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My Organized Home Tour | Mega March Motivation


When you were little, did have a dollhouse? I did. I loved dolls. I still do. My daughters love dolls too. They each have a dollhouse and I love going into their rooms to see how they have styled their houses. When you’re little, playing house is so exciting. You never see clutter in a doll house. It’s pretty clear and artfully decorated. Each space is used with purpose. 

When we are little girls, we have it all figured out with our dollhouses. There is a place for everything, and everything in its place. Ah, then we become adults and are running our own homes… Suddenly playing house isn’t so fun. It’s frustrating. And there’s clutter everywhere. And organization is hard. What goes wrong? What changes? 

Last week, you saw me do a whole house declutter. I had fun doing that. Today, we’re going to examine the organized home as a whole. This is part of The Mega March Motivation started by the lovely Dawn, from The Minimal Mom. 

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So, back to my question. If we’ve got it all figured out as kids, and we can play house with joy, and in our make believe homes there’s not only magical things like mouse families, and unicorns, but also (I would argue) an even more magical thing: No Clutterwhat has changed? 

 Well, life gets in the way. When things get hard, it’s easier to stuff a mess into a cabinet and close the door. As long as the surfaces are clear, we feel we are maintaining the "dollhouse standard". 

I have to go through my cupboards every few months because I am so guilty of this. As I give you a glimpse into different rooms of our home, I want to explore how to get back to that dollhouse standard. I’m trying to capture that wonder and joy my children have with my home. It’s so easy to get bitter, friends. Can you feel that? Haha. I do. Think about it: Kids aren’t bitter when they play house. Each room in the dollhouse is brimming with cheer and charm. That’s what I want. 

I don’t see any place for clutter in my real life “dollhouse”. That doesn’t mean it’s not there, but as I learned in Paris… clutter is so not chic. So, we do our best to keep things clutter-free and organized. When clutter and organization start to get out of control in our home, I try to look at my home with a different filter. Sometimes the dollhouse correlation doesn’t work for me so I think about what I love about staying in a high-end hotel or a cozy and elegant bed and breakfast. Usually the décor is attractive, things are in order, and (of course) there is no clutter or organization problems. That helps me to tackle a clutter hot spot - To get rid of it and even clear the cupboard or drawer under it. 

I might not be able to relate to dollhouses as much anymore, but I can certainly try to channel my favorite hotel. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. And clutter and organizational issues will likely always exist. But if you can get your main rooms under control and keep on top of them, living with no clutter will simply be your state of being. If you would like more inspiration, check out my Madame Chic Books. And if you would like to help teach your kids about keeping their spaces neat, check out Connoisseur Kids. I hope you enjoyed my musings and rather unconventional tour of certain parts of our home. 

Thank you, Dawn, from The Minimal Mom for inviting me to be a part of another wonderful collaboration. I truly love all of the other channels who are participating and encourage you to check them out in the playlist below. Keep calm and remain classy, friends, and I’ll see you in my next video. Love, Jennifer

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Comment of the Week

Stacy Greene writes, "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!" I've always loved this quote. :-)

Hi Stacy, I love that quote. It made me smile! :)

Thank you for joining me for my unconventional house tour in today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great week and I'll see you soon!

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Susanne Sutton said...

Hi, Jennifer. I really enjoyed this video, especially your very thoughtful and thought-provoking narration.
I'd like to share my method for organizing magazines. Like you, I've been reading Victoria almost since the beginning. Some years ago, I reorganized my issues by placing all the issues for the same month in a magazine holder; then, every month, I take out the magazines for that month and enjoy going through them again. Although some things are out-of-date now, one of the things I like most about Victoria is its essential timelessness (and I must say, I feel quite nostalgic seeing the old advertising).
Continue to stay safe. Every blessing, Susanne

Unknown said...

Ditto on the Victoria magazine. I keep every single issue! (@Susanne Sutton, thank you for the great idea for organizing them!)

I'll be dedicating a couple of days during Spring Break to continue to declutter our home. Thank you for the inspiration, Jennifer. Its always good to be reminded!

- Marta

Sandy said...

I like your doll house correlation. Very creative and so true about the clutter free doll homes. Every space has a purpose - that resonated with me. I think too much stuff and not putting things away creates the problem, and I am working to overcome this. Thank you for the inspiration!