Teeccino Herbal Coffee Review

Today I have a drink review for you: Teeccino Herbal Coffee.

Writing my third book, I got into the bad habit of drinking multiple cups of coffee each day. After feeling jittery one too many times, I found myself craving the coffee taste but not wanting all of the caffeine. I did some research online and found Teeccino herbal coffee alternative. I decided to try it for myself and purchased their Vanilla Nut brew from a local health food store. What a pleasant surprise!

This drink is delicious and provides that same warm, robust drink experience I enjoy when drinking coffee.

What does an herbal coffee contain? The ingredients in the Vanilla Nut flavor are: carob, barley, chicory root, date & figs, almonds and other natural flavors. I love drinking mine with a coconut or almond milk creamer. Or I might drink it with milk and coconut sugar.

You brew teeccino just as you would coffee, just using slightly less than you normally would as the flavors are very strong. Use a traditional coffee brewer, french press or espresso machine. They also have tea bags that I like to take with me when I travel or for when I don't want to brew an entire pot. I love the Dandelion Caramel Nut flavor, which contains: dates & figs, almond, dandelion root and natural caramel and nut flavors.

Here are the listed health benefits, from Teeccino's website:

Every cup of Teeccino is brimming with nutritious health benefits that are naturally released during brewing from Teeccino’s herbs, grains, fruits and nuts. These nutrients are quickly absorbable from brewed Teeccino because the nutrients are suspended in liquid so digestion isn’t needed to remove them from fiber.

In many ways, Teeccino rebalances the negative effects of coffee. For instance, Teeccino is excellent for people with digestive health conditions because it is non-acidic and contains the prebiotic, inulin. Inulin is a soluble fiber from chicory root that supports a healthy population of beneficial digestive flora, so necessary for good digestive health.

Coffee, on the other hand, is highly acidic and along with its caffeine content, coffee can over-stimulate the digestive tract aggravating health problems for people with gastrointestinal conditions like acid reflux and IBS.

Another example is heart health. Teeccino provides two heart-healthy nutrients, potassium, an electrolyte mineral, and soluble fiber. Potassium helps prevent strokes and high blood pressure. Soluble fiber lowers total cholesterol. Drinking several cups of Teeccino daily provides nutrients that support good cardiovascular health.

Caffeine, however, is a central nervous stimulant that makes the heart beat faster and can increase blood pressure. Coffee drinking has been shown to increase blood pressure in sensitive individuals. Caffeine’s effect on heart beats can stress the heart in people who have heart conditions. Decaf coffee has been shown to raise cholesterol and produce the “jitters” even though it has less caffeine than regular coffee.

Like any drug, caffeine withdrawal can cause many undesirable symptoms such as headaches, irritability, and nausea. Slowly weaning oneself off coffee by mixing Teeccino into your morning brew, and increasing the ratio of Teeccino to coffee for 3 weeks, has proven a successful plan to quit coffee, while still enjoying the taste of coffee, with little or no withdrawal symptoms!

Energy is the reason why many people drink coffee. With Teeccino, people experience an energy boost that comes from nutrients, not stimulants like caffeine. A cup of Teeccino keeps energy steady and balanced, but won’t provide that spike and subsequent crash that you can experience from too much coffee. Although many people drink coffee to get “energy”, they are really putting themselves in a state called “flight or fight syndrome”, which is a stress response that triggers alertness along with a host of stress reactions throughout the body. Getting off of the caffeine rollercoaster ride of sudden highs followed by lows in energy is one of the benefits of drinking Teeccino!

For more information on each of the ingredients, click here.

These herbal coffee alternatives would be wonderful for pregnant or nursing women or anyone who is trying to kick their caffeine addiction. They are also great for people who love a good coffee after dinner but don't want the drink to interfere with their sleep.

I have purchased Teeccino from both Sprout's Market and Whole Foods, but they are also available from Amazon and other online retailers, including teeccino.com

Teccino Vanilla Nut on Amazon.

Dandelion caramel nut on Amazon.

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Comment of the Week
Linda Johnson on YouTube writes:

I'm enjoying watching these You Tube videos. Although this was posted a year ago, I would like to comment on this topic of Dressing Well. I find that when I have carefully selected my clothing and gotten ready for the day, I don't need to think about myself from that point on. I can engage with the people that I am with that day and be "fully there" with them. I love the freedom that this brings.

Great point Linda! When we look presentable, we feel presentable as well and we are able to focus fully on the important things of the day without feeling self-conscious.

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
Take time out of your busy day to enjoy a favorite beverage. It could be a hot cup of coffee (or herbal coffee!), a sweet iced tea or whatever drink you love. While you enjoy your drink, look out the window, sit on your shady porch or simply sit in your living room and take in your surroundings. No phones. No TVs. Not even any books. Just enjoy your drink until it's finished. This time for quiet reflection is so needed throughout our wired, fast-paced day.

This week I would love to know... have you ever tried Teeccino? What are your favorite coffee alternatives? How do you like to drink your coffee?

FTC: All items featured in this review and video were purchased by me. I have no affiliation with Teeccino. All opinions are my own.

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Christina said...

I have been drinking Teeccino for the past year and love it! I savor a cup of the Hazelnut each afternoon while I'm at work (when I tend to start feeling "snacky"). It is such a lovely treat!

Tammy said...

You know, I tried this about 5 years ago, and I didn't care for the carob flavor. Carob is something I had frequently growing up (as a chocolate substitute) and while I enjoy carob even now, I didn't enjoy it as "coffee". I tend to drink coffee black and enjoy the coffee flavor so maybe that's why I really can't embrace coffee substitutes. I should give it another try though and see. :)

Margery said...

