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Planning for Christmas + Free Printables | Jennifer L. Scott

Christmas is just around the corner, and in today's video I'm sharing the plans our family have for Christmas, plus providing my two free downloadable planning printables so you can plan along with me.

I break-up my planning into 5 categories: early to-do, to-do, activities, food, and remember.

Everyone's planning will look different, but today I share with you what our plans are for the season.

Our early to-dos include buying the children's Christmas clothes, taking the family photo, and ordering the holiday cards, among other things.

I also discuss fun holiday activities we have planned, plus meal planning, and more in today's video.

Download my free Christmas Planning Printable for 2018

Download my free Holiday planning printable for 2018

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Comment of the Week
On my Homemade Apple Pie blog, Erica writes, "The way you decorated the pie reminded me of Madame Chic insisting on arranging the strawberries beautifully in your book! Adding a loving touch to simple things is a truly lovely thing to do and shows your family that you care so much for them."

Erica, your comment reminded me of how far I've come in the pie- world. Madame Chic would be very proud, indeed! :)

I hope my planning printable is helpful for you this season. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you on Thursday!

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