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End of Summer Chat: Ten-Item Wardrobe, NYC Trip & More

It's time to assess your ten-item wardrobe as we head into the changing season. Go through your clothes. Is anything looking shabby? Were there any mistake purchases that you've learned from? Any outfits you loved that you'll hold on to for next year? Can you challenge yourself to part with clothes you know you need to donate?

This is the fun part! I love the end of season edit. Join me in this video as I share a peek into my own process and help me say goodbye to a very beloved garment.

This week I also talk about my upcoming New York trip as well as blog plans for the coming months. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of my blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Lessons from Madame Chic is featured on Off The Shelf blog with Kaitlin Olson's article called, Living Like a Parisian at Work and At Home.

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
Many people put a lot of thought into the rituals at dinnertime but what about breakfast? The importance of ritual at breakfast is not to be scoffed at. Here's a charming article on 9 Breakfast Tips and Tricks from 19th Century Etiquette Books that I know you'll get a kick out of. My favorite tip is #9. What's yours? (Thank you to my friend, Cynthia, for sharing this article with me).

Comment of the Week
I'm starting a new feature on the blog called the "comment of the week". Each and every day you give such amazing feedback and contribute to the high quality of this blog community with your comments and input whether on this blog, the YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I want to honor you by posting my favorite comment of the week on the blog for all to see.

This week's comment comes from Marianne from the post, Cultivating Poise. Marianne says:

"Here is my take on poise… not only is it free it's a bankable asset. The better jobs offered in the corporate world require poise. Working on your poise can help get you the added responsibility, the promotion and more money in your bank account."

This week I would love to know... what are the plans for your Fall/ Winter ten-item wardrobe (spring/ summer for our southern hemisphere friends)? Where are you in the process? Have you done a wardrobe purge yet? Do you need help or are you finding the process easy and fun (and liberating!)? #TenItemWardrobe

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Debs said...

I haven't started yet, but I'm going to use the time while I'm waiting for the washing machine repair man to show up to bring out my Spring/Summer clothes and go through them today. What's the bet that as soon as I get right into it he will show up?

Rose said...

Oh Jennifer, have a fabulous time in New York! I'll look forward to seeing your TedX talk in time, relax and be yourself -- I'm sure it will be a huge success.

Denise said...

Beginning weeding out clothes was on this weekend's project list. I did go through a couple of drawers and created a bag for Salvation Army. Jennifer you inspired me to keep on until finished over the month of September. However, just heard weather report... summer heat wave starting this week. Weird summer weather this year.

I'm looking forward to starting the 10-Item Wardrobe this season.

Catherine said...

Hi Jennifer. I am a faithful reader of your blog and loved your book. I've attended estate sales for several years, many which are held when the elderly homeowners pass away. Looking through the clothing, it's remarkable how many women hold onto items for decades. Closets are packed full with clothes, shoes and accessories. This seems perpetuated today even more with the marketing of large walk-in closets which women are sold on the fantasy of filling with an abundance of clothing (never mind where these clothes are made. No union label, Made in the USA tags on today's clothes like the ones at estate sale clothing from decades ago). Thank you for encouraging women to give their unwanted clothes a new life and for promoting living with less. Donation is so important. I love clothing swaps and charity shops to pass items on.

Good luck in New York City.

Kind Regards,

Christina Durborow said...

I'm in the mid-Atlantic and we are in the midst of what I hope will be our last oppressively hot and humid stretch of the season. With that said, my seasonal edit will have to wait a few weeks!

I'm a huge fan of paring down my wardrobe and clearing out the clutter. I also consign clothing when possible and have recently found a few online consigners. What I can't consign I donate (as long as it's in good condition). What I can't donate I recycle.

Jennifer Branch said...

Going through clothes is no fun - but making a list of new ones is!
Good luck on your trip!

Rachel Nesbit said...

Hello! I've been taking baby steps into this "Ten Item Wardrobe" thing and have really enjoyed each milestone!

My closet is actually what sold me on the house we bought 6 years ago - the master closet is bigger than my childhood bedroom was! It has wonderful built-ins and tons of shelves. So, I just HAD to fill it to the brim, didn't I?! It is lovely, but it's too much. Last year is when it first occurred to me that, even with ALL those clothes, I typically wear the same 15-20 things in heavy rotation.

My first step after reading your book was to cull my collection down by HALF!! I knew it wouldn't be too hard since I had so much (and that I would need to do more later), but it felt so good to be rid of all that stuff!

My second step was to eliminate things I loved but were not in the right color family. It really hurt to consign that gorgeous deep purple Equipment silk blouse, but really, it is the ONLY purple thing I own and doesn't really go with very much else in my wardrobe.

My third step, which has been over the past few weeks, is to add just a few great pieces for Fall/Winter. My main colors are gray, navy, burgundy, and chestnut brown, so I bought good ole' fashioned J Crew schoolboy blazers in navy and black, and splurged on a killer Katherine Hooker gray jacket with an ever-so-slight slight navy and burgundy plaid pattern. Adding just those three jackets seems to have brought together an entire season or two of outfits.

