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Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic Pre-Order

My new book, Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance, is now available for pre-order. The book comes out October 27, 2015 and I am so excited for you to read it.

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic encourages readers to cultivate poise as a lifelong endeavor and to thoroughly enjoy the process!

Here is the description from Simon & Schuster:

The New York Times bestselling author of Lessons from Madame Chic and At Home with Madame Chic revives the timeless quality of poise and shows how to cultivate it as a daily practice and a life-long endeavor.

Just step out your door today and you will notice that poise is a rarity in our wired, fast-paced, and unmannerly world. As uncivil behaviors like flip-flops at Broadway shows and digital oversharing proliferate, this timely book reminds us of the quiet power of behaving with dignity, kindness, and grace. Jennifer Scott’s Parisian mentor, Madame Chic, embodied poise, and not just with the good posture, stylish attire, and natural manners that made her extraordinarily elegant. She also demonstrated steady assuredness and graceful calm in everything she did—from interacting with her family and receiving guests at home to presenting herself in public. Jennifer L. Scott passes on the lessons she learned as well as some of her own hard-won wisdom, addressing topics such as proper attire at social events, good grooming, communication skills, hospitality and being a good guest, our interactions with neighbors and strangers, role models, self-discipline, and self-image.

This charmingly illustrated, practical, and inspiring book, full of tips, lists, and ideas, is certain to start a new conversation about the timeless art of poise.

You can pre-order from the following retailers:

As you know, I am very passionate about the subject of poise. It is something that we can all benefit from and I think it is something that anyone can have! Check out my video above. If you are unable to see the video, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

Thank you in advance for your support of this book that means so much to me. See you soon!

Jennifer x

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Unknown said...

This is wonderful news! I can't wait to recieve and read your third book. I am sure this book will be just as amazing as the two other ones.

You have changed my life to the better and I am so thankful towards you.


Loads of hugs,

Anonymous said...

I placed my order! Am looking forward to reading it, as I so enjoyed your previous books!

Denise said...

Ordering now. Your books, blog, and videos always brighten my day.

Glenda said...

Jennifer, I admire you so. I met you a couple of years ago for your book signing at Anthropologie at Victoria Gardens. Your books are lovely, as are you. The success you have with your writing it what I'm striving for. Congrats on another book and I hope many to come.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, I'm so excited about reading book number three, and I've just pre-ordered. Now, you must do another book-signing in Orange County, again, and I'll make sure to fly my friend in who introduced me to you. We may be femmes d'une certain ages, and, still we learn and love you. Congratulations on your latest book, Jennifer.

martinealison said...

Toutes mes félicitations pour la sortie de nouveau livre...
❊ ♡ Gros bisous ♡ ❊

Rose said...

Jennifer I am delighted for you, for me, for your readers and your new readers to-be. Your first two books have been a delight and I have every confidence that this one will be two. I'll be pre-ordering now.

How wonderful to see the line up of big names waiting for our pre-orders, I am so pleased you are (deservedly) so sought after these days.

Rose said...

the second "two" should be "too" bien sûr

Harriet Warner said...

I'm very excited to read this book! Is the intention to publish it in Australia or should I just order from Amazon?

Unknown said...

Simply wonderful, I can't wait to read your latest book. They are always such a joy and reminder for mindfulness and being your best at any moment. I adore your tips and ideas, blogs, videos and inspiration. Keep on with the fantastic message you are bringing to women all over the globe. And of course, many many congratulations!

Ladylike said...

Congratulations on your third book! This is a wonderful achievement. I am looking forward to reading it. In the meantime, I am so busy putting all your suggestions into practice (such as decluttering our second home in a big way--we let go of it!) that I barely have time to comment on your blog anymore. I am still following your posts and hoping you will visit Northern California one of these days. Best wishes from, Alexa!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your third book! My mother gave me a book called Crossroads To Charm when I was around ten and I loved that book. It was about poise, manners, attitude, a capsule wardrobe, beauty, nutrition, keeping your room clean, posture and looking presentable. Sounds like your book is a grown up version of this. Will be so fun to read!

Sheree said...

I am so excited. I have read your last two books multiple times.

Anonymous said...

When my iPhone alarm goes off in the morning, the phrase "Peaceful Poise" pops up. Poise is a constant goal of mine, and I can't wait to read your good advice in this upcoming book.

Ashitha said...

Jennifer, so excited to know about your book and can't wait to read it...

I had read about poise in http://www.elegantwoman.org/How-to-develop-poise.html It is something I work on every single day. It is a great post, taught me a lot about importance of poise. I am thrilled to know you are writing about poise.

Thank you

Pixie said...

Hi Jennifer,

I have been following your blog for some time and have read your two books. I can't wait to read this next book and learn more.
Thank you.

Daesman said...

I am very excited to learn about your upcoming book on poise. As the mother of two young girls, I completely share your opinions on the increasing importance of modeling and teaching poise to our daughters.
You are indeed an important part of a new movement. I noticed the June issue of both More magazine and Real Simple Magazine have features on "the joy of wanting less" and "simplifying your closet".
Finally, have you read the book "Love the Home You Have"? The philosophy of the book is very concordant with yours.
Keep up the inspirational work. I hope that you come to Chicago on a book tour one day.

Fiona Ferris said...

Congratulations on your third book and well-deserved success Jennifer! Your first two books have pride of place on my bookshelf and I can't wait to read Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic.

Unknown said...

I've preordered my copy on Amazon. Congratulations! You keep hitting gold mines of helpful information - and you're do good an communicating it in a friendly encouraging way!