# 10 Item Wardrobe

Ten-Item Wardrobe Talk-Through Fall Winter 2015

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to my fall/ winter ten-item wardrobe for 2015! Today we are going to do a talk-through of the core pieces. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

For still pictures of all the pieces as well as pertinent links, please visit my original ten-item wardrobe fall/ winter 2015 post.

A few key points:

There were many holes to fill because last year's wardrobe was more budget-geared and filled with older items. I filled the spots with higher-end, higher-quality items this year with the hope that they will wear well and last to show up in next year's wardrobe.

I often purchase from the same retailers as I put these wardrobes together in some what of a "rush" for the blog. I also like to purchase from stores that are ready available to people online. If I wasn't blogging my ten-item wardrobe, I would take my time purchasing pieces from more diverse retailers.

While there are many new pieces, almost nothing was purchased at full price. A wonderful aspect to purchasing from online retailers is they often have big promotions and sales. Every purchase took advantage of one of these promotions and so the full retail price you see online, more often than not, is not what I paid. (After all, I enjoy a sale just like everyone else!)

The lace tees from Loft look like blouses but are actually tee shirts. Loft label them as "tee shirts" so I included them in my extras. There are so many wonderful dressy options today for tee shirts that can help dress up even the most casual looks, which is something I love to advocate.

I purchased a few of the Boden dresses in a size up as an experiment. I find that after two seasons of heavy wear and washing, some of my clothes shrink. I will see if purchasing a size up makes a difference and will allow my clothes to last until next year. **This is a point that I forgot to mention in the video.

You will notice there are no jeans in this year's wardrobe. I need a break from jeans. I still love jeans, don't get me wrong, but I am tired of always seeing them. Jeans, like exercise clothes, can become a "uniform" for many people and I like to rebel against that in my own way...

I love my ten-item wardrobe this year! There are so many different combinations of outfits that I can compile. I will aim to do one or two "one week of outfits" videos for you this year so you can see it in action.

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Lessons in Everyday Elegance comes out on October 27th! Pre-order available now.

I will be speaking and signing books at Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach, Thursday, October 29th 7pm.

Comments of the Week
Shannon M writes in response to my commentary on job hunting in the recent reader questions answered:

I've got a great story for you! When I graduated from my first degree, I couldn't find a job so I worked at the coffee shop that I worked at while I was in school. Well, guess who I met there? My husband! So if it weren't for that job I wouldn't have my husband or my 3 kids! Also, one of my customers noticed how hard working I was and hired me to work in my first 'real' job in my field! So, I agree, do your best at whatever you're doing, you never know what will happen!

Thank you for sharing your story Shannon! You never know who you will meet or what doors will open for you on any given day so it's a great idea to give everything you do your absolute best.

On Facebook, Alicia writes:
You have helped me think of my wardrobe as a garden to be cultivated and pruned until there are no weeds!

Alicia, I adore that analogy! Thank you for your comment.

Question of the Week
Many people asked about the music in my ten-item wardrobe video. It is a piece called "Beautiful Emotional Piano". I download my copyright-free music to use in my videos from AudioMicro. If you are ever curious about features in a video (such as music, etc.), always look in the info box below the YouTube video, where it will be listed.

Artistic Recommendation

Megan writes:

Good morning Jennifer,

I just wanted to stop by and say I'm so excited about your upcoming book and can't wait to read what all you have to say on the subject of poise!

I also wanted to share a movie recommendation with you and the D.C. community here. I was recently on a long flight and as I was scrolling through the in-flight movie options I stumbled across a 2015 French film called Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément (Blind Date). This quirky romantic comedy had me laughing out loud on my flight and reminded me a bit of Amelie (which I know you love). Its a sweet romantic film that I know other daily connoisseurs will love. Plus, it is devoid of the sexual vulgarity that we have come to expect from the majority of our American romantic comedies.

Thank you for this recommendation Megan!

This week I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the talk-through? How is your ten-item wardrobe coming along?

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love your walk-throughs. I just did my 1st ten item wardrobe last week. As, it's my first time, I'm already seeing things I"m going to have to adjust but I'm enjoying the process. I'll post a picture of it on Facebook, if it did not work to post it here. I too, am so looking forward to your book releasing later this month. It'll be my escape for a few hours. Thank you for helping us be better examples to women. It is so needed.

Linda said...

Love your ten item videos! I noticed that your tees and sweaters never fit skin tight and always look so flattering. I have a hard time finding tops that don't fit so tightly. Do you size up when you buy them?

Thanks for all your hard work preparing these videos for us!

Anonymous said...

I love that you didn't include jeans. A blow for variety and style!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

You look simply gorgeous for our upcoming autumn season here in Southern California. I, too, adore that you're thinking outside the denim box and rebelling against the uniform of jeans as a pants option. Outstanding and you've inspired me on that note!

