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Teatime with Jennifer | Meme Edition!

After a long day, sometimes you just need a good laugh. And sometimes that laugh verges on hysterics. Well, that's what happens with me in today's video, the first ever Teatime with Jennifer: Meme Edition!

Whenever I find a good meme, I save it. And in today's video, I'm sharing some of the funniest memes I've seen.

This meme isn't funny, but nostalgic. My great-grandmother's generation dressed like this. Dress sense has changed drastically this past century, hasn't it?

This is where I am right now. I don't need a fancy vacation, just a trip to the bathroom by myself, thank you very much!

You can be on time, or everyone can be wearing shoes. You can't have both! This was us two weeks ago at a field trip!

I want to be the mother who listens to her children, so I do. But sometimes those monologues about Ninjago go on for a long time...

We stopped watching television in order to be more efficient with our time... this meme illustrates the binge-watching culture we've become.


Very good advice for young people: marry someone who knows (or is willing to learn) how to cook. I'm taking men and women here. It's a needed skill!

I lost it with this one.

This would never be Mr. Connoisseur as I don't take him shopping. Ever. But I know many husbands could probably relate to this meme!

You're welcome.

I'll just live in denial that we look like the top image and not the bottom.

This is what I imagine my YouTube hater looks like...

A very compelling reason to not throw in the towel...

I hope today's video has given you a good laugh. If you have a meme you'd like to share with me for a future Teatime with Jennifer: Meme edition, you can tag me with a photo on social media using the hashtag #teatimewithjennifer


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Comment of the Week
On last week's Ten-Item Wardrobe video, Eleanor writes, "Hi there Jennifer I have just started with my ten item wardrobe for the first time and have reduced my number of clothes from about 80+ pieces to about 36 pieces which include 10 core items and extras such as blazers, t-shirts, event pieces and shoes( all from my own wardrobe no new clothes).I must admit I love it cause it has given me a more calming experience everytime I get dressed in the morning now.I wear at least 1core item out of my ten item wardrobe and pair it with something from my extras.Something extraordinary has happened since I have started the new wardobe change , my husband and kids compliments me every day now on how nice I look!!! Some of my clothes I am not wearing now (winter clothes) have been packed away for next season I am from South Africa we have spring /summer weather at the moment Thank you for all your advice love it."

Eleanor, I loved hearing your ten-item wardrobe testimonial, especially your family's reaction to your change. Wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Which meme was your favorite? Which one resonated with you the most? If you have any funny memes to submit for a future video, use the social media hashtag #teatimewithjennifer

See you on Thursday!

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Donna said...

Thank you, Jennifer. That was a nice laugh on a rainy Monday morning!

clburbach said...

Morning Jennifer, what a great way to start the week, thank you! I also love a good meme, because sometimes you just need to laugh about it or you will cry, right?
So there is one I saw a few montha ago on FB and although I did not save it, I remember it. I have 2 children, an 8yr old daughter and 4yr old son for reference. Anyway, it said:
"My sweet, mild mannered first child gave me the confidence to be a great mom; my second child-wild and crazy has taught me to never judge another mom...especially in public!" My son is sweet as well, but he's just so much wilder and different than my daughter and it makes me laugh every time!! I also think it's great because as Moms we should all give each other a little grace, rather than jusging each other. Thanks again for the fun video, I would definitely like to see another episode in the future. Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, SO funny and such good medicine.!!! I went from zero tv watching to 8 or more hours a day two years ago when I got cancer and had to sit for hours while chemo and other things were being IV’d into me. I watched two episodes shy of an entire season of a multi season crimesolver show one day and knew I had reached a new low!!��. I think just seeing you laugh was the funniest thing-very contagious!! I am still chuckling over Ben’s comment on a gardener post that he was going to dig a hole and put you in it-that was hilarious-such dry humor!!!

Susanne said...

Hi, Jennifer. I'm pretty sure "the hater" is Nellie Olsen from Little House on the Prairie.

Thanks for the laughs!

Christine Gaines said...

Hey Jennifer!! I love this video, it made me laugh so much. I can seriously relate to almost every single one of these memes. I especially can relate to the meme about our husbands having colds versus us wives. Why are they such babies?!?! The one about turning into a skeleton as your child continues their monologue is hilarious as well. My 7 year old, who is an only child, goes on and on and on to me about things that I could care less about. Sometimes I don’t do the best job of showing that I am interested! Lol I feel like the one about the monkeys in public is dead on with me, my brother, and sister growing up. We were so misbehaved sometimes, it’s embarrassing to think about now! Thanks for the good laughs Jennifer!!

