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5 Ways to Create a Jewel Box Room | Home Tour 2021

 I'm sharing 5 ways to create a jewel box room in today's video. What is a jewel box room? House and Home describes it as: a room layered
 "in rich color, pattern, your most treasured items and glamorous finishes to fill every nook and cranny. Regardless of square footage, your home should feel collected and personal."

Let's look at the 5 Ways to Create a Jewel Box Room

⚜️ Video Time Stamps
0:00 What is a Jewel Box room?
1:39 Be Bold with Art
3:16 Birch Living Sponsor
5:20 Embrace Themes
6:43 Accessorize Your Decor
8:26 Embrace Color
10:23 Add a Personal Touch

Be Bold with Art

When you search "Jewel Box Room" on Google, you will frequently come across rooms with gallery walls. Filling the walls with your favorite works of art, whether originals, reproductions, or prints, creates a rich and cultured feeling in the home. My favorite places to look for art are on eBay, or with original artists on their own websites. I like to find reproductions at Great Big Canvas

Embrace Themes

When a room has a theme, it can feel more pulled together. The theme we are building in the guest room is "vintage poster art". The theme in the master bathroom is Paris Rooftops. You can also have a color theme like "The Blue Room". Or you can have an animal theme like "The Bird Room".  Vintage poster art can be found at Great Big Canvas. The bedding here is from American Blossom Linens. 

Accessorize Your Decor

Accessorize your decor with plants, floral arrangements, books, throws, and lighting fixtures that compliment the space. I love orchids for the exotic flair they add to any room. 

Embrace Color & Pattern

Don't be afraid to embrace color and pattern to make your room feel personal and curated. 

This is our bird room with the gorgeous Cole & Son Winter Birds wallpaper

We love our blue kitchen cabinets with brass knobs... 

Add a Personal Touch

This is the most important tip. A jewel box room should feel personal as though the objects in the room mean something to the family who live there. An art piece with history behind it, your favorite books, a blanket that was knitted just for you.... these are the finishing touches to make your house feel homey.

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Comment of the Week
Trudi writes, "The video made me laugh when you showed your chest freezer. My Mom used to make a joke that we would remember her butt because she was always digging in the chest freezer (family of 10…. With a funny Mom). That’s the reason I bought an upright freezer. Loved the recipes. Just bought a pumpkin loaf at Costco and froze 3/4 of it since it’s just my husband and I now. But muffins is a great idea. You have inspired me to bake! ❤️"

Trudi- I love those funny memories we have of our loved ones. Sounds like your mother had a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing with us.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Do you have a jewel box room in your home? How do you like to style it? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the channel.

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Tammy Sanchez said...

I loved this video, I’ve always been afraid of color myself. This video gave me some inspiration!!! Also loved the desks in the homeschool room, can I ask where they are from? Or any other ideas on desks. I love your style and would greatly appreciate it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, Tammy! The desks are from Living Spaces. I love the blue color.

~ Jennifer

Marni said...

What a great video. I have enjoyed watching you transform your home. We lived in a small 1939 cottage for 18 years and every room was a different color. I loved it! Now we live in a subdivision home with high ceilings and open rooms. I’ve been intimidated to use color because it’s such a big space and repainting will be a huge undertaking. My cozy cottage was easy to paint so I felt more confident. It’s so helpful to see how you are approaching your space and gives me lots of ideas to make my home more suitable to my taste and style. Subdivision houses are tricky! What color blue is your homeschool room? It’s so peaceful. I love your kitchen cabinets. Mine are like your before photo and I’m dying to paint them! Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

Danielle Brattin said...

I love the idea of a jewel box room! My husband and I had been admiring a painting on Facebook marketplace. We were excited to be able to purchase local affordable art. The next day, upon closer inspection and a quick google search, I discovered it was just someone’s paint by number. Lol