I love the cascading neutral beige tipped cardigan sweater and wanted to ask if this replaced your Bloomingdales cashmere cardigan you purchased for another season? It's gorgeous and I wonder how you make these decisions.

Looking forward to reading your new book when it arrives! Excited and I do hope you'll have a book-reading and signing in Orange County, as I'll be out of town on the weekend you're in the L. A. area.

Thank you, Jennifer, for another wonderful and inspiring video. ^..^

Unknown said...

I was so looking forward to this and loved it! I also love that you didn't include jeans. I try to avoid having them be my go-to, especially since they're not usually that comfortable or feminine anyway! I also have to say I saw that floral Amelie dress at Garnet Hill and thought of you even before you revealed your wardrobe! I thought, "That is such a pretty print - I bet Jennifer would love it." I think it's a great choice and will be very cheery on colder days. Thanks for this wonderful video!

OneEnglishLady said...

Hello Jennifer thank you for your wonderful videos, you are a recent discovery of mine and although I live in Brisbane Australia and we are approaching summer I am learning how to apply the concept of a 10 item wardrobe to my different season and I am loving it! You are like a breath of fresh air to me, I am 63 in a few weeks and have a wardrobe bogged down in junk! You have inspired me to purchase my first Bodem dress and one that is bright and 'out there' and I love it! I have 2 more dresses in the post and birthday money to spend on other aspects of my summer wardrobe. I am also having a wonderful time going back through your archives particularly the spring summer ones. So you see you have inspired a woman living many km away to aspire to looking good all the time. Lastly I wonder if I could ask a question - what about shoes in a 10 item wardrobe?

erin said...

Question : what would you wear if you were having professional family pictures taken? Would you choose a piece from your 10 item wardrobe or an extras? Since it has to coordinate with the rest of the family would you use your outfit as a starting point?

erin said...

Question : what would you wear if you were having professional family pictures taken? Would you choose a piece from your 10 item wardrobe or an extras? Since it has to coordinate with the rest of the family would you use your outfit as a starting point?

Shelly said...

Hi Jennifer, I have been following your blog for a little while now but this is the first time I have commented. I am 56 and live on the south coast of Australia and my wardrobe is OUT.OF. CONTROL! (I sound like I'm at a meeting for AA :D )I have decided that with the change of season (it's Spring here) it would be a good time to try out the ten item wardrobe. I love the idea of the ten item wardrobe and watching this video shows me how it can work for me although I may have to work on significantly reducing the amount of clothes I have to start with and not go 'cold turkey'. I'm feeling a little apprehensive just thinking about it LOL but feel confident that I can make it work.

Your Fall/Winter wardrobe is fabulous and I love that you didn't include jeans this time - something that has become as you say, a kind of uniform for me and I've always been of the mindset that quality over quantity is the best formula for everything in life.

Now, off to decide what's staying in my wardrobe...

nina swan said...

Hi Jennifer,

I really enjoy your videos and your thoughts about your fall/winter wardrobe. I'm only 22 years young girl who admire your style, your attitude toward life and your positivity. I know that I'm maybe too young for wearing mostly elegant dresses but I really like them! :) I don't enjoy wearing jeans - I find them too tight on me even if I'm not wearing skinny jeans. I've spent some time in France too, living with french family and I completely agree with your observations about their l'art de vivre. :)
But I still have few concerns about dressing up stylishly and elegantly. I think this elegant style makes me look older. Most poeple guess that I'm older (25 and so). Do you have any recommandations how to still look fresh, young but not too casual?

Thank you very much! :)

PS: I'm not from english speaking country, so sorry about my english.

Anonymous said...

Regarding internet purchases: Make sure before you buy something online that you google "promo codes" plus the retailer's name. I saw an LBD in Ann Taylor that was not on sale. By googling "promo codes Ann Taylor", I was able to find a code for 40% off anything. It was only good for the month of September, and it was September 30 when I saw it. Phew! I got the perfect LBD from this current season for almost half off! Score!

Glenda Moore said...

I, too, really like that you haven't included jeans this time. Nothing wrong with them at all, I enjoy seeing a chic lady wearing them especially white ones, but I *feel* just as sloppy in jeans as I do in sweatpants, so I don't own any. I hike a lot, and don't even wear them to hike in! If I have to be really really casual, like for gardening or hiking, I have a pair of charcoal gray and a pair of navy skirted-leggings, and I feel good and comfortable in them, and not sloppy. Otherwise I'm usually in some type of skirt + top + cardi or jacket, sometimes a dress, with flats or heels or boots, because I feel so good in them no matter the situation, occasion, or event. I have a pair of charcoal gray wool slacks when it's so cold that nothing but pants are a viable option for me (I live in the Southern United States). Otherwise, it's mix 'n match skirts & tops.

