# 10 Item Wardrobe

Ten-Item Wardrobe Fall Winter 2015

I am so pleased to present you my fall/ winter ten-item wardrobe for 2015. This year's wardrobe was so fun to put together. I am experimenting with elegant looks that can be both dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You will see a nice mixture of solids and prints and everything oh-so-ladylike.

As you know, last year's fall/ winter wardrobe was full of budget finds as well as older pieces so there were quite a few holes to fill this season. I have many thoughts on this process so be sure to check out next week's talk-through video to hear the in-depth details and learn from my insights.

This year's ten-item wardrobe actually has eleven core pieces. I try to keep it to a strict ten to show you that it can be done but I also think it's important that you know this plan is flexible. It has room to adapt to your life. Many people do the strict ten, but many also do more like 15. You must do what works for you!

I hope you enjoy the video! If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will upload a lot of bonus videos during the holiday season.

Now let's look closely at the core items:


Garnet Hill Juliet knit dress

Garnet Hill Amelie knit dress

Garnet Hill Ponte Sheath Dress

Boden Erica dress one in dusky rose and one in navy.

Loft dot dress (this is an older piece, no longer available)

(Long tassel necklace Stella & Dot, Bib necklace from Bauble Bar)


Boden Ponte skirt in navy


Loft fluid ankle pants in black (no longer available)
Talbots riding pants in honeynut


Loft shell in ruby red
Ann Taylor ruffle sleeve top in chianti


The extras will compliment the core items.


Loft lace tees (These will be discussed in next week's video. Loft labels them as tee shirts which is why I categorized them in the extras. I just love tee shirts that look like blouses.)
Loft brocade tee (no longer available)
Talbots white tee (please note, I have a few more white tees in short and love sleeve)
Ann Taylor long sleeve green tee

Sweaters and Cardigans

I also have simple black and navy cardigans from Old Navy (not shown)
Boden cropped sweaters
Talbots hunter green v-neck sweater
Ann Taylor black cardigan
Ann Taylor Tan Cardigan


Boden The Mac rain coat in tan

Garnet Hill olive sweater coat and ruby red wool coat (no longer available)


These are not my only scarves. I also have black and tan scarves. Here I am showing my grey Massimo Dutti scarf with an Ann Taylor grey cardigan as well as a green tartan scarf no longer available.


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I will be speaking and signing books at Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, Thursday, October 29th 7pm.

Madame Chic Inspiring Thought
The ten-item wardrobe is a fun, exciting and liberating process. Once you try it you will never want to go back. If you have been on the fence about the ten-item wardrobe but feel even the slightest interest, give it a try this season to see how you like it.

Comments of the Week
I have two comments to share with you today from readers who live in cold climates:

Mbmbmb0775 writes:
As a New Englander with a Ten Item Wardrobe I hope you don't mind my adding a few thoughts about winter wardrobes. First, there are days in January and February where I have to ignore my wardrobe and just dress for safety in the elements and I don't see that as going against the principles in any way. Second, my big investment most years is either a new pair of winter boots or a nice wool coat. I only pull out the Bean Boots and puffer coat on the dangerously cold days or ones with heavy snow. Third, my fall and winter wardrobes are not the same. While I can get away with a single capsule for spring/summer, I want completely different things in 50 degrees vs. 5. Finally, if I see that corduroy or wool trousers and lined skirts are big in stores in a given year I will buy duplicates because for whatever reason it's not always easy to find them every year. Hopefully that's helpful for anyone looking to take the plunge from a colder climate!

Hesebs writes:

I always love these videos. I learn so much from them. I just wanted to mention about winter and wearing dresses. I have not looked back since I discovered fleece lined tights. They are the warmest things ever! I fact I tend to favour them over trousers as they are really warm.

Great advice ladies! Thank you for encouraging those in a colder climate to try out the ten-item wardrobe. You are proof that it works no matter where you are!

Question of the week
Julie G. asks:

With the ten-item wardrobe, do you find you have to do laundry more often and do your clothes wear out faster? Thanks for your advice. I look forward to your blog each week.

Hi Julie, We do our laundry once a week. I do not find that I have to do my laundry more often with the ten-item wardrobe. I do find, however, that the clothes wear down faster. This is why I advocate getting the highest quality you can afford. One of the reasons why many pieces from last year's wardrobe did not make it this year was because they were heavily worn, they wore out by the end of the season. This does not happen with my higher quality pieces, which you will see can last even 4 to 5 years with repeated heavy use.

Stay tuned for next week's ten-item wardrobe talk-through. See you then!

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Janis Wildy said...

Your video is gorgeous and delivers so much happiness to watch! The green tartan scarf with top slays me with envy! Congratulations and thank you!!

