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Happy New Year and HAPPY NEWS

Hello dear Daily Connoisseurs and happy new year! I am feeling refreshed and invigorated after my blogging break and ready to embrace 2016 and all that it has to offer.

I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger in my last video to let you know that I would have a big announcement for you this year. The news is too exciting to keep to myself any longer so here we go:


This will be our third child and I am due at the end of June. This is such happy news for our family. We are really thrilled to be welcoming another child. Our daughters are very excited and always want to prepare for the baby coming. Thank you in advance for your well-wishes and I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.

This week I have a short video for you sharing the happy news. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel, www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

I have many exciting videos and topics to share with you in 2016. I know I was supposed to be on a break during the Christmas holiday, but I did shoot two videos, which you will see in the coming weeks- one showing my new year's eve table setting (a special bonus video this Thursday) and one sharing my large batch cooking video for freezer lasagnas.

Please leave any requests you have for the new season of The Daily Connoisseur below in the comment section. I always love to hear what interests you.

Carrie Willard chooses Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic as one of her favorite books for 2015.

Raeful lists Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic as #2 on her top reads of 2015

Kaitlin Olson, editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster and someone I work closely with on the Madame Chic books, has written a wonderful tribute to her grandmother, which is featured in the New York Times this week. Congratulations Kaitlin!

Letter of the Week
This week's letter comes from Karen, who writes:

Dear Ms. Scott,

What can I say? At last- a set of books that fully outline and codify some of my deepest and longest held life concepts, written out and explained so much better than any other I've ever been exposed to in my life. I've always had as one of my deepest desires and as one of my basic core beliefs, the desire and necessity to "live beautifully". Although I've always had some kind of notion as to what this means, those notions have always proved to be much too vague for me to be able to put them into actual practice. I can't tell you the life-changing information, as well as pleasure, l've gained from from reading your books. My entire concept of living beautifully- there it all is! Outlined and expanded on paper, and with specific details as to how to put everything into practice. This is a "big thing" for me, as heretofore the means for implementing my lofty objectives has always eluded me. I now have a set of many concrete steps I can take, and the reasonings behind those steps .......all wrapped in encouraging words and messages designed for each.
Most of my life I have wanted to make a positive contribution, to leave "a life legacy".....with my lacking in specific strong skills and talents, however, I could never envision in what manner I could ever hope to achieve this type of objective. However, after reading about the importance of poise in our world and the positive impact to our world and to others provided by regular exposure, I now have a sense of hope, as well as a sense of a mission in life- especially living in a culture bleak with vulgarity and coarseness.
I am not one to write authors...but the need to let you know the impact your writings have made on me was placed on my heart......especially as that impact is fairly significant. I CAN' T wait to continue cultivating poise on an ongoing basis- it is providing me with both a great measure of pleasure, and more meaning to my life as a whole. Ha! Maybe one of these days I'll pick up blogging, if only to document the changes I make as I implement your suggestions, as well as the impact of any of those changes, as time progresses!

Thank you so much!



Karen, thank you for sharing your testimonial with us. I love to hear how the Madame Chic books have impacted peoples' lives. I hope you continue to enjoy the process and take great pleasure out of living a beautiful life.

Remember to leave your requests for 2016 (or questions for upcoming reader questions answered videos) in the comment section below.

See you Thursday for a special bonus video!

Best Wishes,

Jennifer x

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Casey said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the maternity version of The Ten Item Wardrobe! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! While I am past those years I am excited to see what this bri ngs to your blog and possibly new book ideas. I have three daughters and plan on buying all your books for them.

I also have a question for a future blog post. Shoes! I have foot problems and cannot wear a lot of cute shoes like the ones I see on your blog. I did get some Clarks shoes for Christmas that are great with jeans and dress pants, but summer and dresses are a challenge because o cannot wear any flat shoes or sandals.

Unknown said...

I was wondering if you have your girls dressed nice all the time too, and if and how you do ten items with them.

