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Amy Snow Book Giveaway

I am excited to present you with a giveaway from Simon & Schuster, for an exciting new book by Tracy Rees, Amy Snow.

Winner of the UK’s Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller Competition, this page-turning debut novel follows an orphan whose late, beloved best friend bequeaths her a treasure hunt that leads her all over Victorian England and finally to the one secret her friend never shared.

It is 1831 when eight-year-old Aurelia Vennaway finds a naked baby girl abandoned in the snow on the grounds of her aristocratic family’s magnificent mansion. Her parents are horrified that she has brought a bastard foundling into the house, but Aurelia convinces them to keep the baby, whom she names Amy Snow. Amy is brought up as a second-class citizen, despised by Vennaways, but she and Aurelia are as close as sisters. When Aurelia dies at the age of twenty-three, she leaves Amy ten pounds, and the Vennaways immediately banish Amy from their home.

But Aurelia left her much more. Amy soon receives a packet that contains a rich inheritance and a letter from Aurelia revealing she had kept secrets from Amy, secrets that she wants Amy to know. From the grave she sends Amy on a treasure hunt from one end of England to the other: a treasure hunt that only Amy can follow. Ultimately, a life-changing discovery awaits...if only Amy can unlock the secret. In the end, Amy escapes the Vennaways, finds true love, and learns her dearest friend’s secret, a secret that she will protect for the rest of her life.

An abandoned baby, a treasure hunt, a secret. As Amy sets forth on her quest, readers will be swept away by this engrossing gem of a novel—the wonderful debut by newcomer Tracy Rees.

I have already started reading Amy Snow and I love it. I can't put it down! I love the Victorian era, I love a good mystery, and I love an enthralling page-turner. This book has all of these elements. In short, this is my perfect summer read.

Simon & Schuster are generously offering to give away 5 copies of Amy Snow to lucky readers of The Daily Connoisseur. This giveaway is for US residents only (terms set by Simon & Schuster). Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and the winners will be announced on the widget one week from today. Best of luck!

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Amy Snow will be released June 7th, 2016, and until then is available for pre-order. Check it out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or stop in to your local bookstore to buy.

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Stephanie Clayton said...

Oooh, I'm interested in reading this! Thanks for the giveaway; I entered. :) What a beautiful book cover!

Debbie From Illinois said...

Looks like a good book, thanks for the chance to win.

Gail R said...

This seems to be right up my alley! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy! And thanks for keeping us posted about good reads.

Jo said...

Hi Jennifer,
The book looks like a super read. I don't tweet or do Facebook, does that mean I can't enter?
Thank you.