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 Sometimes you step off the busy road and go seeking. How we find ourselves here we don’t know. There appear to be clear paths but there are many. Does it matter which ones we choose? Should we think about it too much? There is beauty at the end of the destination. That is something we do know. But there is also beauty along the way. Sometimes I miss that. The beauty in the details along the everyday path. The changes in scenery as the path unfolds. The excitement of walking that path and visioning what it leads to but not fully knowing for sure. And the final revelation, a moment to soak in. Life, in its essence, is beautiful and to be treasured. I want to appreciate the details. I don’t want to miss them. For the details are what makes the revelation so grand.

In today's video we explore some of the small details of my trip to England. 

This berry compote would be easy to replicate. I will try to do so back in America. 

What do I have for breakfast? It's an obscure topic, but I always enjoying knowing what people like to eat for breakfast, especially while traveling. While my breakfast isn't particularly English in nature, I have been enjoying a very steady combination of Greek yogurt, granola, and berries... usually with a piece of hot, buttered toast with a savory spread on it (like pΓ’tΓ© or taramasalata).

DesignWorks Ink Travel Jewelry Case I have been looking for a case like this for a long time. I normally struggle to store my jewelry while traveling and combine it with makeup in my makeup bag. 

The little compartments in this case make it easy to organize my jewelry. I love it! 

For perfume, I have been using the Pinrose petals in the scents Secret Genius, Mystical Misfit, and Merry Maker. Code JSCOTT gives 20% off all petal kits. These are great to travel with and distribute an even scent that is not too strong. 

I used the Nomad Lane Bento Bag (link gives $20 off at check-out) for my carry-on and it performed beautifully. It fit my laptop in it, along with so many other things all kept neat and tidy in their little compartments. The trolley sleeve on the back slides easily over the bars of the rolling luggage. It was perfect. 

I give a little wardrobe tour in the video to share what I brought from my ten-item wardrobe to accommodate the English climate. 

I hope you find today's video enjoyable.  Here are links to items featured:

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Susanne said...

Enjoyed your post. I don't think you are eating anything strange. When I lived in Germany, we usually had some pate in the morning, sometimes on a fresh roll from the bakery, so good. In regard to compote, that is how my Mum used up any fruit that needed to be eaten. Actually, I just made one. I had a few strawberries left which did not look so good anymore. I cut them up and put them in a pot. Grabbed a couple of rhubarb from my garden. Cut the stalk and put them in with the strawberries. A little bit of water, bring to boil and simmer for a few minutes until soft. Added a little bit of sugar. I also have a lemony basil plant, so I added a bit for good measures. Besides on yoghurt, it would be good on top of ice-cream or with some whipping cream for dessert. Enjoy your stay and try new things. Thanks for sharing these with us.

TJ said...

Your trip to England sounds dreamy! I would love to go one day!