Katya said...

I knew it! How exciting! Congratulations! I can't wait to see your maternity wardrobe, even though I'm just finishing up a pregnancy now...it'll be interesting to see what you do!

Renee Suzanne said...

I love to know your time management system and your daily schedule.

Daesman said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! So excited for you and your family.

Susan said...

Congratulations on baby#3! Wonderful news and so very happy for your entire family.
My request is a peek into the lives of the "Grandmother Connoisseurs." Do they, also, adhere to the capsule wardrobe concept? Do they have adaptions that would be inspirational to your "seasoned" readers? Do they have traditions or passions that they are passing down to your children?

Christina said...

A new baby! Congratulations! What wonderful news! I would love to learn more about whether you do capsule wardrobes for your children and/or if you have any tips for editing clothes/toys/activities/etc. for children. I'd also love to know if you have any thoughts on creating traditions within families.

Unknown said...

Jennifer I would love to hear more tips about not over sharing with others and not people pleasing. This is something I seem to struggle with. I start the day off bring mindful of it and then by 9am I find myself telling a colleague an embarrassing story about myself. Sometimes I think it's because I get caught up in the moment and speak before thinking. Other times I think that if I don't share something about myself in a conversation that it will be awkward or it will seem that I'm not being friendly. Your further help on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Yay! My second is due June 14th. Any tips for dressing the 2nd trimester body where everything - hips, thighs, butt, boobs - are as big as your belly? Pregnancy skinny jeans and spandex dresses, which seem to be all what's in stores now, are not flattering. I'm having a really hard time creating a pregnancy capsule wardrobe that doesn't involve wearing the same pants and shirt everyday.

Jen said...


I have spent some good time re-reading your books during middle of the night feedings of my baby #4. :) I seldom have time to comment, but so appreciate your work. Best wishes for a healthy and smooth pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

First, congratulations on your new baby. Secondly, you asked for suggestions for this year. I would love to hear an update about Madame Chic and Madame Bohemienne and their families. What has happened with them since your time spent in Paris? I think of Madame Chic as an icon and Madame Bohemienne not far behind. I am intrigued to know more about them. Oh, and happy new year to you and your family!

Unknown said...

I told my husband I thought you were pregnant, and showed him the freezer lasagnas you had put on Instagram as proof. He laughed and said, "Four? Oh yes, she's definitely pregnant!"

Many, many congratulations!

marmielu said...

What exciting and lovely news for you and your family! Congratulations!

Sweet Bean said...

Pregnant and Chic! Please for the sake of all of us, write something for us to hold and read. I miss your voice in my daily life through your books.

Unknown said...

Congrats to you and your hubby on your pregnancy! Are you thinking "blue," (besides "healthy," of course!)? As others have commented, I eagerly await your 10-item pregnancy wardrobe, as well as how to remain chic while pregnant. Welcome back.:-)

Best wishes,

Linda Wilson
Midwest USA

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your happy news! Your books are brilliant, and your videos always brighten my day. You had asked for content suggestions for your videos. Another commenter above requested a video on your time management system and your daily schedule. I second that request. (I have two school-age daughters, like you.)

I'd also like more advice and tips on how you decorate, organize your life, keep your home, manage your children's wardrobes and their toys/belongings. Dealing with clutter is a daily challenge. A glimpse into how you handle the myriad demands of household management and mothering (while maintaining poise) would be inspirational.

Sonya said...

Congratulations! As a new mom myself, would love to see strategies for staying organized with young children and all the "stuff" that comes with them! Also, how can we maintain our poise and passions as we encounter the challenges of parenting little ones? Thank you for commenting on the Pinterest pressure that many of us feel; I love the idea of embracing imprerfection!

Brooke said...

Congrats! I would love to hear more about motherhood. Staying chic with small children. Also I would love see more about decorating your home. Also do you have reccommdations for bedding?

Melissa U said...

Congratulations Jennifer! May God Bless You and your growing family!

