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Slow Cooker Apple Breakfast Cobbler

Today I'm showing you a slow cooker apple breakfast cobbler that you can assemble the night before.

Feel free to make substitutions. Instead of butter, you can use coconut oil. You can use coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. Or you can omit the sugar entirely. This recipe is very customizable. My kids love this breakfast and when we serve it with a dollop of vanilla yogurt, it tastes like a decadent dessert!

Be sure to watch my video today to see how to make this easy breakfast.

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April, thank you so much for your kind note. I hope you enjoy the other two Madame Chic books!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I'll see you on Monday!

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Summer Smith said...

Wonderful! I have all of those ingredients on hand. My husband will love this. I love hearing about others ideas for meals. We often get stuck in our rut of what we make. This is a great refresher on what to make for breakfast and I love how it's ready as soon as you come down in the morning! Perfect! I'll have to try this on the weekend.

diana cook said...

Hello Jennifer, Your recipe looks so delicious, can I come and live with you?! I shall certainly be trying this out, my husband too will really enjoy this treat. I just wanted to tell you also that you are a delight and your whole concept has helped me enormously with everyday living in which it has guided me and kept me on the right track. Thank you.

Denise said...

Hello Jennifer, I love your 10-item wardrobe concept and have followed it for past couple of years. This year I will have to buy new because I've lost weight. So I want to start thinking about what I need for not only business casual but two weeks in Paris this April. In Paris, I'll be seeing sights with husband and attending a cooking class. I like wearing dresses, skirts, pants. Could you do an early pre-spring/summer planning talk? Thank you.

PLL said...
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Ladylike said...

Thank you for the recipe. I began it immediately~ That is, since I don't have a slow cooker, I started doing it my own way. I found that the ingredients fit into a square Pyrex baking dish. I layered them instead of mixing. I am planning to bake it in a 350 degree oven for one hour and serve it as a healthy dessert after dinner. Right now, the raw layered ingredients are chilling in my fridge until dinner time. I believe my husband will appreciate this wheat free recipe because he doesn't like to eat wheat, and I know my children will love it.
Thanks again,

Summer Smith said...

Just a quick question, I was planning on making this tonight for tomorrow... how many servings do you think this is?!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Summer, this should serve 4 people, assuming one apple per person.

Thanks to all of you for commenting. Diana, your comment made me smile! :)

Jennifer xx

Anna Wegner said...

This looks delicious. I like the idea of feeling like you are eating dessert for breakfast, but really getting a healthy breakfast. :)

Summer Smith said...

Thank you!

paperkite said...

This is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!