# At Home With Madame Chic # Czech Republic

At Home With Madame Chic in Italy & Czech Republic

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

I am happy to announce that At Home With Madame Chic is now available in Italy and the Czech Republic.

Here is the beautiful Italian cover from Piemme:

L'eleganza del Riordino

and the very chic Czech Republic cover from Mlada Fronta:

S Madame Chic Doma

Thank you to all of the international readers who have embraced Madame Chic!

Send me pictures of your books with the hashtag #MADAMECHIC and let us know how the books have impacted your life. I will try to include all of your pictures in a future Madame Chic around the world video...

See you next week!

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Vicki Zimmerman said...

Such beautiful covers and congratulations on your worldwide success. So happy to celebrate you, Jennifer! ^_^

Unknown said...

Congratulations on well-deserved success! Hoping to see Madame Chic in Spanish soon!

Patricia said...

Jennifer, in all of your posts you're always smiling, which makes me smile. Love your blog and both your books. Brava!

Stephanie said...

The Italian cover is my favorite so far. It's so elegant. Good luck!

elson cade said...

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angeltoy said...

Io sono italiana. Io ho i tuoi due libri come ebook. Grazie 💖

angeltoy said...

Io sono italiana. Io ho i tuoi due libri come ebook. Grazie 💖

Unknown said...

I was really looking forward to Czech version and I love it. Thank you for you inspiration that helps me stop in my daily routines and find pure joy in basic things... http://www.odhlavyazkpate.cz/s-madame-chic-doma/

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you Misha for your lovely review!

Unknown said...

I read all your books, and I love it! Hope to see Madame Chic in Spanish!
I'm translating some chapters of the book to my mom in spanish!!!