ICU aus B said...

Hi, Jennifer. That was soo funny!!! I laughed the most about the skeletons and the school picture ones. Just hilarious!! By the way, I think the "hater"girl is Nelly Oleson from the Little house series. Have a lovely week! Inga

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, What a great day to laugh, considering all the angst of the election and the piles of Monday laundry! Several others have mentioned Nellie Oleson of the Little House on the Prairie TV series as apt model for your "hater".

Speaking of .... I would highly recommend Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House book series for your whole family. (The TV/movie interpretation does little justice to the true story - in fact, I feel it romanticizes and trivializes the Ingalls Family.) Caroline Ingalls (Ma) was a daily connoisseur, even in calico!

Peace and joy to you and yours. Sharon

Lynn from CA said...

Hi Jennifer, Ok I'll admit it -- I've binge-watched. Not 8 hours straight, but 6 = most of the Crown season 2 when it first came out on Netflix. But hey, I am single, live alone and if a weekend goes by without my cleaning the house, the cats don't really mind!

In my defense, I have also binge-read. One Saturday, I sat down after breakfast to indulge in 1 hour only to keep putting off cleaning my house to continuing reading a biography for 8 hours! It was on Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth II, I can't remember which.

Sometimes we just need a time-out!


Gigi said...

Too funny. My favorite was watching you laugh so hard. That mean little girl is definitely Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie. I loved that show when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frenchcaligirl said...

So funny Jennifer! I vote for your doing more of these. My favorite was the school photos meme. Our family recently experienced the weird smile in one of the kid’s school photos. I was laughing out loud. You have a great laugh in case no one has told you that.

Unknown said...

Meme with Hater photo is Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie series. Copied following info from Wikipedia just as FYI...

Nellie Oleson is a fictional character in the Little House series of autobiographical children's novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was portrayed by Alison Arngrim in the NBC television show Little House on the Prairie, where her role is much expanded.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, As Lynn from CA said, binge reading is an issue! If I'm in a good book, basically I'm just throwing the kids bologna over my shoulder and saying, "There's lunch! After that do one chapter from your homeschool math book and I'll check it tomorrow." Well, not THAT bad, but kind of.

I always joke that I could be on my death bed and suddenly I'll hear the gentle turning of the door knob, and a little head will poke in (or maybe my husband's) and say, "I know you're dying, but have you thought about what's for dinner?".

Thank you, Jennifer, for the laugh! Your videos make my day!

Michelle O. said...

This was a great Tea-Time with Jennifer episode. I laughed out loud at the "school pictures smile" and the "go check your dryer" as well as the "throwing in the towel" meme. So true! Also, I showed them to my 6'2" 15 yr old son and we laughed at the "marry someone who can cook" meme as he seems to have two hollow legs these days :) Thanks for the laughs today.

Unknown said...


Your laugh is contagious! Thanks for sharing some laughs. My great-grandmother wore a corset~ No, your husband is not the only one who is "very ill" when he has a cold, but my husband does cook great breakfasts; so he has that going for him. I think the hater character is Nellie from "Little House on the Prairie".

Hugs from,
Alexandra (Ladylike)

Charlene said...

Jennifer, these were so funny and even funnier to watch and laugh with you. As Alexandra said, your laughter is truly contagious. I’m old enough to remember my grandmothers dressing like those ladies. Ladies were always in dresses. They wouldn’t know what to think now. I love looking at memes and funny things on Pinterest when I need a laugh. My favorite this week was a mug that said, “I cannot brain today. I has the dumb.” I laugh every time I think about it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, I have so enjoyed reading your comments on this post as well as the comments on the YouTube video. I had a lot of fun shooting this video and there will definitely be another Teatime with Jennifer: Meme Edition in the future! If you have any funny memes, please send them to me or share them on social media with the hashtag #teatimewithjennifer I'm looking forward to laughing with you again!

Yes, I realized after shooting the video that the "hater" was Nellie from Little House.

Charlene- that mug sounds hilarious. That's how I feel today! :)

Sending love to you all.

Jennifer xx