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First Impressions Matter | Teatime with Jennifer

Welcome to the first episode of Teatime with Jennifer!

This will be an on-going series where I discuss popular/ current events that pertain to this channel. Today, I chat with you about the recent tweet that went viral, showing young man, Grant Kessler, wearing a suit to meet his newborn baby niece.

Thank you to my friend, Juliana, who shared this story with me. She knew I would love it! Check out my video today to hear my full thoughts on the subject. In the video, I discuss why I think Grant Kessler's story went viral and confirm my thoughts on why what we wear matters.

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Lolitatin said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle série d'épisode, merci !
Pourrais-tu nous parler de truc et d'astuces lorsque vient le temps de prendre le transport en commun (métro, autobus) tout en restant chic?

Je prends les transports en commun tous les jours et je trouve cela parfois difficile de rester élégante, surtout en hiver.

En te souhaitant une bonne journée et continue ton bon travail, tu es très inspirante.

Lolitatin said...

Bonjour Jennifer,

J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle série d'épisode, merci !
Pourrais-tu nous parler de truc et d'astuces lorsque vient le temps de prendre le transport en commun (métro, autobus) tout en restant chic?

Je prends les transports en commun tous les jours et je trouve cela parfois difficile de rester élégante, surtout en hiver.

En te souhaitant une bonne journée et continue ton bon travail, tu es très inspirante.

Rachel Greene said...

What a sweet story, for two reasons: the young man displayed the importance of showing respect to others, and by doing so he also showed the value of new life. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love this story! It's sad that it's such an uncommon occurrence though, especially with young adults. Whenever I wait in my car to pick up my daughter at school, I am always shocked to see so many students walking by wearing full pajamas - and now they're even bringing blankets to school. This is high school I'm talking about. It is astounding. When I first starting seeing this, I asked my daughter if it was Pajama Day. She said no, kids just dress like this. I wonder if this affects the students productivity. I know if I stay in pajamas during the day, I tend to get less done and feel lazier.

Summer Smith said...

That's the sweetest thing I've heard in awhile. I'm about to have a baby in 8 weeks or so and that is another place where you don't exactly see a lot of people dressed up, in a hospital waiting room. Or even a doctor's office. He even wore a pocket square. He will make some woman a great husband someday.

On a side note, totally off subject. We've been sick in our house for the last couple of weeks, going from person to person and one day we watched the original The Parent Trap. I noticed at the end when the mom and dad are eating stew, the portion of the dish and the amount of food was much smaller than what would be a serving of stew today. It was fascinating to see, and actually now that I'm thinking about it how they dressed at all times in that movie. A lot has changed. Thanks for your example.

MJ said...

Hi Jennifer!

This story is so sweet and heartwarming and what a coincidence ! I recently gave birth to to my son. I remember telling my mom and husband that I wanted to make sure my hair was done and that I looked as nice( as nice as I possibly could after giving birth! )to make a good first impression with my baby when he or she arrived in the world! The thought was amusing at the time but when I saw this story on your channel, I felt good to know that there are others who share the same thought!

Gigi said...

I saw this and loved it!! This guy "gets" it. First impressions DO matter.

Deborah said...

I love what it says about someone who would do what he did. He demonstrates a certain class that is sadly not the norm anymore. It reminds me of when gentlemen and their ladies got dressed for a date. It wasn't just a dress-to-impress moment. Dressing up was an indication of a certain respect for what you were doing. Respect for society. An indication of value. This story is a breath of fresh air in a time when what is negative and reflects poorly seems to go viral in an instant.

Thank you for your blog. I don't comment often but I do appreciate what you have to say. I have followed you for years. I own your books and eagerly await the next one. Happy New Year to you, to Mr. Connoisseur and the little connoisseurs. I hope 2017 is a blessed year for your family.

Caroline Hightower said...

I think it would be great if you could interview him! Maybe you could try to schedule a skype interview and record it? You could invite him to tea!

Carmel Ehrenkreutz said...

Growing up in Melbourne,Australia in the 50s and 60s dressing up was the norm. It was a wonderful time as you were taught to look after your clothes,including your school uniform, with hats and gloves for both summer and winter.
The gentleman man uncle kniws how to live

Carrie Willard said...

We need more young people like this young man in this country. The nightly news would look a lot different if we did. Good for him! And good for his parents who taught him.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, what a lovely article! Thank you for posting it.

As for your request for topic ideas, I'm going to go literal on you and request articles on tea parties--I just particularly LOVE tea parties!!! For your first post on tea parties perhaps you could explain the difference between high tea and afternoon tea as a lot of people get them quite confused. You might be able to find some graphics on Pinterest. You could also hold a tea party for your friends and show the food (with recipes), the decorations, the place settings,and discuss etiquette.

Another good article would be one about floral arrangements: When, where, and how to make them; for the table as well as other places in the home.

And on a more serious note, another topic would be how to handle a friend who just won't stop talking. I mean someone who talks over everyone else in a group and has to be the center of attention at all times. We've all met someone like this and may even have friends something like this. How can we be kind, yet not be afflicted with the continual dominance? I personally don't need to talk that much, but if asked a question I do like to be able to finish my answer without being interrupted and "talked over" again, and again, and again. I'm sure Madame Chic had a nice way to handle this type of issue.


