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The Chic Assignment Season Finale


Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to The Chic Assignment Season Finale. What a year it has been. The Chic Assignments have accompanied us through the good times and the bad, bringing us out of our reality into a different world… a world of art, music, and poetry. I thought in this year’s finale for this series, I’d explain to you why these videos are so important to me and how they can be a force for good in our lives. 

The Chic Assignments have inspired me to add art to my life in many ways… one of them has been to play the piano more regularly. I’ve been practicing Johan Sebastian Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze. I’m not the best pianist… but that’s not the point. We shouldn’t strive for perfection, but for joy. In intention is to inspire you to find the art in your everyday life.

I hope you will watch today's finale, which recaps the amazing artists we have studied and the modern musicians we have enjoyed. The Chic Assignment series will resume in February, 2022. If you have any suggestions for artists to study, please leave them in the comments. 

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The ad revenue from this season finale will be donated to Inner-City Arts, which provides quality arts instruction for children from underserved communities. 

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The Elegant Connoisseurs
Adalet Bir 
Aimee Floor, Azalia Spa Goods
Jenny Williams, Carrot Top Paper Shop
Cindy Bulharowski 
Devika D 
Elaine Brisebois - Certified Nutritionist
Guy Blaise, author of Love Like the French
Nikki Moreno - Inspired by Nikki 
Janalyn Voigt 
Janice Leitner 
Jenny Candelaria 
Jet Rowley-Herron 
Jina Kay Henry 
Julie Kolman - My Confident Closet 
Juliet Keeler-LeBien 
Katherine Rae 
Linda Eklof 
Living in loveliness - Carli Thom
Maria Conder
Marie Caudill 
Mrs. Shockley  A Home for Elegance
Nicole Brignolle Lovely Bits
Something to Cherish  Cherish Flieder
Sturm Brothers Jewelry - Mrs. TJ Sturm
Susan Poitevin - The Brown Rabbit Studio

The Chic Connoisseurs
A Better Life with KAT (Flylady Cleaning System)
Adrienne Cormier 
Alexa Moradi 
Amy Kennedy 
Andrea Saavedra 
Andreea Andrei 
Angelika Greenhalgh 
Angie Helmly 
Anna A 
Ausra Mewa 
Barbara Kight 
Bliss Peterson 
Brenda Ramsey 
Brooke Sassi 
Candace V 
Catherine Huang
Chantal Brinkies 
Chelsea Kochevar 
Christine Remington 
Connie Yen 
Cyndie Lake 
Denise Gende 
Diana McNease 
Dot + Willow 
efstathia kositzidou 
Ellie YG 
Freda Masoud 
Heather Phillips 
Helena O 
Jackie W 
Jane Lynch 
Janet Williams 
Janis Wildy 
Jeanetta Loubser 
Jenelle Blevins 
Jennifer Lamont Leo 
judy moore 
Julia T. Lundy 
Karen Ruby 
Katherine Williams 
Kimberly Campbell 
Kirsty V 
Lenora Ellis 
Lois Shank
Lori Skees 
Maria Gerlicz-Pogorzelska 
Maria Gerszewski 
Mary Lewis 
Melanie Novakovitch 
Melanie Riddle 
Melissa Ricci 
Mercy Burton Russell 
Michele Kieffer 
michele pokorsky 
Michelle Henderer 
Michelle Henderer 
Monica Roth 
Monique Egelhoff 
Monique Hernandez 
Natalie Schultz 
Natasha Clements 
Olivia Johnson 
P C 
Pamela Gunger 
Paula Ellis 
Paula Johnson 
Petra Willnecker 
Sandra Light 
Sandy Cave 
Sarah Vitsas 
Scott Rea 
Shannon Biddy 
Shelia H. 
Shelly Kirby 
Sonya Sylvester 
Stacy S. 
Susan Keyes 
Susan Telford 
Tammy Griffin 
Veronica Staudt 
Victoria Cassar 
Wendy Somerville 
Wilma Dean 
Yen L 


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I hope you enjoyed the Chic Assignment season finale. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all our American viewers. I am so thankful for you. Each and every one of you enriches the experience on the Daily Connoisseur. Thank you.

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1 comment:

Dianna said...

Thank you for sharing your talents! I've also been working on learning some new musical pieces lately. It brings so much joy, even though I don't play them perfectly. I would love to see us study Arvo Part, a modern composer from Estonia. I'm generally not a huge fan of modern classical music, but I love his Variations for the Healing of Arinushka (I have been trying to learn them!), and Anne Akkiko Meyers has some beautiful recordings of some of his pieces. Her videos are a feast for the eyes and for the ears!