# 10 Item Wardrobe # NYC

My NYC Trip & TEDx Experience

I had such an amazing time in New York. I just got back this evening. Reflecting on the last few days I feel a combination of many things: humbled, excited, motivated and inspired. This past week I got to meet the team of people at both Trident Media Group and Simon & Schuster who work so hard to bring the Madame Chic books to fruition. These dedicated people are the ultimate professionals and also so chic! Seeing my agent, Erica Silverman, again and meeting my editor, Trish Todd, for the first time was an extra special treat.

The team at Trident Media Group (from left to right): Tara, Erica, moi, Lauren & Meredith holding some of the foreign editions of Lessons from Madame Chic.

Erica (left) and Trish (right) after lunch at SD26 in Manhattan

Part of the amazing team at Simon & Schuster (not everyone is pictured). They threw me a tea party!

The TEDx talk on Saturday was the perfect finale to my New York trip. I relished the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and hear their ideas and inspired talks. As soon as I have a video of my talk I will be sure to post it and share it with you. Thank you for your supportive comments on social media. I felt as though you were right there with me on stage!

For my talk I wore this vintage inspired polka dot dress from Tory Burch (both dresses featured in the video are sneak peeks into my Fall/ Winter ten-item wardrobe).

I had my hair done for the day in an art- deco inspired chignon.

Check out the whole story in this week's video where I give you an inside look on what it's like to be an author! If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
Don't be nervous to share your ideas. The world is in need of your thoughts. Remember ideas can be shared by actions as well as with words. TEDx talks are about "ideas worth spreading". What ideas would you like to spread? Let me know in the comment section below or on social media using the hashtag #MADAMECHIC

Who knows... you might be picked as the comment of the week!

Comment of the Week
Catherine writes:
Hi Jennifer. I am a faithful reader of your blog and loved your book. I've attended estate sales for several years, many which are held when the elderly homeowners pass away. Looking through the clothing, it's remarkable how many women hold onto items for decades. Closets are packed full with clothes, shoes and accessories. This seems perpetuated today even more with the marketing of large walk-in closets which women are sold on the fantasy of filling with an abundance of clothing (never mind where these clothes are made. No union label, Made in the USA tags on today's clothes like the ones at estate sale clothing from decades ago). Thank you for encouraging women to give their unwanted clothes a new life and for promoting living with less. Donation is so important. I love clothing swaps and charity shops to pass items on.

See you soon! xx

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Katrina Veenstra said...

So excited to see the talk- and to get my husband to watch it with me too!

DeannaS said...

Very nice post about your NY trip. The Wall Street Journal had an article this past week entitled "The Closet to Envy is Half Full" by Elizabeth Holmes. The message was to buy less clothes this Fall and spend more on quality items. I thought of you immediately Jennifer. It is the message you have been sharing with us. I'm inspired and have scheduled a closet "clean out" day (actually two days). I can hardly wait.

Rose said...

Jennifer that was lovely of you to share your impressions of your days in NY, I'm sure you were super busy. You looked lovely for your Ted Talk, very smooth, sleek and elegant and ready to get on with delivering your message.

I'm so glad it was such a wonderful experience for you. I know you don;t talk about Mme Chic at all but I do want to say that you did her proud.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've had a great time in NY! I hope you enjoy your return flight. I'm looking forward to read your new book.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jennifer! I'm new to your blog. I've been going through all your past posts -- in reverse order -- and it has made such a difference to me in just a week! For instance:

Even though I dress well when I go out to dinner, I now even make an effort to look pulled together even when running errands. It makes SUCH a difference in how others treat me! They are much more helpful and stop to chat with me.

I've used a Beauty Blender sponge for years, but apparently incorrectly! I used it dry to spread my makeup on my face, then thought something was wrong with my foundation because it did not cover very well. Using it damp and stippling the foundation over my face has given me such a flawless look!

I've started using concealer under my entire eye area, and boy, what a difference THIS makes! I guess I was afraid to do this because I thought it would highlight the fine lines or that I would have those dreaded "raccoon eyes" that we've all seen, I'm sure. But I DO use a wonderful concealer (Cle de Peau. It's ridiculously expensive, but it lasts, doesn't rub off, and blends beautifully with a brush.) I fell into a pattern of just doing my inner eye area because that's all I needed to do at one time. Now that I'm more timeless, I need more. It makes me look younger and more rested!

Finally, I have finally learned the proper way to blend eye shadow! I had been blending each color as I go along. When I saw you just layer each color on your lid without blending, I thought "well that doesn't look natural! It looks clownish." THEN you brought out your blending brush and swiped it over your entire eyelid, perfectly melding each color into the other. I tried this and the effect just took my makeup to a new level! Just a lovely gradient effect that looks professionally done and natural.

I know this is turning into a tome, but I just wanted to tell you how much your tutorials have improved my life. The little improvements have a cumulative effect, and eventually these improvements radiate out into all aspects of one's life. Thank you so much for your blog! I look forward to continuing my journey back through their timeline!

Gracie said...

I was nervous for you and don't even really know you. Over connecting I suppose. Very relieved that you did well and most of all had a good time. This leads me to a topic request for the future. How do you handle insulting comments that you may receive on your blog? I have trouble with this even if I know intellectually that the person is out of line. Can ruin a day.

Unknown said...

Jennifer...congratulations and you look marvelous! Please tell us already...who makes your nude pumps? That is the one hole I've got in my closet and it truly needs to be filled as a nude pump is essential!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, you must have been extraordinary, because you LOOK extraordinary and I can't wait to see your TEDx talk when you share it.

Your new Tory Burch (Ten-item wardrobe selection) and chignon were perfect for the event. Congratulations on your latest accomplishment. It is such a well-deserved moment in your life.

Now, about your two sneak-peeks. Do you have a personal shopper who helps you with these lovely selections or do you do it all on your own?

Looking forward to more of The Daily Connoisseur and Madame Chic!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the Ted Talk! I am looking forward to seeing it. I love watching your videos, your messages resonate strongly with me and I am trying to promote "quality over quantity" instead of "retail therapy".

The idea I strongly believe in and would like to share more is that we should stop trying to be someone and start being ourselves. It was a long process for me as well, but I came to accept that I am no standard size, nor is any woman. As much as I admire the style of certain celebs, I cannot copy it blindly. And I should not. All woman are unique in the contours of their bodies, their hair color and complexion. So we should stop trying so hard to try and become someone else while we could better use this time and work out ways to make the best of ourselves.

Keep up the good work with your videos and books, you are truly inspiring!

ParisianChic said...

Hi Jennifer, when can we expect to see the TedX talk? ~ Maria

RomiAndJaredAreMarried said...

I cannot wait to see the TEDx Talk! Loved the pre/post video, it got me so excited for my brand new book which should be delivered to my doorstep early next month... :D