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Comparing My Two Favorite OPI Shades

In today's video, I'm comparing my two favorite OPI shades: Barefoot in Barcelona and Tickle My France-Y. These shades are very similar in color, but with subtle differences. Both are great colored neutrals with mauve undertones.

I always find these reviews helpful because there are so many choices out there. It's nice to hear a recommendation and see a comparison.

The base coat I use in the video is OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Polish. The top coat used is Seche Vite.

I hope you enjoy today's video. I would love to know... which one is your favorite?

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Comment of the Week
Claudia C writes: Hi Jennifer!
I sometimes have oatmeal... but usually I’ll have pearl barley instead... I like that you actually have to slow down and chew it and... it is also very healthy.

I cook a large batch on my rice cooker and add some cinnamon sticks and orange peels.
When it is done and has been cooled, I place individual portions on small ziploc bags and freeze them.

Every night I take out my barley bag and put it on the kitchen table. When I wake up, the barley is not frozen anymore... I put it on a large cup and add fruit, cinnamon, nuts, sugar and almond milk...


Hi Claudia, your pearl barley breakfast sounds delicious. I'll have to try it! Thanks for sharing your method with us.

Thank you for watching today's video. I would love to know which is your favorite shade of the two and what other shades you are loving this year.

The music in my video is Handel, Bourre og Air.

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Ann said...

Love the Barefoot in Barcelona! Would be a nice change as I have been wearing a classic red for Valentine's Day. Just purchased OPI The Color That Keeps On Giving - a light pink neutral and anxious to try that. I purchase way too many bottle of nail polish but justify that it costs less than getting a manicure at a salon. Do you use the same color on your pedicure ? Thanks for all the great posts ! www.ournewvista.com

Frenchcaligirl said...

Hi Jennifer - I love both colors. It was funny that Barefoot in Barcelona looks identical to one of my favorites in Zoya’s line with a shade called Zanna. I’ve used Zoya when I give myself pedicures. With some other brands, some of my nails were drying out, but with very few, or possibly no harsh chemicals in Zoya my nails stay in much better condition. I only occasionally paint my fingernails. For any of your readers having issues with their nails drying out, I highly recommend they try out the brand. The polish is also very long lasting. I often put on a quick drying top coat and that probably helps it last as well. Thanks for the fun video.

Janessa said...

I have made the switch to Ella and Mila polish which are one of the many newer less toxic brands popping up. They sell cute minis that I paint on my daughter's nails too. In fall/winter I wear Holiday Fling which (dark burgundy) and Sandstorm ("greige"). I also like their Naughty Not Nice (True Red) and Tutu Cute (pale pink) for any time of year. I prefer bare nails in the summer and opt for painting my toe nails in bright colors such as Sweet Tooth (coral) and Melonade (bright pinkish red). After seeing your review, I might treat myself to a mauve shade. Very pretty! Thanks!

Hannah Geci said...

OPI Just Lanai-ing Around

DJ said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am excited to see you using the top coat, Seche Vite. A friend introduced me to Seche Vite about a year ago - I love it! It's the best top coat I've ever used. For Christmas each year I give my girlfriends gifts of my favorite things - kind of like Oprah's "favorite things" just on an extreme, micro-mini scale! This year Seche Vite top coat was one of the things I tucked in my gift bags! My favorite OPI polish for years was, Pinking of You - for some reason that color has changed slightly to a stronger pink shade. I still have an old bottle and compare it to the new bottles in stores, but it's no longer the same shade and I don't like it as much as the older one. I also like, Italian Love Affair by OPI. Lately, I've been wearing High Class Affair by Essie. I always enjoy your post, thanks!

ICU aus B said...

I prefer Barefoot in Barcelona which looks lovely on your nails. Thank you for all your wonderful videos. Have a great week. Inga

Claudia Cruz said...

Lovely colors! I have fair skin and my two favorite nail polishes are from Yves Rocher... Magnolia (a very neutral ladylike shade that goes with everything) and Rouge Flamboyant (a bright and happy red). I always get compliments while wearing them and they don’t chip that easily. You can see the shades here: https://hanninator.com/category/yves-rocher/. I think they are very flattering for most skin tones.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I love Barefoot in Barcelona, because I also swooned over one of your earlier picks, Incognito by Christian Dior, which I think is an amazing neutral nail polish. Another neutral pink-taupe-brown color I like that I tried from Lakur, when you showcased some of their nail polish, is called Mauve Over, and it is a lovely color. Your floral centerpiece is so so pretty; are these real flowers or some of your silk flower creations? The water in the vase has me guessing.

zephyr said...

Love both of these on you, Jennifer, but I like Barefoot in Barcelona the most! And I especially enjoyed this post because I'm always looking for new neutral polishes. Essie Mademoiselle (love its sheerness) is a mainstay for me and will be as long as they keep making it (maybe I should stock up!) but - yes, sometimes we want a little more color! I'm going to look at the shades other posters have mentioned.

To DJ: One of my favorite shades for years was OPI Nomad's Dream. It was a neutral fairly pale peachy/pink/taupe with slight shimmer that was almost imperceptibly green. It said "spring" to me. I always had a bottle. I'm very pale and it complemented my skin tone well. But OPI changed it several years back, when they went 3-free, or 5-free or whatever, and Nomad's Dream just wasn't the same, too aggressively pink. Sigh. I should've stocked up on that one, too. I'm always looking for something similar to the old version.

Sheri said...

I love both shades, but coincidentally, I've had Barefoot in Barcelona in my cart at Amazon for quite awhile. I think I'll go ahead and order it, after seeing it on you! I really love it!! I'm a fan of Essie Mademoiselle, since you first recommended it it, years ago! I wondered what lip color you are wearing in the video? It's lovely!! Thanks!