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Ten-Item Wardrobe Fall 2020 | Jennifer L. Scott

Welcome to my Fall Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe for 2020


We had fun filming this wardrobe, which consists of ten core items and an assortment of extras, on a rather hot day in Southern California... although we were still feeling the fall vibes :) This video was directed and produced by Troy Carlton from Crane House Films. 

Please note: in this post, I am sharing the items with you below. Thursday's talk-through video will discuss them in more depth. With every brand I feature, I always contact the brand to see  if they can offer a discount code in case you would like to purchase from them. Those codes are all reflected down below. 

Core Item #1: Kate Kasin plaid skirt 

Extras: Mer-Sea cashmere wrap, Lilysilk camisole Daily12 for 12% off, Oliver Cabell mules JSCOTT10 for $10 off, Capsul custom block bracelet JENNIFER15 for 15% off 

Core Item #2: SKYE Dezi dress   Jennifer20 for 20% off 
Extras: SKYE Theodora 18K gold earrings  Jennifer20 for 20% off
Ballet flats: London Sole (no longer available) ballet flats (linking similar)

Core Item #3: J. Jill wrap dress This dress is no longer available so I am linking similar ones from Draper James and and a budget option here

Extras: Mont Kiji Secret Garden scarf code connoisseur for 20% off, ballet flats (linking similar)

Core Item #4
Plaid dress by Velvet by Graham & Spencer This dress is no longer available on the Velvet website, but I found the exact dress here on Amazon. The tights are by Hipstik JEN15 15% off

Core Item #5 Everlane dress

Extras: Oliver Cabell Suede Mule  code JSCOTT10 for $10 off 

Core Item #6: Draper James Chambray shift dress 

Core Items 7 & 8: Lilysilk midnight blue blouse (Daily12 for 12% off) and Mott & Bow jean code JLS10 for 10% off 

Core Items 9 & 10: Lilysilk romantic white blouse (Daily12 for 12% off) and Mott & Bow black jean  JLS10 for 10% off 

A closer look at the extras:

Let's have a look at the sweaters, camisoles, and tee shirts...

The Mer-Sea cashmere wrap  and Lilysilk camisole (Daily12 for 12% off)

The Mer-Sea Cashmere Hampton Duster and Mott & Bow Tee shirt code JLS10 for 10% off 

Let's have a look at the shoes featured this season...

The Captain Boot by the Thursday Boot Company is such a classic, high-quality boot. I have them here in muted black and Old English. 

The Oliver Cabell driving shoe code JSCOTT10 $10 off

The Oliver Cabell dream mule code JSCOTT10 for $10 off 

Let's take a look at the jewelry...

Capsul custom block bracelet JENNIFER15 for 15% off (available in brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold)

SKYE Theodora 18K gold earrings  Jennifer20 for 20% off

SKYE Oleana pearl earrings Jennifer20 for 20% off 


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Comment of the Week

Sam L. writes, "I stumbled across your blog years ago with the ten-item wardrobe. I bought and read Lessons from Madame Chic back then, and I continue to visit your blog now. Then, I had just left my career as an accountant to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I was a little lost on how to manage my new life - how to manage a household, nurture a marriage, care for children, present myself as an elegant lady (the style description that most appeals to me) and set personal goals for myself that were outside the "wife" and "mother" roles. I find balance in your blog. I love the variety of posts: wardrobe, meal prep, homeschooling (we also homeschool), cleaning, remodeling, seeking out the arts, etc. It reminds me that as homemakers, we manage a variety of tasks, and that variety adds a richness to life. I particularly like the segment in this post about the prepper pantry. We, too, keep a stash of supplies on hand for any number of emergencies. Some blog posts about prepping can seem very extreme, end-of-the-world-ish. Your presentation, however, exhibits prepping as a useful, practical, homemaking skill. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas with a positive, uplifting energy. With each of your posts I watch/read, I have a new joyful outlook on being a homemaker. All of the work you put into your blog is very much appreciated. "

Dear Sam, Thank you for your encouraging comment. I am so happy that the variety of topics discussed on this blog provide inspiration for your daily life. Thank you for being a part of The Daily Connoisseur!

I hope you enjoyed today's ten-item wardrobe video. I'll see you on Thursday for the talk-through. Let us know how your fall wardrobe is coming along (spring wardrobe for our Southern Hemisphere friends). 

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Sandy said...

I love your video and look forward to hearing about why you chose these items. Really like the styles too, especially the plaid skirt, scarf, sweaters, and all the shoes/boots!

Mary Grace said...

Jennifer, I've been a longtime follower and reader of all of your books -- you inspire me in many ways. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this video, it's so cool to see you explore new ways of storytelling and sharing your passions, this video style included. It's inspiring, I'm a journalist and the way you tell stories online has been life-giving and encouraging to me. :)

Wishing you the best,
Mary Grace

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Sandy, Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation.

Mary Grace, Thank you! I greatly appreciate your encouragement. Thank you for watching and supporting the channel!



pneu said...

What a gorgeous video; you look cool and ready for fall, despite the heat. I was surprised by so many dark colours but then had to laugh because the majority of my closet is dark shades (and 93% blue if we’re being really honest). My favourite outfit is the silk blouse, black jeans, and lace up boots; it really suits you and seems like an exploration of a new style avenue for you. Think I’ll recreate it tomorrow with a similar top so thank you for the inspiration! I’m very much looking forward to hearing your comments on what you’ve chosen. That’s always the best part of your seasonal wardrobe videos as I enjoy your thought process.

Christina said...

Your Fall wardrobe is really beautiful! I always find this time of year tricky to dress so currently my 10 item wardrobe is a mix of summer and Fall- so more that 10 items. I’ll put all of summer away when Fall is more here to stay. I love the mindset of the 10 item wardrobe though. I’m really thinking about adding that beautiful black Skye dress. I definitely can see it looking so elegant at Christmas, even if we are only at home. I’d love to hear your thoughts on dressing up (for example, Christmas brunch) when the other guest show up very casual. This happened to me last year.

Christina said...

I love blue, too! Most of my clothes are blue. Lol

Ashley G said...

I haven't been on the blog in ages so I am binging a little today. Is it weird to say that I've missed you? :) This video was BEAUTIFUL. This may be one of my favorite 10 items you've ever done. I've been following since 2013 so I feel like an old pro... even with my absence the last year! (I had a baby and then suddenly she was an entire year old!)

Thanks for all your inspiring words and calm presence. I've enjoyed your books and blogs for my entire adult life so it feels quite strange to jump back in and have no idea what you've been doing for the past few months. Happy Fall!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Pneu- Thank you so much! Yes, I do enjoy darker colors... especially in the fall.

Ashley G- Thank you so much! I'm so happy you're back on the blog. Congratulations on your baby!

Jennifer xx