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Whole House Declutter | Mega March Motivation

I am teaming up with Dawn from The Minimal Mom again for another amazing YouTube collaboration. This time we are providing Mega March Motivation as we declutter our homes. The theme for this video is "whole house decluttering"... I have to say, our home is doing pretty well in the clutter department. I've been able to stay on top of it.

There are a few pesky spaces, however, that definitely need a reassessment. I'm decluttering my bathroom cabinet, the laundry room cabinet, our master bedroom, and the entryway downstairs.

I hope you find this video motivating. Why not put it on while you get some decluttering done... we can work together...  Check out the playlist with all of the other creator's videos here. 

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Annika Wester, who designed the cover for the Japanese Madame Chic books, posted one of her illustrious covers on Instagram. I love it! 

Comment of the Week

On the Intermittent Fasting video, Marybeth writes, "When I first heard of IF, I thought back to my grandmother's eating habits. She passed in 1976 at age 86. A little woman, 4'11" and as long as I knew her 90ish pounds. I recall her eating a poached egg/toast for bfast, a lamb or pork chop ,potato, veg for dinner and probably tea and a little something at lunchtime. She liked a small sweet after dinner..right after dinner...not 2 hours later. There was never any snacking..actually, with the exception of saltines, no snack foods in the house. So it occurred to me that IF is not really new, just new to the current population. I am going to give it a try and during the 8 hours stick to 3 meals..no snacking! BTW, you look great! Thanks for the always inspiring videos."

I loved reading about your grandmother, Marybeth. Yes! IF is not new and the concept is rather traditional. Thanks for sharing your memories. 

I hope you enjoyed today's video! Did it give you decluttering motivation? 

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Unknown said...

Hello, I enjoy watching your channel. I am an interior designer and I often look
at your house in the videos. I saw some of the wallpaper you were considering for your
dining room. The choices surprised me a bit as they didn't seem to fit what I saw you
express in the remainder of your house.
I have attached a few links for you. And grasscloth is very popular right now. There are some elegant, geometric designs available in grasscloth, see the third link. Make sure you check out the room photos of the wallpapers on display instead of just looking at the samples. That will give you a better idea of how the paper looks once it's up.


Happy Decorating! Tiera Morse

JanElise said...

Jennifer, I think the metal thing in your laundry cabinet is the bottom to a music stand. Maybe someone played an instrument in the band? I really enjoy your videos and feel like I know you personally. Very best wishes! Jan