So the fourth step will be to finally rid myself of the incredible Nannette Lepore collection I splurged on two years ago. Bloomie's was having a killer sale so I racked up on a ton of stuff that I didn't need, and that ended up not fitting me very well. Her stuff runs really small. But, I digress. I haven't been able to stomach the thought of parting with these brand new clothes. Until now. I'll never wear them.

Looking forward to seeing what else you add to your Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe!

Janki said...

I decided to go through my already sparse clothes and look at it from a "does it look good on me" standpoint.

I noticed that I have an adorable silk wrap top from Ann Taylor that I never wear. It's gorgeous but it's a chartreuse green that does nothing for my skin tone. Every time I think of wearing it, I change my mind. But I was hesitant about donating it since it's "such a quality piece".

I also tossed a "wardrobe staple" which is the button down white shirt. It just doesn't do anything for my body. Right after I tossed it (finally), I found a great white blouse that is the right weight and cut for my body.

It's almost like when you let things go, the right things can come along.

Can't wait to see your 10 item post for the fall/winter.

I had to laugh at the "it's been in the 80's, it's so hot" comment. I now live in Texas where it's been in the high 90's most of the summer; therefore, a "cool summer".

The Bron said...


Just quickly,

1. Your fab hair!!
2. So excited for the book launch. I wish I had friends who were excited too so I could have a Madame Chic inspired party. Perhaps a party for one :) Or I'll have the party and just not tell them what it's for!

Good luck with the TED talk!!

Signing off with renewed resilience against those pesky impulse purchases that have been creeping in...


Simply Me said...

I love your blog and have been using your 10 item wardrobe idea for a few seasons now. It works for me. I only buy a few new items each season, but aim for good quality. I have already had a quick look at my Autumn / Winter wardrobe and the only "gap" I need to purchase is a pair of good quality flat shoes for work.
This is because last year I made the mistake of deviating from my wardrobe rule of "less but good quality". I bought a cheaper pair of shoes from a cheaper shop than my norm. They only lasted 3 months; despite light wear the front soles came unglued. Worse still, I never got round to taking them back. Lesson learned -stick with the shoe shops I trust.

Have a great time in NY and I look forward to hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir, Jennifer.
I'm new here, but I have already read your book, "Lessons from Madame Chic" and I really loved it. I live in Italy, but my mother comes from Belgium. As France and Belgium are neighbors, I do understand your living style, which is also mine, and it is extremely difficult in my country. As for the ten-item wardrobe, the weather in Sardinia is still hot, so there's still time to fix it. But I have checked out my clothes, and I'm looking forward to buy some new tops for the winter season. Have a wonderful time in New York. My father's been there three times, in order to participate to the marathon.

Lollyg said...

I am just beginning to do another purge at the end of summer, looking toward transition/fall in the northeast. Since reading Madame Chic, I have delivered bag after bag of ill thought out, spontaneous sale purchases to charity. I am gladly parting with the pilled, the faded, the baggy and saggy, the outdated, the too- trendy- for- me.

I am shopping so carefully, and planning out what I need. It is so much easier to get dressed, and I feel confident in my clothes...not dressed to stand out in an ostentatious way, but also not in a "what was she thinking" way! Happy last breath of summer!

juliagray19 said...

Happy TED talk day! Have been looking forward to this for so long. Bon chance! PS. Please do another cook book blog! Last year's was so great. Robin Miller's Deep Dish Pizza recipe from Quick Fix Meals is a favorite.

Jennifer Klee said...

Hi Jennifer, I am a longtime reader/viewer and I recently started doing something that strikes me as very Mme. Chic-ish. My great Aunt had all these hangers that she and her mother had crocheted covers for. They're all different shades of blue and green and very nice to hang clothes on. When she passed away, I inherited the hangers; there were about 25 of them. So I try to limit the amount of clothing I have to fit on those special hangers. I haven't quite whittled it down to 10, but this system works for me. xx

Taylor Wilmot said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have been a follower of your blog for about a year. I am sure you hear a lot of compliments so I'll keep it light. But I just wanted to tell you that I am very appreciative of the time you put in to make such thoughtful videos and blog posts. I have become very involved with my closet and capsule wardrobe since viewing and reading your blog. I have reached a point after a year of discernment and investments where I think I am in love with everything in my wardrobe! Its absolutely amazing. In fact, I recently rid myself of the last items I had been ruminating about for a year but that were just not good for me. And really, your book and blog are the biggest reasons that I have reached this point. Thank you. And good luck in NYC!

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer...I enjoyed hearing about your trip and your experiences as an author. You look beautiful and so excited. I am proud to be your follower. I chuckled at your late night tweets from your noisy hotel room. My husband and I plan a week in NYC next year and I am looking at comments about the noise in the online reviews...we want to be able to sleep at night, too. I look forward to seeing your fall wardrobe...I love both new dresses so far.

Daniella C said...

So exciting Jennifer! So proud of you. Can't wait for the video!

Ronise said...

I am 6 months pregnant right now so i am i a hard place wardrobe wise. I am trying to use my clothes as much as i can, and add new items as needed (as in: when nothing else fits me I buy a bigger size). i got myself 2 maternity jeans and some friends passed along some maternity clothes (but not all fits me properly). I am trying to still look put together while feeling comfortable. as for my regular clothes, they are being stored in a box when the no longer fit my new round body, and when they come back after the baby i will go through all of them once again.