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Conclusion: Eating Comme les Français

I have concluded my experiment of mindful eating Comme les Francais for one whole week. It wasn't always easy. And there were times when I cheated slightly- a phone call here, a television on there- but for the most part I was strict with this experiment of eating with pleasure and not allowing any background distractions because I wanted to see what change it would bring to my life- if any.

After reviewing my food journal for the whole week, these are the key points I observed:

- I snacked less. The French do not snack. Snaking is usually a 'mindless' activity. I would say 90% of the time when I snack it is out of boredom rather than hunger. Eating three meals a day and paying attention to them prompted me to snack less.

- I was more active. This week found me going to yoga three times and taking long walks almost every night. I think this 'whole being in the moment and doing things for pleasure' concept trickled down into other aspects of my life- like exercise... who knew?

- The meals were more satisfying. Even on the days when I experienced the most resistance to eating properly (not in front of the TV, not in front of the computer), when I actually succumbed and ate focusing solely on the enjoyment of my meal, I felt truly satisfied.

- Eating mindfully recharged my battery. I experienced the most resistance when I had to eat alone. Apparently I do not think of myself as good enough company to enjoy a meal with. My mind would always try to convince me that I could get two things done at once (eating and calling my sister- eating and checking email.) When I kicked the multi-tasking impulse to the curb each meal eaten alone felt like a tiny meditation and recharged my proverbial battery.

- Dinner with my husband was more romantic without Fox Football Fone-In blaring in the background. This, you are thinking, should have been obvious, but I didn't realize how obvious until I set the scene: played music in the background, drew the curtains, opened the window and made the table look nice. Why can't dinner be romantic 5 nights a week?

Going forward I am not going to be as strict with myself for each meal, but I am going to try to be mindful. And maybe- just maybe- capture the magic that I shared living in France for those six wonderful months- the clinking of glasses, the savoring of food, the stimulating conversation. Maybe if I keep this up I can make this pleasurable and romantic way of eating "the norm" in my household.

Thank you to everyone that joined me on this experiment. I really enjoyed hearing about your observations on eating Comme les Francais... Salut!


Rebecca said...

Felicitations! You've certainly inspired me. I think the key, as you stated, is being more aware. That is important for all aspects of life as well.

Prof Evans said...

Well tonight it is marinated pork loan roast for us with homemade peach pie. We will indeed try to savor the experience.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I was thinking of you today as I ate a piece of toast with promite (a food similar to Marmite) I ate it very slowly, a small portion and really focused and it was a beautiful piece of toast! Even the simplest food improves. I will start trying this practice as well. You have inspired me! xx

vicki archer said...

Well done Jennifer and what a great experiment...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

ScentScelf said...

Hooray! All good outcomes, yes? Perhaps there is something in the air...having returned from my trip (mentioned in comments at last post) both more food-mindful AND in more active habits, I spent this week having to be sure to keep that up in the familiar environment. A bit of a challenge...and no monster hills in my neck of the woods to guarantee a special oomph out of even a walk of a few blocks...but I *did* get the bike out, explore new territory, and sit quietly with my food--gourmet-itarian or not. I am so glad I came back to your blog and discovered your project...you are now on the "inspiration to keep going" list!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you to every one for your wonderful and supportive comments :) You inspire me!

RomiAndJaredAreMarried said...

Loved this series. I am inspired to do the same. :)