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My Everyday Makeup Routine

Thank you for your powerful response to last week's video on self-discipline and instant gratification. This topic has clearly hit a nerve! I will be continuing this series with all of your requests and you can look forward to those videos in on-going future discussions on The Daily Connoisseur.

Le no makeup look
Le no makeup look (first introduced in Lessons from Madame Chic) is something I practice nearly every day. On days when I'm rushed, it could just include eyebrow powder, under eye concealer and mascara. If I have a few more minutes I can create a natural, yet polished look. On a daily basis I always do something and it never takes more than a few minutes.

This week's video shows you my typical daily makeup routine in a few variations. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel (and subscribe!) at www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I will repeat, as I do in all of my makeup posts, that you do not need to purchase anything that I use in this video to create your own no makeup look. Most likely you already have makeup in your own collection that will work just fine. For reference sake, I am listing the makeup used below.

YSL Top Secrets BB Cream

Beauty Blender

Benefit Fake Up under eye concealer in 02 medium

Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 03

MAC blog powder pressed in medium

Urban Decay primer potion

L'Oreal Voluminous mascara

Sephora eyebrow editor in honey blonde

Tarte matte eyeshadow palette (no longer available) Every single makeup line available (both high-end and low) carry neutral eyeshadow shades in putty, taupe and nude colors... have fun finding your favorite!

Urban Decay Glide-On Double Ended eyeliner in venus/ crave

Bobbi Brown blush in Tawny

Hourglass femme nude lip stylo no. 6

NYX butter gloss in “tiramisu”

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
Don't be discouraged by sloppy people in your community. Let them inspire you to look presentable on a daily basis. Challenge yourself to put your best foot forward regularly. Just do your best (whatever that is for you). Enjoy getting ready in the morning! Express your positive anticipation for the new day with how you present yourself.

This week I would love to know... what is your everyday makeup routine? Do you have any favorite makeup products to share?

Snap a selfie of your everyday natural makeup and use the hashtag #lenomakeuplook

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Aussie Connoisseur said...

Hi Jennifer,

my daily no makeup look is simply Dr Haushka foundation and concealer, with lipstick or gloss.
I had my eyelashes tinted once, and was amazed at how many people commented that I was looking fantastic. I'm yet to find a mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes, but at 47 I think I will keep searching because as you say, you do need a little more help as you get older. I'm lucky that I've only just had to start wearing makeup, and the reason I've started is to avoid looking tired at work - life's stresses and strains are starting to show on my face, and I know for sure that I feel more energised when I don't look tired!
Thanks for the inspiring thought on looking presentable. It is freezing here today, and raining, and I did feel tempted to go for comfort over being pulled together today - but I resisted. Discipline :)


Denise said...

I found that at age 63 it is more youthful to apply less makeup. I like the fresh look of "le no makeup look." Also skin care is very important before any makeup is applied. My night time routine is: remove makeup, use Clarisonic to thoroughly clean the face and decollete. Then apply Cerave moisturizer. Next a pea-size of Retin-A is to my face every night over moisturizer. The night routine exfoliates, reduces the size of pores, and makes the skin radiant.
My daily makeup routine takes less than five minutes.

Apply moisturizer, then a tinted sunscreen with SPF 50. Next a dab of cream blush and blend. I use a light application of Almay raisin colored liquid eyeliner along the eyelashes followed by YSL faux lash mascara. Eyebrows are filled in with Anastasia powder. I finish off with YSL loose powder to set everything and eliminate any shine. Lip liner in a berry color and Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip in the color berry adds a sheer natural brightness to the face. Be sure to use a whitener toothpaste.

WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

I am a huge fan of NARS tinted moisturizer - it evens out my skin tone and lightens it up. On a daily basis, I wear that, a moisture stick blush by NARS and use tarte mascara. A little lipstick and am good to go!

Daniella said...

I love that you talked through this video Jennifer. The music videos are nice, but love to her you speak to the le no make up look! My routine consists of mostly the same, BareMinerals eye brightener, BareMinerals Matte foundation powder, BareMinerals Blush, and then some Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara and possibly some eyeliner. I always use an eyelash curler!

Stephanie Clayton said...

Lovely as always! I enjoy your videos, Jennifer.
My everyday makeup is simple: Jane Iredale mineral foundation powder, YSL touch ├ęclat under eyes, Chanel pencil eyeliner (applied using tight lining method) and Chanel mascara, lipstick and maybe lip pencil (usually prefer MAC). For evening, I'll usually just add more eyeliner.

Anonymous said...

You look lovely without makeup, too!

My own version of le-no-makeup-look is in fact le-no-makeup, although I do use lip balm - and sunblock if I'm going outside for more than a few minutes (because I'd like to still have skin when I'm old).

I'm trying to increase my intake of water, fruit and veg - working on my skin from the inside!

R. Nesbit said...

I'm a die-hard Laura Mercier fan. Since I live in the South (heat index of 110 today - be jealous) I wear LM's oil free face primer, tinted moisturizer, translucent powder, and blush. The primer is so important because in this heat and humidity your makeup just melts right off your face if you don't use it.

For eyes I use Urban Decay eye primer. I've tried every. single. eye primer. know. to. man. Urban Decay is, hands down, the best. Also use the Urban Decay Naked #1 Palette, and Trish McEvoy High Volume mascara. The mascara is a little pricey, but it is the ONLY mascara that doesn't flake and washes off easily without having to have makeup remover. It is polymer based which is very different from other mascaras. When you wash it off it looks like your lashes are coming out, but it is the individual little coatings on each lash that is washing off. I love it and refuse to use anything else on my lashes!

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer, Before I purchase any products for my body or face, I research their ingredients, especially in the environmental working group skin deep database. I use Jane Iredale pressed powder with spf, Jane Iredale blush, ( no foundation...stopped using any) Sante liquid eyeliner in silver..find black eyeliner too harsh for day ...and Sante cover stick as concealer and Dr Haushka lip liner and burts bees lip balm over top. Very natural looking and these products last a long time and do not irritate my skin or contain fragrance. Works for me.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer! Where is your tee/blouse from? I love it!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love reading your comments and your recommendations... I have put many of your favorites on my list to try!

A recently had a picture taken of me with my family and my face was so shiny! So I have switched foundation to CHANEL lumiere velvet. It's a wonderful matte foundation. I'll try it for a while before reviewing it but so far I am very happy.

Danielle- my tunic tee is from H&M and (I believe) I featured in my ten-item wardrobe video.