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Reader Questions Answered: Makeup Over 50, Quality Clothes & Wedding Advice

Thank you for your electric response to last week's message, Refuse to be Dumbed Down. I am inspired by your passion to elevate society by cultivating your mind and seeking out the arts! I could have picked every single comment submitted to be the comment of the week. If you have time, scroll through and read some of the comments as you will get even more motivated.

This week I am answering reader questions:

Le No Makeup Look Over 50

Amy asks about women over 50 and if they need more coverage than the le no makeup look provides. Le no makeup look is not about the amount of makeup worn, it is about the effect. The effect we are going for is a natural look that highlights our best features. If you need more coverage to even out your skin tone or make the eyes stand out, you can still do this and produce a natural effect.

Chic Weddings
Xandra from Heroine Training asks about my advice for chic wedding planning. My number one bit of advice is to not get carried away with the wedding planning/ Bridezilla culture that seems to have eclipsed the true meaning of the day. Let's not be pressured by people to have the latest, biggest and most extravagant weddings but to forget what's popular in society and have a wedding that is special and won't put us into debt.

Quality Clothes
Katrina asks about how to spot quality clothes that are not necessarily pricey. No matter what the price is, you have to look at the garment and see if it's high quality. If it looks like it could shrink, it probably will shrink. If you are concerned about the quality at all (shrinking, potential for frayed hems or holes) then it is probably a lesser quality garment. Over time you will be able to hone in on a quality item quite easily. You will also be able to compile a list of brands that consistently produce quality clothes that you will become loyal to.

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Comment of the Week

On YouTube, Mili P writes:
You're right, it's important to learn from our bad purchases. I started to write down every lesson learned from bad purchases in a notepad app on my iPad, so I can refer to it before going shopping. For instance, I bought a beige sweater a few months ago but it has yellow undertones and it doesn't work at all with my complexion, I look sick when I wear it. So no more yellow-beige clothes for me. No more dresses that will shrink and end up being too short. No more coloured work pants, because I always feel better in black pants - skinny black pants, not straight leg, not bootcut. I also realized that I'm never fully satisfied with clothes from certain brands, so I stopped going to these stores altogether. Last September I donated 12 garbage bags full of clothes. Now I'm down to 30-40 pieces I really like.

Mili, I love how thoughtful you are with your purchases! It's a great idea to reflect on what doesn't work for us in our wardrobes so we can get ever closer to embracing our true style in a workable way.

Question of the Week
On YouTube Adorabelle writes:

I am stuck and overwhelmed with my wardrobe right now. I started a new job that requires a more corporate wardrobe, whereas I used to dress business casually. I don't know if I should put work clothes in one half of my closet and casual in the other?

Thank you for your question! If you have a job that requires corporate dress that does not fit into your everyday life outside of work, you can create two capsule wardrobes- one for work life and one for downtime. You'll find that many of your extras and even core items will cross over and work and over time you will come up with a great fit for you. For my work, I often do fun events such as book signings or appearances and because of this I have a few more special occasion dresses in my extras, for example. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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Katarina Rosberg said...

I love watching your videos. It's really nice to both read your books and then hear your words again. Somehow everything becomes more real. I enjoyed your last video a lot and this one had many helpful tips too! I'm really looking forward to your next book!

I also have a question, something that I have been thinking about for a long time now; what did Madame and monsieur Chic's bedroom look like? I'm about to re-decorate my bedroom and I loved how you described what your room looked like in the apartment, so I was wondering what the rest of the bedrooms looked like. Hope it doesn't sound to creepy... Thank you for inspiring me to live my life to the fullest! I just bought a pair of high-quality lether shoes and have not regretted a moment of it.
Love Katarina

Stacey Wilson said...

My husband and I flew off to Las Vegas and did the "tribute to Elvis special" at the Little White Wedding Chapel. When we got home, half of my extended family was FURIOUS that we didn't have a traditional wedding. Well, 9 years later and we're all still speaking, and friends to boot, and my husband and I do not regret our wedding ONE BIT. In fact, the whole experience is a wonderful memory for us and is an excellent story at parties. You have do to what's best for you (the couple) and not worry about others. In fact, staying true to yourself sets an excellent precedent to others for your marriage!

Rayna St. Pierre said...

Hooray for Jennifer's advice on keeping your wedding simple, chic, and affordable! My husband and I got married ten years ago at the lodge-type hall where my father is a member. It was within our budget and allowed us to splurge on photography and flowers, drinks and entertainment. We absolutely LOVED everything about our wedding. It was meaningful, simple, beautiful, and fun. And I like to think that the way we draped the elk head with flowers showed our good-nature and willingness to go with the flow. Ten years and three children later (with the fourth on the way) we look back on our happy day as a harbinger of all the happiness to come!

Ladylike said...