Miss L. said...

Lovely! I think this was the perfect subject for your first episode of 'Teatime with Jennifer'. I really like it and it has inspired me even more! :D Thank you & many blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a great series.

I loved the young man's point that the baby will look back on the pictures and know how special the occasion of her birth was.

It inspires me to think less about comfort and more about making others feel special by how I present myself.


Anonymous said...

I love your videos! I'm been organizing my house and closet after watching your videos and really want to have a peaceful, nice home. As for topic ideas, how about dating and where to meet nice men who will respect you? Especially if you are older than 20s/past the typical age when most people get married.

Maureen @Raising The Capable Student said...

I loved this story too! When my oldest son was born (22 years ago!), he spent a week in NICU. We always dressed nicely for our visits, and on the day we finally brought him home, I wore a dress and my husband wore a suit. It was a day of grateful celebration, and we wanted it to feel that way. It's a great memory!

galant said...

As I don't 'do' Facebook or Twitter, although I do have my own blog now, Jennifer (www.margaretpowling.com) I hadn't heard about this young man, so I was moved by his thoughtfulness and respect for his new-born niece. Well done, that man!

I believe in always dressing as well as an occasion requires. For example, today I've been at home working on my latest magazine article, and so I have showered, dressed, done my hair and makeup and put on casual, but clean, smart grey and white clothes (leggings and Breton top). If I were to go out I would change out of leggings (they are not the most attractive things for women of a certain age but they are comfortable for me when sitting at my computer.)

Going out - even to go to the supermarket - I might wear a dress and 60 denier opaque tights and low-heeled shoes or wedge heeled boots or indigo jeans with roll-neck jumper and pea coat. It is winter here in the UK and so I tend to wear my favourite colours of navy, grey, black, cream and jolly them up with pretty scarves. I always do my best to look smart, even if doing the housework, because first of all, it makes me feel better, and secondly, if someone comes to the door I do not wish to be seen looking scruffy! Indeed, dressing smartly, being made-up even if I'm only going to make the bed or push the vacuum around, it makes me stand up more straight, move more efficiently. Sloppy clothes result in sloppy posture: have you ever seen anyone walking well in trackly bottoms? No, nor have I!

And so, yes, I'm all for being well-dressed! Much has been made in the press recently of some women shopping in their pyjamas. Some people obviously think this is acceptable but as someone wrote in the paper today, they were concerned not only for this sloppiness but also the lack of hygiene because they could not imagine that these women had showered or bathed and then put their pyjamas back on. I cannot speak for them, I have no idea about their ablutions, but I felt much the same some years ago when I was shopping in a local supermarket. I live in a seaside town and this sometimes meant that some of the holidaymakers who were staying on a nearby campsite would shop there, and some men would shop wearing only shorts and flip-flops, nothing whatsoever on their torso and then they would heave their bodies across the fruit and veg to get something to put into their trolley. It is surely time for some kind of dress code for such places if it is not in place already?

To sum it up, dressing appropriately is not snobbery, it is simply courtesy to oneself and to others.

Margaret P


galant said...

Just a PS, Jennifer, and I also like the idea of discussing tea parties (as suggested by Anonymous.) As I'm English, and a writer, and have written (several times) about the history of afternoon tea, and also the items used for tea from tea caddies to mote spoons (I wonder if you know what they are?) I would love to participate in such a discussion. Afternoon tea is such a lovely ceremony, one to be treasured.

Margaret P

cindy said...

I enjoyed your story Jennifer. It reminds me that what one individual does matters. This young man made headline news but it was his conscious effort that made a difference. A reminder that we can all make a difference in our lives whether we touch just a small circle of friends and family or the viral world also known as the internet

Shelley Schlosser said...

As my father used to tell me, "it never hurts to show a little class" and dress appropriately when going out in public. His comment has always stayed with me and inspired me to follow his advice. Thanks for what you do:-)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful, heart-warming story - we certainly need more people like him. I am so sick and tired of the sloppiness of our nation and her people...disgusting and heartbreaking. Having been born in 1947, I was a part of the well-dressed era of the 50's, early 60's and loved them. I still dress well everyday and and plan to keep it up. I find it amazing when people come up to me with lovely compliments (especially in the grocery store!). I get lots of smiles and appreciative looks from all ages, male and female.

One thing...I was disappointed that you had already drank your tea - it was a bit of a let-down. I thought you might be sitting at a pretty table with flowers and your tea tray and tell us about the tea you made and what you were eating with it. I really like the ideas above regarding tea parties.


Kelsie said...

Hello Jennifer. I would like to hear your take on how to remain a gracious bridesmaid when members of a bridal party are lacking poise.

Have a wonderful day!

diane pabst said...

my now brother-in-law acted similarly
when my mother died and he came to the
nursing home to join us and he wore a
suit and carried a briefcase and
i asked him why he was dressed and
he said to show his respect.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

This is a lovely story by a young man who cares to make an effort and realizes first impressions do matter. How extra special it was that he thought about the photos that would be taken and would memories for his niece. It's simply beautiful and I'm glad this particular story went viral. We need more of these! ^^