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The Chic Assignment Check-in, August

Welcome to The Chic Assignment Check-in for August. In today's video we are going to dive deeper into the biographies of Elgar, as well as Carl and Karin Larsson. We are also going to explore meal planning and ten-item capsule wardrobe transitions.

I hope you have enjoyed the assignments this month. Let's look closer at each of the subjects...

⚜️Chic Assignment no. 1 Elgar's Nimrod

Sir Edward William Elgar (1857-1934) was an English composer, many of whose works have entered the British and international classical concert repertoire. We are going to listen to a performance of Elgar's Nimrod this month.

Today, we are learning more about Elgar and his interesting life. Check out his short biography.

Did you enjoy Sheku Kanneh-Mason's performance this month? I certainly did. If you felt emotional while listening to it, you're not alone. Here is a great article on Classic FM: A detailed explanation of why Elgar’s Nimrod makes you break down in uncontrollable tears.

The performance I'm recommending is this brilliant rendition by Sheku Kanneh-Mason.

⚜️Chic Assignment no. 2 Enjoy the art of Carl Larsson

Carl Olof Larsson was a Swedish painter (1853-1919) representative of the Arts and Crafts movement. His many paintings include oils, watercolors, and frescoes. He is principally known for his watercolors of idyllic family life. You can see more of his works on WikiArt or check out this beautiful art book, A Home, which shares Larsson's works in beautiful print form. We are going to learn more about his biography today, and also focusing on his talented wife, Karin. Together, they are the creators of Swedish style.

If you are interested in owning Carl Larsson prints for your own home, Great Big Canvas has a great selection.

A portrait of Karin Larsson

Learn more about Karin Larsson here.

Detail of Christmas Eve, 1906
I love this detail of Christmas Eve. Isn't it fascinating to take a look at a special evening like this from a bygone era?

I would have to say The Flower Window is my favorite. I just love this one and want to do something similar with houseplants in my own home. I admire Karin Larsson's design sense so much!

⚜️Chic Assignment no. 3 Explore the art of meal planning
I hope you enjoyed my meal planning video this month. I received a great reaction from viewers which indicates that you'd like to see more. I know I always get inspired when I see what other people cook for dinner. I plan to continue that as an off-shoot of my homemaking series. Thank you!

⚜️Chic Assignment no. 4 Start preparing your fall wardrobe
As the season is about to change, it's time to assess our summer wardrobes (winter wardrobes for our Southern Hemisphere friends). Take note of what worked, what didn't, what will return, and what needs to go and prepare your wardrobe for fall. My fall fashion video was last week and I hope that it provided more insights into the ten-item wardrobe process and how I prepare for fall.

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Comment of the Week
Jeni Keilty writes, "Just listened to Sheku Kanneh-Mason play Nimrod. Magical! Took my breath away. I appreciate your Chic Assignments so much. They have helped renew my love of experiencing culture. You have definitely elevated the atmosphere in my home. Thank you. xx"

Thank you, Jeni! I'm so happy you enjoyed The Chic Assignment this month. I loved Sheku's performance as well. It was magical!

Thank you for taking part in The Chic Assignment this month. I would love to hear your observations in the comments and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you on Thursday for another meal planning video. See you then!

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Janessa said...

What a dynamic duo! I loved learning about Carl and Karin Larsson. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

Renie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this subject matter! I love the artwork and textile designs of the Larsson’s but hadn’t thought about them for years. My husband And I had a lovely dinner last night and listened to a performance I found online of Enigma (including Nimrod) by the Warsaw Symphony. Beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed the Chic Assignment! Thank you!