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A Highly Unusual Day in the Life: Extreme Hair and Makeup Transformation

Welcome to another highly unusual day in my life...

This week I had a photoshoot for a very exciting project that is coming up, and today I take you along with me. Whenever you have the opportunity to have your makeup and hair done by a professional, I recommend that you not only ask them questions on the best products and techniques for yourself, but to also film it so you can replay and watch how they apply your makeup.

Ok, I look like a deer in headlights in this photo, but it's a good close-up still shot from the video that shows the makeup really well...

Today's video is a treat because you get to see the major photo-ready transformation I underwent, including eyelashes and contouring, which are two things I normally do not do.

The makeup look is quite extreme, but it's meant to highlight the face beautifully in photos, and Jackie, my makeup artist, did an amazing job. Thank you, Jackie!

Jackie used a Beauty Blender-like sponge to apply my makeup. I recently purchased these dupes on Amazon and am very happy with them. They are a great price too.

Featured in the video:
Lace dresses (similar) Morning Lavender
Lace dresses (similar) Lulu's
My clothing steamer
SKYE Genevieve 18K gold pearl earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off
SKYE Opale 18K gold pearl earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off
SKYE Risette Dress code Jennifer20 for 20% off
SKYE Corentin dress Jennifer20 for 20% off
Pink pom-pom slippers
Beauty Blender sponge (budget dupe)
Beauty blender sponge (original)
Londontown Cheerio (nail polish) JenniferS for 25% off
Kenra hairspray
IT Cosmetics bye bye foundation

I hope you enjoy today's video and get a kick out of seeing this very glamorous makeover.

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Comment of the Week
Carolyn writes, "I love time management and organization books and articles. Over the years I have read numerous times that the most important thing a homemaker can do in managing their home is meal planning. I have found it takes stress from my days when I have a plan. An additional benefit is saving money because you are buying what you need, not random food items. Leftovers (or planned overs) also means some days with little food prep. Thank you for being a mentor in the area of homemaking for so many of us."

Carolyn, I love time management books too. You are so correct, there are many benefits to meal planning. I'm glad you enjoyed Monday's video!

I hope you enjoyed today's fun makeover transformation. I will see you this weekend for a new 3 Articles on Dress.

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terrylee said...

do you have a link for your watch? thanks so much

miss agnes said...

You look absolutely stunning, like a movie star with this gorgeous make-up and hairdo. Can't wait to know what your big announcement is. Thanks for sharing this particular day with us, it was a treat.

LW said...

Jennifer, you look amazing in this video! Wow! I have always admired the old headshot but this one is going to be even better. Can't wait to know what the project is about. The hair and makeup artist had a beautiful subject to work with! Love the lace dress, so chic and elegant. Hope you got to go somewhere afterward! I would have loved to have seen the reaction of your husband and children.

Kgirl said...

It's great to have a behind-the-scenes video like this but I tensed up when you said you had people coming to your house in the middle of a pandemic. I was so relieved to see the hair and make-up artist wearing a mask, but I don't understand why you are not? It works both ways. She is protecting you but you need to protect her as well, especially when you are in close proximity like that and indoors.

I would love you to do a mask-wearing video after doing some more research on the importance of wearing them, and how to wear and remove them correctly to educate your impressionable viewers and help save lives. Dr John Campbell is an excellent resource:


Kgirl said...

A quick addendum to my earlier comment: of course I understand that you can't be masked-up while having your make-up done, but it should be there at all other times for as long as possible out of consideration for the other person. In the UK, it's mandatory for both clients and hairdressers to wear masks, and conversation is also deliberately kept at a minimum to avoid potential viral transmission. The US, sadly, has so many more C-19 cases (and rising). I don't want to rain on the glamour parade but I think it's really important for public health to raise awareness on this issue.

Unknown said...

I believe you have a poetry book coming out and I look forward to it! I understand you cannot confirm that. But soon we'll see!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank so much for watching, ladies. The photoshoot was a fun change. I am excited to share the project with you too. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!