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The Chic Assignment | September 2020

Welcome to The Chic Assignment for September.

The Chic Assignment is a monthly assignment where we explore composers, artists, and poets. We also take part in seasonal activities that enrich our lives. Let's jump into September's assignment:

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 1 Enjoy Wynton Marsalis performing Haydn's Trumpet Concerto in Eb with the Boston Pops Orchestra, conducted by John Williams.

This is such an incredible performance. So many amazing talents meet up in this one piece. John Williams is a brilliant conductor. Wynton Marsalis is one of the best living musicians today, and this Haydn Concerto is glorious.

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 2 Enjoy the poetry of Dorothy Parker
I discovered Dorothy Parker as a teenager and have been fascinated with her ever since. I own a very well-read volume of her poetry. She was a troubled figure and her poetry could be dark at times, but her writing was also incredibly brave and witty. I can't wait to dive into her poetry with you this month.

Check out Dorothy Parker's Collected Poems

You can also learn more about her and read some of her most famous works for free at the Poetry Foundation.

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 3 Stock your pantry for the upcoming winter
Many of you are canning right now. I'm not there yet, but I am thinking about stocking my pantry for the upcoming fall and winter season (spring/ summer for our Southern Hemisphere friends). It's a great idea to take inventory of what we have, get rid of expired items, clean it out (Farmer Boy-style), and stock it well. We don't know what lies ahead with regard to the shut-downs so let's be prepared for the upcoming winter.

Two of the Chic Society members are also YouTubers with wonderful channels and they have both addressed the "prepper pantry" trend that is very popular right now. I am listing their videos here for your reference:

This and That with Denise Jordan
Mary's Nest

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 4 Transition your beauty routine for the change in season
Perhaps this means wearing a darker nail polish, or fixing your hair in a different way. Perhaps it means experimenting with different makeup colors, or just changing your skincare routine, but as we head for fall, we will want to have our beauty correspond with the season.

⚜️ Featured style
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I look forward to hearing your observations this month. Tag me on social media and use the hashtag #TheChicAssignment. Also, be sure to invite a friend to join you this month. Thank you and I will see you on Thursday!

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Vicar's Wife said...

Are you familiar with Yuja Wang, the concert pianist? She is brilliant. When she played Rhapsody in Blue with the Vienna Philharmonic in 2019 she played so articulately that I, for the first time, heard all the notes! She has a lovely, engaging presence as well. I find her wardrobe choices less than modest, but she is a beautiful woman to be sure. You can find her on youtube.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for that recommendation!

MartaS. said...

Hi Jennifer
You are an incredible inspiring lady for me, thank You ��
I know that You love Chopin- His music accompanies me in everyday life. Polish singer, Natalia Kukulska recorded a great CD album “ Czułe struny” -She sing to Chopins music. I love that album and Hers interpretation of great Polish composer, and although She sing in Polish so maybe you will like it too.
Best wishes, Marta from Poland.

Adventures said...

Yes Yuja Wang is an accomplished classical pianist. I have enjoyed watching her in interviews and she has toured the world. She is known for bucking the traditional classical pianist attire in regards to her short skirts (not always but often). She has a very sweet, feisty and fun-loving personality.