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My No. 1 Skincare Tip

Skincare Tip

This week's video shares with you my number one skincare tip. Once I discovered it, it changed my skin for the better in so many ways.

Many of us tend to overcleanse our skin. We do a major routine morning and night. I still do my thorough skincare routine at night, which can involve any of the following: cleanser with the Clarisonic, the occasional mask, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer and eye cream (phew!).

In the morning, however, all I do is splash lukewarm water on my face and then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. That's it! Doing so preserves my skin's natural oils and avoids the pitfalls that can come with overcleansing (breakouts, fine lines, dryness).

Check out my video to learn more about how this marvelous tip will change your skincare routine. If you are unable to see the embedded video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Lessons from Madame Chic Down Under

I wanted to share this gorgeous Christmas card HarperCollins Australia is using to promote Lessons from Madame Chic for the holidays. Isn't it divine?

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Priscilla said...

I have been using the same skin care routine for close to twenty years on my normal to dry skin and have been very happy with the results.

Love the Christmas card!

Clare Wilson said...

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that recently, while perusing your blog, I noticed that a once-a-day facial cleanse was part of your routine. I've been religiously washing my face twice a day for years , but my acne has lingered anyway. So I thought that I might as well try your method and see if it made a difference.

Well, my skin is still adjusting to the change, but already it's clearer and less prone to breakout. I'm very pleased, so thank you for the great advice!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I do cleanse my skin twice daily....
Olay PRO-X the cheaper version of the Clairsonic.
My Rosacea has completely cleared up and Avene may have been instrumental...I have read your book,
love every single word and think you are way ahead of your time....

Camomile said...

I can't really comment on a cleansing regime as mine is a bit hit and miss, but I can comment on the beautiful card.
I have a wonderful collection of the very same card in many different colours, received from friends who understand my love for Paris. The Eiffel Tower card, together with other cards which include other buildings such as Sydney Opera House and the Colloseum are readily available here in Melbourne.
HarperCollins has chosen the perfect one for your book promotion. Aren't they clever!

Giedre said...

I cleanse my face with cleanser only at night, moisturise with face cream after, and in the morning I wash my face with water and then use toner. Very simple and quick.
And few times a week, usually when I take shower after workout, I use exfoliator which is 2 in 1 with face mask.

Anonymous said...

I also do the once-a-day cleansing, with a very gentle foaming cleanser (after removing eye makeup, also very gently). This is mostly to remove sunscreen and makeup before bedtime. I don't ever scrub my skin or do anything to dry it out. I learned long ago that dry skin doesn't prevent acne. What does help is removing the dead skin cells which can plug pores. To do this, I use a daily gentle acid peel (Dr. Dennis Gross brand). It has done wonders for my skin, and since there's no scrubbing involved, it doesn't irritate or aggravate my sensitive skin. I use moisturizers but only when my skin is feeling dry.

sallie said...

Is there any way that one can purchase that beautiful Christmas card? It really fits your blog and I'm sure the book. Is the book out in the U.S. yet?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you everyone for commenting. I love to hear your skincare routines and am so glad that this tip seems to work for everyone so far!

The Christmas card is so adorable I love it. Camomile I love that you have a collection of these!

Sallie the Christmas card is not for sale- it is just a promotional card my Australian publishers are using to spread word about the book! Lessons from Madame Chic will be on sale Nov 6 in North America and Dec 1 (I believe) in Australia and New Zealand. Many other countries to follow shortly after...

Mrs K-nuck said...

This tip is very true! I quit using harsh cleansers on my face and now use a simple unscented antibacterial handsoap on my face in the morning and then St Ives exfoliant at night. I went from having 3-4 pimples appearing every morning to maybe one small one a month (only when I've been touching my face a lot)

Unknown said...

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