Here are my thoughts on the topic of quality clothes on a budget. I think it's important to pay attention to fabrics. Natural fibers such as linen. Silk, pashmina, cashmere, and wool, will tend to be of a higher quality. Of course they tend to cost more new; however, they can be found in consignment shops for a third of the price. I suggest going to your nearest affluent community and checking out the local consignment store. Also older female family members can sometimes surprise you with what they have in their closets that they are no longer wearing. Often they will be happy to have you take something off their hands. You just might find yourself to be the lucky recipient of a unique vintage item. Thirdly, you can save yourself a great deal of money by determining the style of dress that suits you, meaning your body and your personality, the best. The best resource for this research I have found is a book called The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. It's worth its weight in gold as it can help you to identify your best style and save you many mistakes. Just don't be fooled by the title. It's not possible to master ANY style. I think you can only figure out which one is yours and to master that. Hope this helps everyone and good luck!
Warmest wishes to all,

Felicia Loveys said...

Hi over 50, I am as well. As we age we lose color and definition from our faces. I use a bit more make up than it looks like I do. I've also had my eyebrows tattooed. I know it sound crazy! It's very subtle and gives my face nice definition. ( research is required )

I read Make Up Wake Up as well. Each of us need to figure out how we want to highlight our features.

I'd love to share more if you are interested. Fifi

Brianna Engebretsen said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout to my review Jennifer! It really was a great book, and I can't wait to dive in to your second one and anticipate the release of your third :-) Keep inspiring!

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer, Would love to hear how you keep your hair looking so healthy and naturally beautiful, please. Thank you.

Rose said...

Thanks for another fun video Jennifer.

As another over-50 I can say that I understand the question your reader asked, I don't think we need more makeup but we certainly need attention to makeup to define the features. I choose le no makeup look with emphasis on skin care -- plump moisturised skin helps a lot.

Jennifer I know you choose not to cleanse in the morning but, as I use rich creams at night, I choose to cleanse in the morning to keep my pores clear and unclogged.

Regarding clothing quality: trust your fingertips. How clothing feels goes a long way in determining quality.

Anonymous said...

If a garment looks and feels thinner than it should, chances are the quality is low. Seeing errant threads on garments also clues me in to the fact that something won't last.

Investing in the care and keeping of your clothing is also important to helping it look its best. Sweater shavers, gentle detergent and not over-washing clothing will help keep them in good condition for longer.

Abbie said...

I am really glad you shared your thoughts about how to spot good quality clothing. I don't have a 10-item wardrobe, but I do try to be very thoughtful about what I purchase. I have bought more expensive items (well, for me) that fall apart or develop holes quickly, while my cotton Target t-shirts have lasted 3-4 years now. I try to pay attention to how material feels - softness, thickness of material, composition, etc. My washing machine can be a bit rough, so I try to wash items in lingerie bags if they tend to be delicate and inside out. I also don't wash sweaters or jackets after every wear now(I always have a layering piece underneath), and I find that helps a lot, too. I also agree with being brand loyal - I tend to usually know my size which helps with trying on/online shopping. As for makeup, I am only in my early 30s, but I am very pale so I need some color to look alive. The trick for me has been finding the right shades that are bright enough to make me look healthy (nude lips are a major do-not for me!), but natural enough to not look garish. I have discovered that peaches, corals, soft pinks, and roses look best on me. It is fun experimenting with different shades. :)

Anonymous said...

Although technically I wear just as much makeup as I did when I was younger, it had to be adjusted. Some features, like my lips and cheeks, needed more color. I used to forego blusher altogether, and could wear any shade lipstick, from pale to deep. Now, I need blush to keep from looking peaky. Pale lipsticks make me look like a corpse. The lightest shade I can wear is a medium nude. Really deep shades are out, too. All in all, mid-range suits me best.

As to eye makeup, darker eye shadows no longer look as good, nor do pale shades. Again, mid-range seems most flattering. As to eyeliner, I had to switch from black to brown. It's softer looking and brings out my eyes better, though black mascara is still flattering, thank goodness. Eyebrow pencil is something I always wear, and I mean always literally. Even when I wash my face at night and wear no other makeup, and am alone, I use brow pencil to fill in my brows. I detest the way they have gotten sparse, and it pains me to see them in the mirror.

Evaline said...

This is for Mimi...you might try applying Shea Butter to your clean, natural brows at night. I am "getting on in years" but my brows grow very well...in fact I have to tweeze them daily.

I started using Shea Butter on my brows a few years ago ...I had dry, flakey skin along my brow line. The Shea Butter got rid of that problem, plus it seemed my brows looked better, so I just kept doing it...it takes a few seconds of my time.

I use 100% natural Shea butter...no blends. It is a beige colour, a lumpy greasy texture and smells a little funny. But I LOVE it!

I also use it on my cuticles/nails,on scars, and on my feet under socks over night. It cured my friend's excema a when nothing else would.

If you do try it on your brows, give it about three months. If it doesn't work,at least you won't have spent a fortune.

Meagan said...

I would love to repaint our master bedroom and get new bedding. Maybe even paint our furniture!

Holly Mthethwa said...

I'm making my way through At Home With Madame Chic now, and it's changing my life. You offer stunning advice, Jennifer! I blogged about your book here: http://www.ruggedandredeemed.com/#!Friday-Favorites/cbba/56618308-E9D6-40E1-8A62-417040238FDB

Amer Ican said...

My design style is traditional but, I like to add touches of modern. My ideal bedroom would be mostly white with splashes of color randomly.

Lynn Sabol said...
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