Mapp and Lucia Book Club Part 3 | Your Comments Discussed

Part 3 of the Mapp and Lucia Book Club continues today. I'm sharing your comments and answering your questions. What part of polite society from Mapp & Lucia's day would I like to bring back? Who would I want to have lunch with? What happens when someone steps out of their social "rank"? This and so much more is discussed in today's video.

These comments were chosen from my post a few weeks ago, calling on your questions. Since the book clubs have aired, I have also received many insightful comments. Be sure to check out the comment section on both the blog and YouTube channel. And while I was not able to get to everyone's comments in today's video, I do want to thank everyone for participating in the book club!

We will continue the book club by reading the next two books in the series: Lucia in London and (my favorite!) Mapp and Lucia. We will most likely discuss these books in mid-fall, so you have plenty of time to read or listen to them.

*In today's video, I'm drinking coffee out of my favorite Emma Bridgewater Union Jack mug.

I will be joining fellow New York Times bestselling authors, Eleanor Brown and Maggie Shipstead this Saturday, July 15th, 5pm at Chevalier's Bookstore in Los Angeles for a book signing, Q&A and discussion. I hope to see you there!

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Comment of the Week
Ann C. writes:
Miss Mapp scared me a little at first with her waspish wit! I was ready to go back to Riseholme, even if it meant listening to more of Lucia's preenings! But as I went along, whenever a new character was introduced, I found myself looking forward to hearing her "take" on them. She was always pretty much accurate -- and funny! I loved it when she referred to Mrs. Poppit and Mr. Wyse as "the young couple" and how they "went out to the front lawn to look at the orchid" (referring to their very obvious attempts to be alone). I noticed that both Mapp and Lucia had a female friend with whom they had a sort of sibling rivalry, one-upsmanship relationship. Mapp had Diva, Lucia had Daisy. Love your comment about how they managed to stay civil, even during an argument, unlike people today. So true! Also, how about the shock registered by Miss Mapp when the Captain and the Major got a little sassy with her when they were in their cups? Miss Mapp's generation certainly expected a certain level of gentlemanly behavior from men -- which I think women in general today have lost (though that is no doubt at least partly our own fault). Anyway, I loved how Miss Mapp had a little crush on the Major -- and that, at the end of the story, she had become his golf partner! Thank you for introducing me to these charming stories, Jennifer!

Hello Ann, I loved your observations of Miss Mapp and her comrades! I observed the gentlemanly behavior as well. It made Major Benjy very endearing!

Thank you for joining me for this final (for now) part of the #MappandLuciaBookClub . I had so much fun discussing these books with you! As mentioned, we will continue with the series, but not likely until the fall. See you on Thursday for a curling iron tutorial...

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Maureen said...

I have to confess that I read only the first chapter of Queen Lucia. Having a baby plus working outside of the home, I felt too tight on time to delve into E.F. Benson's world. Instead, I found the BBC's 2014 Mapp and Lucia series on Netflix (I do hope to read the books at some point, however). Listening to your book club videos, I found interesting how BBC overlapped stories from the books for the mini-series plot. I'm curious as to whether you've watched this 2014 version on BBC and your thoughts on it.

Also, I really appreciated the last book club question from this video. It was so amusing to pause and contemplate what life would be like if one didn't have a job, do any house work, or have children. It felt like an out of body experience to imagine such an existence, and it helped me understand both Mapp and Lucia better. Thanks for the fun!

Maureen said...

Correction: I watched it on PBS' Apple TV app, not Netflix.

Katrin said...

Thanks for mentioning the TV series, Maureen. Let's see if I can find it somewhere.
By the way, when my son was a baby, it took me a year to read one book :).

It is fantastic that the book club will continue in fall. I wonder what Lucia is up to in London.