I have enjoyed Teeccino before, but I find that decaf coffee is more satisfying and less expensive. Our family had found that the Kirkland brand of decaf from Costco is amazing. It is roasted by Starbucks. It tastes like a coffee priced much higher in cost. We love it in the French press, but also bee it in our Technivorm Moccamaster.

ramseyrecommends said...

Hi Jennifer-
I love that you're sharing one of your favorite drinks with us and will definitely give it a try. Today I blogged about one of my personal favorites, one that I think you'll love-Cherry jam made in France. It contains only cherries and sugar and has ruined me for other jams/preserves. If you're interested in learning more, my post can be viewed at http://www.ramseyrecommends.com/2015/06/four-star-finds-arraya-confiture-de.html

Unknown said...

Try it in Amaretto... It's absolutely delicious!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate that this is not a sponsored post. When I read your words I know you are just taking the time to share something genuine with us. Thank you! And I hope you continue to avoid most sponsored content.

Unknown said...

Interestingly dandelion, chicory and barley are tradtional european alternatives to coffee. Chicory (sometimes mixed with coffee to stretch it), especially, was popular in France. My aunt, was married to a polish man and always used to give me a cup of chicory coffee and rye brwad with honey when I visited - it seemed very exotic :)

Anonymous said...

Although I only had one cup of coffee in the morning, I always felt vaguely anxious and rushed, even when I had no reason. I decided to switch to tea, as it has caffeine, but much less than the espresso-grind coffee I was drinking. This has done the trick for me. I still get enough caffeine to wake me up, but gradually and gently, not like the coffee that seemed to jolt me awake as soon as it hit the back of my throat! I like lapsang souchong, as it has a strong, smoky flavor that makes a nice substitute for coffee for me.

Rio said...

I love Teeccino! When I was deciding which flavors to try, I contacted the company and they were kind enough to send me several of the best selling flavors. I decided on the Java one. Highly recommend trying this brand if you're trying to cut back on coffee. Thanks you for the wonderful post.

Rebecca D said...

I have loved Teeccino for many years. Nothing can compare as a coffee alternative in my opinion. I'll have to try the individual bags. Thank you!

HeyPJ said...

Enjoyed the post, love your blog. I am mostly a tea drinker (all kinds), but I have tried Teeccino in years past and enjoyed it. I love the occasional cup of coffee black, as long as it is a fine quality roast and blend. But wanting to avoid the caffeine jitters/habit, I have long used caffeine-free beverages. Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma is very nice. I enjoy Cafix for that dark, robust warmth and it is also good with coconut sugar and cream or almond milk. It is made from roasted barley, chicory, malt, figs and red beet concentrate. Completely caffeine free!

D. said...

Also try high quality naturally caffeine free Rooibois tea,which tastes great with creamer and sweetener. I like the Equal Exchange brand. ( I promise I am not affiliated)

As a side note, I am so grateful for you humble and elegant blog, it is a respite from the vulgarity that dominates what could be an online web of education and culture, but sadly is not. I am so looking forward to you next book, I wish I knew of more work that honors beauty, character, and living a civilized life,I always have to return to the classics to get my fix, except for here.. keep paving the way forward and thank you.

Sheree said...

Jennifer, this is such good advice. I remember years ago watching people go through the Starbucks drive through and thought, "Oooo, driving with caffeine. This can't be good." :) Also, I wonder how many children get snapped at by an over caffeinated mom.

I love your taste. The quilt on the back of the sofa is so pretty.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for your thoughts and recommendations ladies! D, special thanks for your kind comment about my blog. I hope if you try Teeccino you enjoy it as much as I do!

D. said...

You are so welcome, and thank you too for your kind acknowledgement and for what you share :)

maria jones said...

Hi Jennife,

I am a devoted fan to your books, blogs + of course weekly videos.

I wasn't too sure about the idea of herbal coffee initially, but after watching your video I decided to try the cammomlie + nut that you recommended!
I really like it & look forward to a large cup of it after my evening meal!

Thank you so much Jennifer for the hard work you put in to inspiring us ladies to be better in every aspect of our lives, just so you know.....you really are making a positive impact on mine & by the sounds of it, many other ladies lives.

Keep upo the fantastic work, looking forward to this evenings video.

Much love Maria from the UK!

Ummey Rezwana said...

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Vicki Zimmerman said...

Guess what I bought today! Both of the Teeccino blends you recommended are now in my cupboard and I can't wait to try them! Regarding your French Press coffeemaker, what size do you use? I am getting a Bodum at Sur la Table, since my DH likes his coffee and I want to make my own variety. I think I'll buy the 12 oz. I generally have two cups of coffee and switch to herbal tea or hot water and I have hot almond milk in the evening or herbal rose tea. These two Teeccino herbal drinks will be another delicious alternative. Thanks for always trying them out and sharing your experiences and recommendations..

Kirstin said...

I recently tried Teechino (Dandelion Dark Roast) after reading that coffee isn't good for the thyroid. To be candid, I prefer coffee, but Teechino is a good substitute. I'll try the flavors that you recommended.

A guest blogger on MomAdvice recommended Dandy Blend, so I'm going to try that, too.

Ronda Kisner said...

I have not tried Teechino, but I know a store near me carries it. I will have to get it a try. Another alternative that I enjoy is a "Redpresso" (at least the restaurant I first tried it at called it that). It is roobios tea made in an espresso pot. I make mine with a stovetop espresso pot. It is delicious and really substitutes well for a latte.