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How I Steam My Clothes

After watching my closet tour video, many people requested that I share how I steam my clothes. I really do prefer the steamer to the iron when it comes to smoothing out my clothes. The steamer is a gentler way to get the creases out, and you don't have to bother with an ironing board and hot iron (which always makes me nervous in a house with small children!).

Steaming is really easy. You fill the chamber with water, making sure not to exceed the maximum line. Wait for the water to get hot and bubble and then you are ready to go. You can let the steamer touch most fabrics as you move up and down the garment, never staying in one place for too long. If you are steaming a really delicate fabric, such as lace or silk, I would recommend keeping the steamer at a distance of at least an inch.

Always make sure your garment is hanging. Never use a steamer on something you are wearing as you can easily burn yourself with the hot steam. Make sure you keep the steamer out of reach of children as well and always avoid tipping it over.

The steamer I use in the video is My Little Steamer - GO MINI For some reason, it is listed as $37 now, but I believe I paid less than that when I bought it two years ago. Because this price point seems high, I'm also listing two other less expensive steamers that actually have better reviews online and are bestsellers as well.

PurSteam Fabric Steamer $29.99 This steamer has excellent reviews and is a bestseller on Amazon. It's worth checking out!

TaoTronics Garment Steamer $21.99 This is another bestselling travel steamer that has excellent reviews and is more affordable than the one I use in the video.

Be sure to check out this week's video where I demonstrate how I use my steamer. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Classy Yet Trendy blog recommends reading Lessons from Madame Chic for capsule wardrobe inspiration.

Teri Harman lists At Home With Madame Chic among inspirational books in her post, Book List: Women Who Learn.

**Thank you to everyone who let me know I left out the step of adding milk in my recent Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe blog post . I have since updated the recipe notes. The milk is added right after you add the broth. Thank you to everyone who made the soup, and let me know how delicious it is!

Comment of the Week

Daesman writes:

Hi Jennifer! I love this week's video because it so clearly illustrates your message that we are aiming for presentability and effort, not perfection. I think it this world of Pinterest and Instagram filters, it is easy to think "I don't have the time or energy today to do it perfectly, so I am just going to schlepp it today!" But you really inspire your readers by the consistency and genuineness of your message.
Also, regarding your previous message about 10 item wardrobes when one works outside the home. I do, and as a consequence I do not practice a strict 10 item or even 20 item wardrobe. However, your approach has really helped me develop an entirely different attitude towards clothes purchases. I now do not shop for recreation. I buy less and buy better. I try to use my best everyday and try to keep my wardrobe down a small size. I feel more comfortable wearing items in frequent rotation. So, I would say that even though I do not follow a strict 10 item wardrobe, I implement the principles faithfully. My goal for this season is to try to cull down my wardrobe even more. I always adopt the 5 min Le no makeup look, because at 45, I definitely need it now!

Dear Daesman, Thank you for your comment! I love how you make the ten-item wardrobe work for you. You are not hung up on the number "ten", but are working toward the perfect capsule wardrobe for your life. I hope you continue to enjoy the process!

See you all on Thursday for a special bonus video, where I interview Cliff Simon and Loren Stephens, the authors of the new memoir, Paris Nights.

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Jessica said...

There is that Brian Regan joke that says
"Why do all irons being opened up sound like a witch being boiled in hot oil?"

I HATE ironing, but my husband wears too many dress shirts to send to the cleaners.
(Too $$) Does a steamer work on all fabric? Even fabrics like men's slacks?

Jessica said...

Sorry, not irons. IRONING BOARDS!

Carol White said...

I have been considering a steamer because living in Florida means lots of linen clothing. Thanks for the tip! Will look for one.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I LOVE this week's video!!! I have been wanting a steamer for a while now, and was thinking of the large one that would take up too much room, similar to what I've seen on The Laundress or in department stores (why didn't I think of this little version?!). This portable, mini-version is fantastic and I'm already reading the reviews on Amazon. This is so helpful; I can't tell you, as I have a small ironing board (it's actually very cute looking), but then there's the iron to fill with water and heat up and it's not always easy to get the creases out of a garment on a flat surface.

May I ask if you have to use distilled water or is regular tap water okay? You're changing my life for the good, with each and every video, Jennifer, and that's why I am a huge fan. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

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Mrs LJ said...

I invested in a nice Rowenta steamer a couple of years ago (Macy's has frequent sales) and it has been life changing. We have the kind that sits on a stand and it heats up quickly, meaning on rushed mornings I can just tap the on button with my foot and give wrinkled clothes a once over - as you say, no need to haul out an iron & board and then put away. Jessica above - I even use mine on my husband's dress shirts and pants. Vicki - my steamer does not to use distilled water, only tap.

I also wanted to share a story about being presentable - when you live this way for awhile, it becomes second nature. On Saturday we got up early to watch a friend run the Chicago Marathon, and I put on jeans with a button-down and a blazer, scarf and flats. We ran into several people we knew who were all wearing workout gear (not running, though) and they commented on how I looked "so put together". It had never even occurred to me to put on workout gear to leave the house! I felt glad that I had made even a slight effort with my appearance.