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20 Essential Preps Every Household Should Have | Supply Shortage Preparedness


One of the mottos of The Daily Connoisseur is Being Chic is Being Prepared. We must be prepared for any eventuality that arises, whether it be a natural disaster or a supply chain crisis that spurs shortages. 

In today's video I'm sharing 20 Essential preps that every household should have. 

I am linking everything I discuss here for your reference as well: 

⚜️ Featured in the video

Here is the typed list for your reference. 

• Emergency food
• Canned food 
• Long shelf-life food
• Home grown produce
• Pet food 
• Water filtration 

• Prescription medications, generic ones like children’s Tylenol, medications for your pets 
• Vitamins and supplements 
• Band aids, Neosporin 
• First-aid kit 
• Aloe with lidocaine for burns 

Sanitary care 
• Reusable diapers 
• A way to prepare for possible toilet paper shortages again – travel bidet, cloth wipes 
• Feminine products- reusable- menstrual cup, cloth pads 
• Soap- bar soap 

Home Items 
• Candles 
• Flashlights 
• Matches 
• Batteries 
• Medicine and Survival handbooks 

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On Instagram Madame Chic in Brazil...

Toni W. writes, "We often invite foreign students who are studying in the US at a local University to our Thanksgiving dinner. The are often so excited to share our Thanksgiving tradition and we send them each back to their dorm or apartment with our Thanksgiving leftovers. My husband’s father was a college professor and this was the tradition that my husband grew up with. 🥧 🦃"

Toni, I love this. You can be sure that the students will never forget their American Thanksgiving experience!

I hope you found today's video useful. Let us know in the comments how you prepare for emergencies. Thank you for watching and I'll see you on Monday!

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Dianna said...

This is such an important topic; thank you for addressing it! I have a lot of the items you mentioned, but I am inspired to pick up a charger, vitamins, and a couple of reference books.

One topic you didn't cover is lack of water. I keep several jugs of water in the garage, as well as a few items that would help us use less water, such as disposable dishes and hand sanitizer.

Sandy said...

This was really good. Thank you! We do need to work on our supply list. I will look into what we need, and it is important and chic to be prepared. : )