses over the Winter.


I just had the thought that I could treat myself to a few flowers from the florist over the darker months to uplift the whole family :)

mugsy said...

I bet it smells Devine!

mugsy said...

Enjoyed the makeup video, nice tips you shared! E
specially no powder on apples of cheeks I find Benetint tricky to use also.

Unknown said...

Jennifer, please, please, please make a new post about your eating pattern, typical everyday menu. I know you've already done it, but it was 4 years ago. I'd like to know if you are still eating like this, what your girls are eating, do you have sweets/treats every single day etc. You have a really great figure, so it is interesting how do you manage to stay like this, even after two pregnancies.

Rose said...

Hi Jennifer, the no makeup is delightful, very fresh and spring-like. I won't be trying the blush, if even you need to be quick and deft with it then I think I'll stick with my reliable graduated colour blush. :)

It's so exciting about the Ted Talk! Congrats and I do look forward to seeing it come September, I am a great fan of the Ted Talks so I know what an honour it is to be a speaker.

You may wish to review the very long first comment at the top of your regular commenters here.

Thanks for a lovely weekly video as always, I hope you are enjoying your spring as we move into autumn.

Rose said...

I forgot to say many thanks for your review of "The Lost Art of Dress", I ordered it from the US and I'm enthralled by it. What a great review of social history & women as well as fashion!

Sarah said...

What a pretty makeup look! This makes me really want to try Lollitint. Do you find that you have any fallout with the Sidecar eyeshadow? I love the shade of it but when I wear it, I seem to hend up with lots of glitter all over my face. I'm going to try the hairstyle too!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jennifer for such a great spring make-up video! The tips are simple and easy to recreate. Beautiful finished look!

Unknown said...

Congrats on TED! I'm soooo happy for you, well deserved. :-)

You said you take care of your hair and only blow-dry it once a week, and it made me wonder whether you tried the natural oils treatment? Like coconut and rosemary? I put a mix of coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil on my hair every night before I go to sleep and it works much better than any conditioner I used before (and I wash and blow-dry my hair daily). This is because coconut oil prevents water from getting inside your hair and so it doesn't get dump during washing, and it cracks less. Rosemary stimulates hair grow.
You can see a bit about coconut treatment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQD5vt5-3AI

LilyBart said...

I'm excited about your TED talk!

Can't wait.

R.S. said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Jennifer! And congratulations on the TED talk - so exciting!

Here is something I've been wondering about for a long time: which periodicals and magazines do you read?

There was a time when I loved fashion and lifestyle magazines, but this was when Vogue featured models - not reality stars - on the cover and Town & Country was more oriented toward the philanthropic and horse set (not that I'm part of either, but it had its standard which now seems lost).

Hello! looks like fun, but the magazine that keeps calling out to me is UK-based The Lady. It seems like something we Daily Connoisseurs would enjoy...Have you seen it?

Anyway, I'd love a video on how you manage your reading time and which publications you think are worth it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Ladies Thank you for your comments this week! To answer some of your questions:

ANNA- This is highly requested and I will do a post/ video on it soon. thank you!

Sarah- Yes there is some fallout from the sidecar shadow. You could always do your eyes first and then wipe away fallout then apply foundation...

Olga- Yes! I regularly use oils they are amazing for skin and hair. I actually write about them in my next book.

Rayna- Great request! I will put it on the list xx

Thank you again for all of your lovely comments of support. See you soon! Jennifer x

SeƱorita Rita said...

Hi, I really like your nail polish in this video!:)