As always, thanks for all you do with your posts & videos & books, they are very much appreciated.

galant said...

While I admire having a capsule wardrobe, I think few people would be able to change their wardrobe every 6 months. It must cost a fair bit, Jennifer, to buy new Boden dresses for example each spring or autumn/fall, and several tees and coats/outer wear. I bought my two coats three years ago and still consider them 'new'. It seems to me that having a capsule wardrobe is fine if you are willing to shell out quite a lot of money on new items every season/every 6 months or so. As someone who is retired, buying at least ten new items, plus accessories, scarves, boots, shoes, ballet flats twice a year just isn't an option, but it's still nice to see what you choose.

My new purchases for autumn have been two Artigiano divided skirts (well, they're a bit like culottes only they are mid calf length), one in black, one in mocha, and a pair of ankle boots and two inexpensive Marks & Spencer dresses (Per Una label). Accessories have been a scarf and a bead necklace from a charity shop and a cashmilon jumper as I can't wear wool next to my skin. Oh, and a pair of jeans. The rest of my wardrobe dates back several years, but my favourite purchase was a scarlet trench coat last winter, that will certainly be worn again and again. I notice one of your readers is coming up to 63 ... well, I can top that, but I can still learn something from your delightful posts and your books!

I read on a blog somewhere that it isn't done to wear tights with culottes, but instead to wear knee-high boots. This isn't an option for me, I wear ankle boots as I prefer them and 60 denier opaque black (or navy) tights, but surely thick tights with a divided skirt and ankle boots are acceptable? I'd not want to commit a style sin, such as socks with sandals, but I'm not prepared to bare my lily white legs in the gap between the hem of the divided skirt and the top of my ankle boots! What say you?

Margaret p

Sarah said...

I'm working on creating a maternity wardrobe for this fall and winter. While I will need more than 10 items, I'm trying to use the principles of a capsule wardrobe to create a versatile wardrobe that will enable me to look presentable throughout my pregnancy without wasting money or space in my closet. Thanks for your hard work in showing us not only your wardrobe each season but also the thought process behind it!

Daesman said...

Dear Jennifer,
I have been an avid reader of your blog for a couple of years and it has been great fun to see your ten item wardrobes evolve and change over the seasons. You inspire us all with your elegant simplicity and dedication to enjoying the beauty in all aspects of our lives. I do have a few requests for future blog posts, if I may. First, your hair looks wonderful in the last 2 videos. Can you post a video tutorial on how you do that hairstyle? Second, it would be great to see a video with your Fall/Winter Extras (shoes, dressier dresses, purses). And finally, I think many of us would like to see a video about how you extend you approach of simple elegance to home décor. Our homes, after all, are as important an extension of our personal styles as our wardrobes. I cannot wait to read your new book which I pre-ordered from Amazon!

Unknown said...

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for these very useful videos. I was wondering if you would be able to give me some advice please. I'm a doctor so I dress very smartly for work but at home I have 2 small boys and spend a lot of time cycling or at the park with them. I'm not sure how to make the 10 item work for my 2 very different lifestyles! Thank you, Emily.

Nancy said...

Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for demonstrating how lovely a wardrobe can be ... without jeans! You are spot on ... they can be worn well, but it is downright refreshing to not see the ubiquitous garb. Hurray for dresses!

Evaline said...

Hi Jennifer, You look devine in your outfits and so happy on your porch. Love your simple elegance ... flowy and body-skimming. I wish you lived next door to me. (I see leggings and old T-shirts all around.)

Your hair is gorgeous..if you can, I'd to hear about your current hair products. Do you still brush with your Mason Pearson brush as well?

THANK YOU for not wearing jeans. My husband and I had coffee in an upscale mall and observed people wearing jeans. We decided that most jeans on most people look really awful. I like jeans but they are overdone, dull and most don't hold their shape.

Those Talbot riding pants look so nice on you. I wonder if they would work with a blazer.

So thank you, Jennifer. I hope you get some rain, soon!

Rose said...

That was great Jennifer! One of the things I enjoy about your videos is that even though I choose differently -- jeans, t-shirts for me rather than dresses -- we are both working towards being presentable and chic. My jeans are more slim fitting these days (though not skinnies!) my t-shirts fit better and are quality, especially with a little jacket slipped over the top.

Sprm said...

Jennifer, It has been fun to watch and follow your blog these years and i am working towards a chic ten item wardrobe. I am gravitating towards dresses too these days.

I have a suggestion - if you get a chance please watch "The time in between" series on Netflix. Its about a seamstress and the dresses portrayed in the series are divine . You can see the main character wearing the same dresses tailored to fit her over the episodes.All women in the series are portrayed as strong woman, chic and beautifully dressed always.