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A Trip to the Hair Salon

Come along with me today as I get my (long overdue) haircut. You get to meet my wonderful stylist, Adriana of Adrimar Salon in West Los Angeles, hear my hair loss updates, and much more in today's vlog.

When discussing my postnatal hair loss with Adriana, she showed me these Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers, which conceal the sparse areas in your hair. This was a really helpful trick!

Be sure to watch today's video to see the full vlog. I hope you enjoy coming along with me for a day in the life. Thankfully, by now, my baby is much, much better. He was suffering from an ear infection when I shot this video.


Sweet and Simple Home shares her favorite YouTube channels and The Daily Connoisseur is on her list!

Beyond Words writes about her capsule wardrobe process and mentioned Madame Chic and the ten-item wardrobe.

Comment of the Week
Lindsay writes:

I religiously follow your blog, and eagerly watch your weekly posts! I'm a bit behind this week, I've trained myself not to "sneak" and watch your weekly blog. I have learned to slow down, grab a drink of choice, sit at our (clean) kitchen table, and press play. It seems silly, but three+ years ago I would NOT have done that. I would have rushed through, multi-tasking, and somewhat paying attention to your video. I was behind doing a few "me" things this week, but I told myself that it's okay to wait to the perfect moment to watch. Thank you for aiding me in being a housekeeper, parent (leading by example by a tidy home/routines), and being able to think smarter and not harder when it comes to daily things like wardrobe and preparing meals.

Lindsay, thank you for your comment. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's true, when you do things mindfully, the experience is much more satisfying. I'm so happy that my blog is a source of joy for you!

Thank you to everyone who shared their enjoyment of my Apple Breakfast Cobbler recipe. See you on Thursday for another recipe video!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for your honesty, sweetness and grace under fire! Showing us you are not perfect actually makes me aspire to be more poised, and try harder. I know you manage to do it and your life is not perfect, so why can't I! I have noticed the difference in the quality of the videos and it is very nice.

Mary Grace said...


I've been reading your books and blog for a few years now, and it's your authenticity that inspired me to adopt a 10-item Wardrobe, put down my phone at lunch, and cultivate poise even when you fear standing out. I really appreciate your honesty with this video, and the others.

Whether or not you have a chance to click over to my blog, I just wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to write about my process and experience with the capsule wardrobe, and share the concept of a "less is more" lifestyle with my friends in college. It is easy for us, college students, to become consumed by the idea of having more. After all, our school attendance is often driven by a desire to have a well-paying job in the future so we can afford all that we want. I have no idea if it will shift the culture of my school, but I have observed how you shift the culture among women--mothers, businesswomen, writers, bloggers--and hope that perhaps I can pass on that same impact to at least one person at my school.

All the best,

Mary Grace

(This is my blog too, www.yoursunnyfunnyface.com)

OneEnglishLady said...

Thank you for your great blog Jennifer, especially today's. My children are grown now and living away with their own families, however I do have a Dad who turns 97 next week. He is an inspiration, still living independently and enjoying life. I try to take him out every day, usually for coffee as he walks best in a shopping centre situation. Anyway I was feeling tired this morning (after a hard Pilates session last night!)and trying to decide whether I could be bothered washing my hair or making it go another day and sat down with my coffee to watch your blog. Well! If you can keep going with all your stress and young family then I certainly can! So I'm off to the bathroom to shower and wash my hair and apply some makeup (I live in Brisbane and the heat at the moment is awful so full makeup tends to drip off your chin after a while...so minimum make up for me) Then out to pick my Dad up. Thank you for inspiring me to be better in my attitude. Cheers Lindsey Back.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, I really look forward to your blog posts every week. They really make me smile! Such a great variety of topics too! And I really love the recipes you share. Perfect for families, and there is nothing better than cooking smells through the house. My concern Jennifer, is that I have noticed you repeating the "house being a mess" as a major topic of stress for you. Having read your books I know the importance of an organised and efficient home. But you are a home of 5 people lovely Jennifer (I am a home of 4). And mess will just happen, its inevitable. Don't misunderstand me...I like to go to bed with the house tidy and clean, but when things are just overwhelming, I prioritise myself over the chores and just don't fret about it. And it just saves my sanity. When things just get too much I prioritise me, not the laundry pile. I start with the essentials that make the entire household happy. Making dinner for everyone,(or just ordering healthy take out if required), showers or baths to help everyone relax, and then book or listening to some soft music, and then early to bed. And this includes myself. I then set the alarm half an hour earlier than normal and clean up what I can in the morning, because ultimately the dishes can wait until the morning and the pillows can be straightened tomorrow. If I have a long stretch of stress, I hire a local cleaning service to come into the house and do 3 hours of cleaning. A little luxury that is cheaper than a spa day but saves my household and my sanity. Jennifer, you are so wonderful and your family sound beautiful. But be kind to yourself. Things can fall over at home because that is fine, but when we have just a bit more time and energy, we can pick them up again. And all is good. We all just need to be kinder to ourselves. We are all doing our very best.

Maureen said...

Jennifer, I sincerely appreciate your authenticity. As you mentioned, most blogs and social media present a perfect facade, leaving the rest of us to wonder why our lives aren't like that and constantly seeking out an unattainable reality. One of the reasons why I have been following your blog for almost seven years is your realness. I lose interest in other blogs because they start to feel contrived and unrelatable. Thank you for being so genuine and sharing your less-than-perfect days in addition to your beautiful days. You're such a lovely person; I'm sure you leave all of us wishing we were friends in real life!

Daesman said...

Dear Jennifer,

I sincerely hope that your son is fully recovered. As mother's we feel so "off" when our children are unwell, don't we? As always, I appreciate your positive attitude and authenticity and calmness. I am a long-time reader and viewer of your blog and books and I am also an endocrinologist. I do have some suggestions regarding the hair loss. Estrogen levels can be low while you are nursing. So, especially when one is over 35, it may take 3-4 months after the cessation of nursing for hair loss to stop and the hair to really start growing in. However, if after those 3-4 after months after you stop nursing, you do not notice significant improvement in your hair growth, it may be good to see a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in hair loss. It could certainly be thyroid related, but it could also be due to an androgen excess, iron deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, or androgenic alopecia. Finally, after you stop nursing, you should consider adding a supplement called Biotin Forte. You have inspired me in so many ways. I hope this is of some assitance to you.

Tracy said...

So appreciate your realness! It is so rare these days and gives me hope that I can live a chic life too. :)

Unknown said...

In my mid-30s, I went through a very stressful period (work, not baby) and lost a TON of hair. Plus, seeing bald spots in the mirror did not help with the stress! Once my stress was reduced, my hair eventually grew back. Just wanted to give you some hope!