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You know I like to use my appliances until they pretty much collapse, and that is what happened with my curling iron. One day, when I went to use it, I noticed something had gone horribly wrong! My flat iron was broken as well, so I take you along with me as I go shopping for new ones. I planned on going to Sephora, but had a last minute change and visited a local beauty supply. The people at Lisa's Beauty Supply in West Los Angeles were so helpful! I love going to these smaller stores and getting their personal and expert advice.

Neither item was inexpensive, but as I use my hair tools for many years, (I think my curling iron was over ten years old!) I like to buy quality.

I purchased the Hot Tools professional ceramic curling iron 1 1/4 inch - the ions increase shine and moisture and reduce damage and static.

And the Croc Hybrid 1 inch ceramic flat iron Please note: the link provided is to the 1 1/2 inch, whereas I have the 1 inch. I was unable to find the 1 inch online, but as you can see, this one has excellent reviews.

If you would like to see a complete tutorial on how I use my curling iron, please let me know! I hope you enjoy shopping with me in today's video.


I will be joining fellow New York Times bestselling authors, Eleanor Brown and Maggie Shipstead on Saturday, July 15th, 5pm at Chevalier's Bookstore in Los Angeles for a book signing, Q&A and discussion. I hope to see you there!

Great Find
I wanted to share this great drugstore find, Tree Hut Polishing Facial Scrub. Tree Hut sent me this cleanser to try, and I really like it. It also makes a nice exfoliant as there are tiny polishing beads in the cleanser. Since I am focusing on budget and drugstore beauty this season, this makes a great cleanser at just over $7.

Comment of the Week
Edna Grace Writes:

Hi Jennifer,

I have to say that Miss Mapp was my least favorite of the two novels, because of the character of Miss Mapp herself. True, both she and Lucia strive to be the first or the best in anything among their circle, but Mapp, in my opinion, is the worst of the two. She's a terrible snoop (pretending to mail a letter in the middle of the night just to see what the Major and the Captain are doing) that wouldn't hesitate stealing the original idea of a "friend" to make herself appear more fashionable (seeing Diva's chintz flowers float out the window and deciding she would make the dress first). Her food hoard shows her to be greedy and thinking only of herself, and her lie to cover it makes her even more unlikable to me. Her assumption that Isabel wanted to out-do Mapp's red currant fool recipe only supports Mapp's narcissism, and her jealousy of just about every female in Tilling (except perhaps of Irene) is absurd.

On the other hand, Lucia, doesn't necessarily stoop to the Miss Mapp level of competition, and Lucia doesn't appear to pursue intelligence with the same fervor as Mapp. True, Lucia wants to take credit for Daisy's Guru, and she wants to be the first to have the "Bracelys" to her home, but she doesn't succeed in discovering that Olga is the Bracely, and her husband is Shuttleworth. Lucia is very calculating, but she seems to give her people a little more space, and she doesn't seem to be mean-spirited in the way that Miss Mapp does. Perhaps the fact that Lucia has a husband might have something to do with that? Maybe Mapp is just lonely, trying to fill her day with things she thinks are exciting...

I know I sound harsh in my view of Miss Mapp, but maybe that was Benson's goal? Since the two women are to meet in a later book, he's certainly setting up something fun and exciting for us. Maybe a Team Lucia/Team Mapp kind of rivalry?

In the end, I did enjoy reading both books, and I look forward to the next one. I hope there's a book club for that one in the near future!


Hi Edna, I loved to hear your take on both Miss Mapp and Lucia! You will love Monday's post, which discusses many reader comments. We will definitely continue with the Mapp and Lucia series by continuing the book club this upcoming fall.

I hope you enjoyed today's video... Do you like to use a curling iron? What is your favorite brand? See you on Monday for part 3 of the Mapp and Lucia Book Club!

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1 comment:

Jennifer Lynn said...

I liked this video very much, you have this way of making videos like you're just talking to some friends and it really brings a personal touch to your vlog. I really admire that and I look forward to your videos.

I can only imagine how awkward it is to walk out vlogging in public! Again you make everything look so easy and graceful!

Yes, I love the straightner for smoothing out my hair also. Especially the day after I wash my hair, it looks so frizzy, very not chic! But good to know about the ceramic. My next straightner might have to be that.

I think a hair curling tutorial would be a great idea.