Shannon said...

Love! Can't wait to sit down and listen to the video!!

Rachel Coleman said...

Beautiful choices! I love the new background for you runway show. It's so peaceful. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing with us!

Rachel Coleman said...

"Your" not you. Sorry!

taylorcait said...

Jennifer, which style black flats are you wearing in the video? I'm assuming they are London Sole :) Thank you!

Domestic Engineer said...

That Loft dress looks great on you! I wish it were still available. The oversized sweater looks scrumptious!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice, Jennifer, thank you for the inspiration. I've been eagerly awaiting this post. You and Marie Kondo have spurred me into action with your capsule wardrobe philosophy and her 'does this spark joy?' mantra. Less is truly more, and quality over quantity creates more simplicity and long-term enjoyment. I adore my edited closet these days. I look forward to your in-depth video next, and of course, your upcoming book. Thank you for encouraging all of us to raise the bar and uphold our values. Being a American lady -- of any age -- in today's culture feels like swimming upstream.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. I only had time for the still shots today, but I can't wait to have time to watch the video.

Minnow x said...

Thanks so much Jennifer. I have been waiting eagerly for your 10 item wardrobe. Although I love your drsses and the ladylike look, this time my favourite is the tan sweater cardigan with the tan pants and white tee. When you first introduced the pants I was not sure about them - but with that cardi the outfit is made! I only wish I could wear that cardi myself - but being petite with a large bust - it would wear me :)

I would love to see a shot of the short white tee - i am obsessed with trying to find the perfect white tee - i found one about 6-7 years ago but it is nearly worn out now and i can't find one I like to replace it - Boden are close but their lightweight tee is just a bit too see through in white.

Thanks again Jennifer - my next treat now is your new book at the end of the month.

Aisling (NZ)

dysfunctionalscrapbooking said...

Hi Jennifer:

I love your Fall Winter choices! I am off to the Loft today to take a look (and no doubt make a purchase or two). I've been looking forward to this and as always, your style is so classic and still updated. PS. Your makeup looks really pretty in the video. Maybe a Fall makeup list soon???



Sarah said...

Lovely! The dresses especially are all beautiful and if I wasn't pregnant I would be looking to purchase that Boden Erica dress myself. Also love the Boden raincoat!

Rose said...

I think I sense a change in colours Jennifer -- more patterns and more dresses for winter? Thank you so much for showing us your extras, I've been struggling with this part but it's now much clearer. The new house has provided you with a fun runway!

I do love those Loft lace tees, they will fit beautifully into my spring/summer wardrobe.

Summer Smith said...

I love watching these!! They make me so happy and encouraged. Today when my kids were down for their naps, I got serious and made my 11 item wardrobe!! I'm so excited to challenge myself to make it work! Even though I have already found some holes that I would like to slowly replace different items with, I will wait on that until the this season's clothes start to go on sale. Thank you again. Also, I really appreciate you posting the comment by the lady that did a 10 item wardrobe for fall and winter separately. Having just moved from California to Colorado, that was a help and made so much more sense.

Vinita Ollapally said...
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Lesley said...

Jennifer, you come across as such a genuine sweetie pie in your videos. I'm not a fan of fashion blogs because I find them cloying with annoyingly over inflated egos, but yours is not at all. I love your sensible approach. My only issue is when you post about cool weather clothes, I'm heading toward the heat here in the southern hemisphere. Still, I could access your archives I suppose since you can't move hemispheres! Keep up the good work, you're a breath of fresh air.

Snowinluxury said...

Hallo! I am italian 53 Jahr old! I have your Two books lesson from ma dame chic and ' l' eleganza del riordino" = at home with madama chic! Very nice and good books! I have a italian blog about fashion and lifestyle Snowinluxury.com! Ciao ciao

Gina Rose said...

Do you apply the ten item wardrobe to your children's wardrobes? I am a new mom and struggling with not over shopping for my little girl. Also, do you have any children's clothing companies you would recommend?
I greatly enjoy your weekly blog and found much inspiration in your books. Thank you for being such a great role model!

Susan Bybee said...

What about your APC dress? You look so wonderful in it!

Saltysue said...

Thank you for your wise comments and inspiration. I have been wearing Boden for years and my daughter grew up in mini Boden then Johny B, in fact at the age of 20 she is still wearing chinos and a cardigan from there. Of all the piece I have purchased from Boden very few have been at full price, their promotions are great.
As for jeans I don't wear them from day to day but find them useful for gardening or when I'm doing something with the boat so I include them in my extras wardrobe.
Will you be adding something to your war for the Christmas season?