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My New eCourse: Chic Financial Principles for Debt-Free Living

I am so pleased to present my newest eCourse for the blog, Chic Financial Principles for Debt-Free Living.

Those of you who follow the blog know that our family recently made dramatic changes in our life in order to become completely debt-free. This isn't something that just happened overnight... we have been working toward this goal for over a decade.

In my new eCourse, I share our personal debt journey and all of the principles that we have adhered to in order to achieve our goals.

With well over two hours of brand new video content, Chic Financial Principles for Debt-Free Living covers fresh and unexpected ways to live richly, yet beneath your means.

Just like the Ten-Item Wardrobe eCourse, this new course debuts at only $5. I want to make the course affordable for everyone, without it being a burden on your wallet.

The low price of $5 will only last for two months, however, as I must cover the costs which Teachable charge me to host the course.

Once you purchase the course you may complete it at any time and at your own pace. There will be a lively comment section full of debt-free connoisseurs, who will provide encouragement and fellowship.

I'm truly looking forward to connecting with you through this new course!

This pictures in this post share only a portion of the topics discussed in the new course.

I have put so much work into this for the past few months that I am going to take two weeks off of the blog. I will be spending this time resting and also working on the new book.

Thank you for all of your support. I appreciate every one of you and truly hope you enjoy Chic Financial Principles for Debt-Free Living.

I hope you enjoy today's video. See you in the eCourse! And see you on the blog in two weeks.



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Ladylike said...

Hello Jennifer,
This course is wonderful! I've started it, and I'm just taking a break to say "thank you" and to let you know that I'm enjoying it~ Since today is a holiday from school and work, it seems the perfect day to delve right into it. I'm so glad you decided to break the taboo about talking about money. When i was growing up, my parents didn't teach me how to manage money. They meant well, but they taught me how to spend. They were very good at that! And they even gave me bad advice such as, "Never pay off your mortgage because you will lose a tax write off." I don't want to blame my parents for the financial problems i used to have, but I did end up with tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt and a shopping problem. i have overcome those problems with your help and the help of Dave Ramsay. My husband and I will be mortgage-free and car-loan-free in 2 years since we chose the loans with the shortest terms. So, while I don't need your course now as much as I used to, I appreciate the motivation to keep going on a positive track!
Many thanks,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Alexandra, Thank you for sharing your story! I am so excited for you and your family to be debt-free in two years. That is so great!

Unknown said...

I am so excited about this course! And I truly appreciate that you've made it a low price of $5 for a couple of months. I've struggled with a shopping addiction and financial "denial" of sorts. Your 10-Item Wardrobe class has helped with my compulsive shopping, and now I can learn more about finances! Thank you again, for this blog, and your courses. :)

Vicki Zimmerman said...

HI Jennifer, I've been waiting for this eCourse on debt-free living using your chic financial principles and as a lifelong learner curious about many subjects, I'm excited to start this one, as I did with your Ten-Item Wardrobe eCourse. Learning through your own personal experiences makes the goal of debt-free living seem realistic and possible and adds your inspirational story along the way. Thank you for taking what was likely a huge amount of time to develop and produce this eCourse for your Blog and Vlog subscribers. I'm grateful and will sign up as soon as I sign off here.

DJ said...

Hi Jennifer, I finished your debt-free eCourse last night. It was great. I just want to encourage everyone who reads your blog to take this eCourse. There is something for everyone. You put a lot of thought and work into each class and it really shows. As a side note - wow, you live in a beautiful area! I had to watch, the benefits of a debt free life, twice because the first time I was so distracted by the lovely background!!! To all Jennifer's readers - take the class - it's really good!!!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the course. I'm really enjoying all of the comments! DJ, your testimonial was great. Thank you!

Kat said...

Hi Jennifer,
I was wondering if you can watch the videos more than once if you purchase the course. If I watch a video and do the quiz, can I come back later to review the material?

Thank you.

Ladylike said...

To Kat,

As someone who has taken the course, i can tell you, yes, you can review the course lessons as many times as you like.

Enjoy it!

Sharon said...

Hi Jennifer,

Looking forward to your course! I would also love to learn more about your writing process and your tips and tricks for being disciplined enough to make the time for writing. Writing something I've always wanted to do, but seem to never be able to make the time for it.

Thanks for your lovely blog and all the inspiration.

Ladylike said...


I want to thank you again for the course and in particular the homework to write one's "debt story". As it turned out, I had 3000 words to say about my relationship with debt as well as my wisdom. Who knew? I waited a few days to tell you about my writing achievement because I was hoping to find a way to share my whole story online so that you could read it, but now I'm not sure it's advisable. I shared it with one trusted person, and that may be all that's needed.
Again, thank you.

Alexandra (Ladylike)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Alexandra, I am so happy you enjoyed the course. 3,000 words was probably too long to leave in a comment on the course but I hope it was therapeutic to write out.

Kat- yes, you can view the course over and over.

Sharon- thank you! I write for one hour every day and that's it! That is enough for me. You can do it!

I'll see you on Monday when I return to the blog. xx