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The Chic Assignment Summer 2022


Welcome to The Chic Assignment for Summer, 2022. Due to my travel and work schedule, we are pausing the monthly assignments and will be focusing on this one assignment for the entire summer. The check-in will happen organically throughout my summer videos. Monthly assignments will resume in September. 

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Chic Assignment No. 1 Listen to Rossini's William Tell Overture (finale) 

Everyone can recognize the William Tell Overture finale. This month we are listening to a performance by The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. It is listed as one of the most famous classical music pieces everyone should know and was composed by Italian musician, Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792 - 1868). We will learn more about Rossini later in the month.

Chic Assignment No. 2 Enjoy the artwork of John Constable

John Constable (1776 - 1837) was an English landscape painter from the Romantic period. He revolutionized the genre of landscape painting. You can view his artwork for free on John-Constable.org And we will dive into his landscapes more later in the summer. 

His most famous work is The Hay Wain (1821) - public domain

Chic Assignment No. 3 Send a postcard to a friend this summer

We love letters here on the Daily Connoisseur but when was the last time you sent a postcard? My grandmother used to send me postcards all the time and they have become a lost art. I was reminded of them when my friend, Jenny Williams from Carrot Top Paper Shop, sent me a postcard in the mail. It was so delightful to receive this card, I wanted to make this an assignment. You can often find cards at your local drug store or in more "touristy" spots in your town. You can, of course, order some online too. Surprise someone you love with a postcard this month. Later in the summer we will check out the history of postcards and read some of the most famous postcards ever sent. 

Chic Assignment No. 4 Engage in conscious relaxation 

I know many of you find it difficult to relax... truly relax. Our to-do lists are so long and never seem to end. We tell ourselves we will relax once we get through those lists... but the end never comes! This summer let us engage in conscious relaxation. Schedule it in. Pause what you're doing... it can wait. And relax in whatever way means most to you. You might take a nap, or lay outside in the sun, or read a book, or enjoy downtime with your kids without being "productive". This conscious relaxation has been a boon to my health because I was running on empty for a long time! We will explore conscious relaxation later in the summer too. 

And now for the upper tier mentions for The Chic Society... 

Adalet Bir 

Alan Watt - The 30-Day Outline (starting July 7th) L.A. Writers' Lab

Jenny Williams, Carrot Top Paper Shop
Elaine Brisebois - Certified Nutritionist
Gabrielle Julie Deber 
Guy Blaise, author of Love Like the French
Indiana David WillowNookBox.com 
Janalyn Voigt 
Janice Leitner 
Jenny Candelaria 
Jet Rowley-Herron 
Jina Kay Henry 
Julie Kolman 
Juliet Keeler-LeBien 
Katherine Rae 
Linda Eklof 
Living in loveliness - Carli Thom
Maria Conder
Marie Caudill 
Mrs. Shockley  A Home for Elegance
Nicole Brignolle Lovely Bits

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Terri Mares said...

Listening to the William Tell Overture made me remember Anita Renfroe…who did a song about the things a mother says to her kids every day (watch it on you tube). Very funny!