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Presentable Sleepwear Updates | How the Pajamas Have Performed

Presentable sleepwear: I'm always surprised by the responses I get from women who write to me about this subject. I get comments that range from, "Who needs presentable sleepwear? I sleep naked!" (TMI) to "Why should anyone care what I wear to bed?" to "I have worn sloppy pajamas for years and I want to look presentable at home." One thing is for sure, the concept of presentable sleepwear gets people thinking. 

In my presentable sleepwear videos over the past year, I have presented many lesser known sleepwear brands to you. My goal with this is to provide an alternative to Victoria's Secret and the other standard mall brands that most of us are familiar with. I enjoy discovering these smaller niche sleepwear brands that are really passionate about making beautiful and functional sleepwear for women.

⚜️ Recommended Sleepwear brands

NEIWAI sleepwear JS10 for 10% off Lilysilk Chic pajama set Daily12 for 12% off Montelle Intimates Bust-Support Chemise SELFLOVE20 20% off

Fleur't Intimates COZY20 (20% off)

Lusomé Sleepwear LUSOME20 - 20% off

Rya collection RYA15 for 15% off Plush Necessities robes Jennifer's budget Sleepwear Store on Amazon Jennifer's slipper recommendations on Amazon

In wearing the various styles over the past year I have made some discoveries about myself. This will ring true for me and you might relate or you might not. But I'd love for you to think about what sleepwear style you prefer to wear to bed. 

I have discovered I am definitely a nightgown girl. I love nightgowns. If I had to choose just one style to sleep in for the rest of my life,  the nightgown would be it. They are free and not restrictive. They are beautiful and feminine, and they can be layered to keep me warm or I can take the layers off if I get too hot under the covers. 

Surprisingly, my favorite piece for winter out of the sleepwear I've tried was this Lusomé Lucienne nightdress (LUSOME20 for 20% off). I'm not sure why I was surprised by this. Maybe because this nightgown is very unassuming. It's very plain. It has a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves with lace trim. Here's what I like about it: it's comfortable (mine is actually a size too big, which I don't mind too much for sleepwear), it has that Xirotex moisture wicking technology so I don't perspire at night in this dress, I like the longer sleeves for winter but I don't get too hot under the covers like I do with heavier pajama sets. All-in-all, this nightgown is perfect! I could wear one in each color and call it a day. I really enjoy analyzing what I like to wear the most in any given category. That helps me make smarter purchases going forward. If I were to purchase a new pajama, it would likely be the Lucienne nightdress from Lusomè in a lighter color like grey or blue. 

As the spring and summer approach, however, I might not want 3/4 sleeves. I really enjoy wearing the Montelle Intimates chemises (SELFLOVE20 for 20% off) because they are pretty and feminine and keep me cool. They are a bit too skimpy to wear around the house, however, so I either wear them with a robe, such as the Plush Necessities spa robe, or I will wear them with this cropped ballet sweater from Morning Lavender. Sometimes I'll be cold and go to bed with the sweater on and then I'll get hot and take it off. 

As for the pajama sets, the Lilysilk set really has performed well. It's a beautiful and chic pajama set (code DAILY12 gives 12% off), washes well, and hasn't shrunk. The silk keeps me cool but the coverage keeps me warm when I am out of the bed. I love their silk nightgown too, but I have to put that in the tumble dryer otherwise it gets wrinkled when I just hang it on the line

A solution to staying warm in your sleepwear (as well as daywear) is adding a layer of thermal underwear. This set by NEIWAI (JS10 for 10% off) is so soft and warm. This is a great solution for chilly winter nights. 

The Classic Form-fitting Thermal Underwear Set from Neiwai's classic collection is made using a special blend of WARM MATCH® fabric and TENCEL™ Modal for a garment that’s lightweight, absorbent, and retains body heat without the wearer getting too stuffy.

Here are the features of this thermal underwear:

Shallow V streamlined neckline and nearly invisible bottom hem

No side seams for a chic, slimmer look and more comfort when lying down

High-waist pants that are just the right length to be easy to wear with socks and boots.

I am doing a giveaway for the NEIWAI cozy pajamas (JS10 for 10% off). They are sold as separates with both top and bottom. Enter on the YouTube channel by leaving a comment under the video (you must be a subscriber). The Neiwai classic cozy pajama details are as follows:

• Lightweight & refined pajamas with a light gloss sheen, designed for more restful sleep.
• Classic style with French lapels, a small chest pocket, and color-matched buttons. 
• MellowSilk® is a fabric blend that combines TENCEL™ Modal with materials extracted from cashmere & other fabrics, woven to be satiny-soft and elastic. The outcome is a lovely texture, reminiscent of cashmere and silk.

These pajamas are ultra high quality, like the others I have featured. I'll be reviewing their Barely Zero bra in an upcoming video. 

I hope you enjoyed today's video. 


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I love your grandmother's saying. She's right! I'm working on it :)

Thank you for watching today's sleepwear video. I would love to know what type of sleepwear you prefer to wear.

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Jessica said...

I was never a sleepwear girl. I was always in my husbands shirts. Once I watched one of your videos on sleepwear I bought a few pieces from Montelle intimates and I will NEVER go back to my old sleep “wear” I’m in love with feminine sleepwear now! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Unknown said...

Pajamas! The color of these Neiwei pajamas is beautiful and they look so luxurious.

Unknown said...

Hi. I am unable to add a comment on the YouTube channel despite being a subscriber, not sure why as I could have liked to join the giveaway. I personally would never want to sleep in the nude so I love my pajamas but always wear sets. I LOVE MATCHING TOPS AND BOTTOMS, BE IT PANTS IN WINTER OR SHORTS IN THE SUMMER. My gowns never stay in place during the night as I move around quite a bit. JENNIFER IS TRES CHIC! But I generally like well worn-in, extra comfy, never tight, casual cotton pajamas hence why I liked the giveaway ones. Thank you and cheers!

Sarah L said...

Very thoughtful
Thank you Jennifer,
Please can I ask a question - would you wear undergarments out with sleepwear... I feel like the jury is out on this one, but I've also wondered what others do! (I don't, apart from potentially a support top underneath)

Unknown said...

I loved your honest evaluation of your sleepwear. I thought I was the only one always evaluating do I like this, does it make me feel feminine, does it make me happy, is it comfortable:) I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
My mother always wore beautiful gowns with matching robes, but I do not like that bunch around my hips when I sleep ...so I choose matching pajama sets. Long pants/shirt in the winter and and shorts set in the summer. I live in Texas where the summers are extremely hot plus I'm menopausal. Thank you again for this wonderful post....Stacie

Deb said...

That pajama set is such a beautiful and calming color. I love pajama sets in all four seasons although I change to short sets for summer because it is hot and very humid here in the Midwest. I actually was just thinking recently that I need to up my pajama game and replace my worn out and too short pants.

sumac said...

I m all for pretty sleepwear and I have many pretty summer nighties, but in the winter it has to be flannel pajamas. My favorites are Nautical, available on Amazon and at Costco.