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Natural Curls Tutorial with Heated Headband | SoCal Curls

As promised, I have the heatless curls headband tutorial today from SoCal Curls. This is a really innovative, stylish and gentle way to curl your hair. I'm wearing the navy floral headband in this video.

The headband method is innovative because you simply put the headband in the microwave for 30 seconds, then proceed to wrap your hair around it. After thirty minutes or more, you have beautiful waves!

It's stylish because this is the first curling system that actually looks good while you are wearing it. You can even go out in public and no one would know you were curling your hair.

It's gentle because this is a natural, no-heat method of curling the hair. I spray hairspray before wearing the headband and after releasing the curls to help my curls stay. This is a much gentler way to curl the hair than using a traditional curling iron. I like both the Kenra volume spray and Kenra thermal styling spray.

I hope you enjoy today's video!

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And please check out SoCal Curls website for all of their pretty headbands plus more tutorials.

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Comment of the Week
On Monday's Thanksgiving post, Unknown writes: A good many years ago now we were hosting an Asian family for Thanksgiving. The turkey, perched beautifully in its heavy aluminum container was browning a lovely golden brown so I wanted to check the internal temperature to see how much longer it had. I wear glasses so as soon as I opened the oven door and slid the rack out just a bit, my glasses steamed immediately leaving me "totally blind" and, to my horror, the bird simultaneously flew out of its container, slid across the oven door and perched itself just as nicely as you please, breast side up, onto the kitchen floor!!! I was stunned, horrified, and, having regained my sight, stood there in complete disbelief. My family gathered round to see what the commotion was...I just busted up laughing!!! They thought I'd gone crackers! It was so absolutely unbelievable, what else could I do?? When I resumed composure, I just picked that bird right up, plopped it back in its tray, and back into the oven it went. And we're none the worse for it. The event was wonderful, our guests loved their first Thanksgiving meal, and I have an unbelievable secret story to "relish" the rest of my living days. The moral of the story: keep your face away from the outgoing steam and put the turkey/container on a cookie sheet for stability. This doesn't need to happen twice!! Haha

Unknown, I had to laugh at your hostess horror story! Sometimes laughing is the only thing we can do! I have one for you now. One year, early in our marriage, my husband and I were on our way to Thanksgiving, which was being hosted at my sister's house. I am always in charge of making the pies, and that year I had made one pumpkin, one pecan and one apple pie. As we loaded the car, the pumpkin pie was in a crate laying flat on the floor of the passenger side where I was sitting. As my husband helped me load the car, he ducked into the passenger side to get something and put his foot right in the middle of my perfect pumpkin pie! It was covered with plastic wrap and the footprint was preserved beautifully like a fossil. Ha! All we could do was laugh :)

Today I would love to know what you think of the heated headband tutorial. Do you have any unique no-heat ways you curl your hair?

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Unknown said...

Dearest Jennifer, this seems to be a good product to present, however I had trouble with some discrepancy. I think, it is misleading to say that this treatment is heat-less, if you heat up your headband in a microwave before putting it in your hair. If you put it in the microwave and heat it, this method uses slowly released heat to curl your hair - right?

The method most likely is way gentler, but it is definitely not heat-less, so, you can not build your presentation on comparison heat v/s heat-less. That is, you can build your presentation on this, but, well -

I am not a native speaker but I hope, I made my sentiments clear.

Take care and best luck.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I like the idea of this product and wonder if it would work for shorter hair lengths, like my chin-length bob. I think I'll check out the SoCal Curls website for more details. I can see why your husband and children were impressed with your look, because the tiny print makes it look like a really cute headband. Thanks for all your tips in life, from home to personal care.