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What’s in my Handbag?

A while back I was reading Colin Cowie Chic, where Mr. Cowie suggests you can tell a lot about a woman by the state of her handbag. In this context he mentioned that when he is hiring someone new and wants to know if they are tidy and organized or not he glances at their open handbag or the inside of their car. If it’s a hot mess, he passes. If things are neat and clean, he considers.

Since reading that, I have become diligent about cleaning out the inside of my handbag on a regular basis. It only takes a few minutes… it’s amazing how receipts, loose change, hair pins and other miscellaneous items tend to accumulate- making the whole situation not very chic.

I also couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. Cowie has a fascination with what ladies keep inside their handbag. Don’t we all wonder... just a little bit?

Well, here’s what I carry around on a regular basis:

Wallet- I have a brown faux snakeskin wallet by Marc Jacobs that is wonderful- easily organizes credit cards, cash, change and business cards.

My blackberry

Hand Sanitizer- in case I find myself in a situation where I can’t wash my hands(my worst nightmare).

Chanel pressed powder in beige- for those moments when I need to powder my nose.

A moleskin leather journal and pen- for when inspiration strikes!

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Beige- a luxurious neutral color for lips.

Peppermint Altoids- so essential...

A travel size vial of my favorite perfume, right now it’s Stella Sheer

Oliver Peoples wayfarers



C’est tout!

I would love to know... what do you keep in your handbag?

My handbag, pictured above, is a black leather Monserrat de Lucca Doctor’s bag that I have been using for almost two years... might be time for a new bag! I have my eye on the Louis Vuitton Neverfull... here's hoping :)


Oshiya said...

interesting.. but i think what's in there somewhat reflects who you are a bit. i watch those vdos on youtube and each type of personality tends to have certain things in there.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I did a post about this as you inspired me...
I hope other bloggers will do the same.
What a great idea!
I have an Elliot Lucca Bag...I wonder if your bag is done by a relative!
I linked it to this post.

the gardeners cottage said...

when my husband and i were landlords we used to look inside potential renters cars to see just how tidy they were. it's shocking!

i like to go through my handbag each evening or morning to tidy it up.

my current bag is a vintage gucci that i'm so in love with i can't imagine parting with at this moment.



Two words...too much...
I don't think I would pass Mr Cowie's test...but I also think a little less perfection can be a lot more interesting. I love your handbag Jennifer, it's gorgeous, xv.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Oshiya- you are so right- the contents of one's bag really reflects who they are. I'd love if you'd do a post on your blog about this subject...

Hostess- thanks for the mention on your lovely blog and for sharing your handbag and contents! I wonder if Elliot Lucca and Monserrat de Luca are related... cousins perhaps? I love the look of your bag. I try to buy the best bags I can afford and use them until they are totally finished... mine is getting to that point lol but I hate to retire it- love the bag too much xo

Janet- I love that you and your husband used the same techniques Colin Cowie does! The inside of your car is also extremely telling. When I used to drive a beat up old Honda in college I did not take very good care of it. I don't know what my problem was. I think because I didn't have a 'nice' car, I didn't think it deserved to be taken care of. Now, of course, I think that is rubbish. It doesn't matter what car you drive, it should be kept clean on the inside and get regular washings... Now I take brilliant care of my car...

Vicki- lol I'm sure you would pass Mr. Cowie's test with flying colors! How could someone as fabulous as you not? xo

The Coastal Chicster said...

i love this post! my current bag is a bronze michael kors satchel that i scored at a consignment store last summer. it was like brand new! it's very roomy inside. i probably have way too much stuff in there. :)

Duchess of Tea said...

Oh! darling I keep everything except tht kitchen sink. I wll try to clean out my handbag later today, promise.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

There's an artist in Paris who does still lifes of the contents of women's handbags:


I'm always fascinated by what women carry.

I really like your wallet, Jennifer.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Coastal Chicster- Your bag sounds great... btw I'm still having trouble posting comments on your blog! Tried again just now and it did not happen... loved your skirt in the picture!

Darling Duchess- thanks for stopping by... hope you had a wonderful weekend xo

Marsi- Thank you for the information on the artist- that sounds right up my alley- I can't wait to check out his work!

Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE Altoids. Buy all the flavors. Have a tin at my desk, in my car, on my bookcase, in my luggage, in the bathroom cabinet and anywhere else I can put them!

Rose said...

oh you travel light- I am a hopeless hoarder when it comes to the handbag- although not otherwise weirdly.

I am also a Dior Addict addict!

belva said...

OK, I'll play. My "bag" is a red leather Franklin-Covey laptop tote that is also designed to carry my planner, a file folder or two, and has several pockets and slots for things.

A vintage Coach French purse wallet
My droid
A red leather pouch carrying a nail file that I've had forever, a powder compact, a Burts Bees Pomegranate lip balm, a Clinique lipstick in "Shy" and a baby-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.
A pen and red Moleskin notebook (there's a color theme going on here)
Glasses case - I switch out my prescription sunglasses and regular glasses constantly
My badge for work or the security people will come after me.

I can't quite pare down any further, but would love to be able to.

sunny said...


here's what's in mine :)

I'm glad you mentioned the Colin Cowie book. I'm reserving a copy at my library. That comment hit home as my bag is quite organized but I let things build up in my car.... must make the car as chic as I am :)

Lauren Vanessa said...


I am a huge fan of your blog (and style!) and I really want to know if you ended up getting the neverfull. I have my eye on one, too and I'm curious as to which size and print that you chose (or plan on choosing?)

Please let me know! I'm particularly curious about which print you recommend!

Thank you and all the best!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Lauren Vanessa- Thank you so much! So it's funny you mention this now because I plan on purchasing a Louis Vuitton Totally MM in Monogram in the next month. I still love the Neverfull but I've been doing my research and because I will also be using the bag as a diaper bag I need something with thicker straps and a zipper- which the Totally MM has. I've already been to the LV store to determine that the MM (medium) is the right size for me. I love the classic monogram so will go with that. Are you going to get the Nevefull? How exciting! xo

Lauren Vanessa said...


Thank you so much for your response!

Enjoy your Totally MM and congratulations in advance!! It really is a beautiful bag.

I think I am going to get the neverfull sometime within the next few months, probably in the monogram print as well..My first and middle name make the initials "LV" so that might be kind of cute ;).

Also, I will downloading your book on my nook sometime soon--I can't wait to read it! I have been studying abroad this year in Spain so it will be fun to see some of the similarities.

Best wishes, and thanks again!