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The Queen's Rules for Living Well | Bryan Kozlowski x Jennifer L. Scott Interview

Bryan Kozlowski, author of the new book, Long Live the Queen, is my guest on The Daily Connoisseur today. We had such a cracking conversation about Madame Chic, The Queen, and Jane Austen. You will not want to miss this interview. So make yourself a cup of tea (in your best china tea cup) and join in on the conversation.

What are the life lessons we can learn from Queen Elizabeth ll? I certainly had an eye-opening experience reading Long Live the Queen and discussing some of the more curious aspects of etiquette as they relate to good health and enjoying life. I would love to know what takeaways enriched you from our interview. 

In addition to Long Live the Queen, Bryan is also the author of The Jane Austen Diet. You can find him at www.bryankozlowski.com  His books are so refreshing, insightful, and funny! I highly recommend them. 

I hope you enjoyed today's video. 


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Comment of the Week

Last week's Bridgerton Regencycore fashion video drew many strong opinions in the comments. I haven't seen Bridgerton but from the comments, apparently I am not missing much! I enjoyed this review from Addie:

I never want to be negative, so I’ll say I love the fashion!! The show however, is not for me personally lol. I clicked on it thinking it would have a Jane Austen feel, but unfortunately it was so distasteful that it was like biting into a decadent chocolate filled with toothpaste.😝

Addie, I thought your critique was excellent. Ha! Thank you for keeping it positive, yet real.

Thank you for watching! I'd love to hear your thoughts about Long Live the Queen. I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you on Thursday for a brand new post.

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Seattle Sews said...

I loved this video. The two of you had so much fun, it was a joy to watch. I also liked the content. My (American) parents are younger than the Queen but still lived through WWII. My father's large, poor family had no food shortage during that time because they were farmers/food producers, subsidized by the government and had never been able to experience luxuries such as chocolate, so it was not missed. My mother lived "in town" and remembered mixing yellow dye into the margarine and would only eat butter for the rest of her life-not margarine. I was taught many of the manners you described, even though ours was a middle class family. Manners seemed to become less important when women became a larger part of the workforce.
I do have to say that for large or poor families, then and now, some of those manners are luxuries. My dad described grabbing food as it went by the first time because there wasn't more. Eating quickly, then back to farm chores.
For someone who is their own servant, peeling and eating the banana without the benefit of a plate, knife, and napkin, is a time, space, and labor saver.
This was a delight. Thank you.

Sandy said...

I so enjoyed this interview! I want to read both of his books. What really stood out was how ettiquette can slow down our eating, so we can take time digesting and registering that we are full, and enjoying conversation and time spent together. I eat slow compared to my husband and kids, and cooking from scratch takes so long, I have thought about serving my family in courses so that they will take a slower approach to eating. I also loved hearing about the Queen looking at every situation, and finding one positive thing to look forward to. Thank you for the interview and sharing such timeless advice.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Seattle Sews and Sandy,

Thank you so much for watching and commenting. I really enjoyed this conversation as well and I'm so happy you both found it edifying.

Have a wonderful night!

~ Jennifer

Susanne Sutton said...

Hi, Jennifer. This was a delightful, funny, thought-provoking and informative interview--I thoroughly enjoyed it. Do try Yorkshire tea--it has a very smooth, pleasant taste. I got mine on Amazon. I'd also like to chime in on the royal yacht debate: as an introvert, I can imagine how important it would be to have a place to call one's own--something familiar and private--while on those marathon tours. If you think about travelling from country to country, sometimes for months at a time, as the Queen used to do in her younger years, and then you think about doing that with the additional stress of having to move from hotel to hotel and sleep in a different bed every couple of nights, you can imagine how nurturing and rejuvenating she would find a home environment that would travel with her. I think Bryan is right in saying that sometimes the well-being of a leader is more important than penny-pinching. Thanks for a great video; my only complaint is similar to yours, I think, that it just wasn't long enough!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you so much, Susanne! I'm so happy you enjoyed the interview!

~ Jennifer