Melissa U

Amanda Swilley said...

Congratulations on the new baby! I would love to see a video about staying chic and maintaining poise while going through pregnancy. I'd also love your take on traveling, especially traveling overseas, with small children: your tips on maintaining poise during stressful events during travel (like dealing with plane delays and security at the airport) and how to be prepared.

Contact said...

Congrats on the new baby Jennifer and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Would you be able to do a day-in-the-life and meal planning video?

Thank you,

Gigi said...

I had a feeling this might the news you alluded to on the last video...congratulations! What wonderful news; I'm so very happy for you and your family!

Sarah said...

Wow, congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family! I look forward to seeing how you put together a maternity ten-item wardrobe.

celkalee said...

Wonderful news, I did guess after your last video before the Holidays. You have the glow dear. Stay well. Immerse yourself in this experience. Each one is different and special. Poise and pregnancy, now that is an accomplishment!

Prairie Academy said...

Congratulations! I, too, was wondering if that might be the news you were holding back. What a wonderful blessing! I am looking forward to this year's videos. I would also be interested in how you organize your girls' toys, clothes, etc..

Maureen @Raising The Capable Student said...

Congratulations! Fabulous news!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! Such joy.

So many thanks for your wonderful blog, and for your beautiful and life-affirming books. I am a new subscriber -- and I absolutely love your writing.

Congratulations again. Much happiness for you and your family.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I would like to add my voice to requesting a 10 item maternity wardrobe. I am expecting as well..due in early July...and I would love to get some inspiration. Thank you. Megan Rowett

Patricia said...

Jennifer, I feel so excited for you, your husband, and girls adding a new baby to your family. As far as questions for 2016, it seems your other followers have the ones I wanted to see addressed already covered.

Nana said...

My God, what a great new! Congrats and God bless you!!!

Karen said...

This is fabulous! I have three children as well, and have always wanted more. In this day and time, I'm considered a "throwback"....and I take that as a complement! I wish I had been exposed to your books when my children were younger....maybe my life would have had a greater impact for the good on all three. Our actions always generally speak so much louder than words, don't they? There is still time...I guess that's just the "perfectionist" in me speaking.
Looking forward to a year of new videos and watching you blossom as your pregnancy commences. Blessings in this New Year!


Unknown said...


Congratulations to you and your family! Such a beautiful blessing! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby!!

About new topics for the blog, having two young girls myself, I would like to hear your thoughts on growing young girls into poised and graceful young women. What important steps would a mother, father or guardian have to do during toddler, childhood, adolescent years to "plant the seed" as they say. My research on this topic has brought me to lots of things, manners being the most important I've found.

While researching that, I stumbled across a video about releasing your "inner feminity" to unlock grace and poise. I am a Christian and was very, almost scared, by the talk and difference I saw when she focused on her "feminine areas" and then while she had her mind wondering and scrambled as she was rambling. Have you heard of this before? She was talking about "presence" and she was a stage coach before teaching "stage presence" or something of the sort. I've stopped watching her videos, because it made me nervous. Almost hypnotizing like effect. Just thought since you, being very helpful with cultivating grace and poise and presence, would help me understand what it is she is talking about.

Any other readers know about this as well? It's been weighing heavy on me. As in, why and have I never heard of this before and why doesn't every woman know?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Hello, Jennifer!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

As many other have stated I would love to see a 10 item pregnancy wardrobe. I would also love your thoughts on staying chic with a newborn and how to handle all of the things that come with pregnancy (baby showers, visitors, friends bringing meals, etc). I'm expecting our first child mid-August and very much want to do it well and beautifully. I'm especially excited that you are pregnant and interested in what you have to say.

Congratulations, again!

Kindest regards,

Woman of the House said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy about your new baby and wish you and your family all the best!


Hi Jennifer! Congratulations!!! So glad for you and your family! Enjoy your pregnancy and I can't wait too to discover your pregnancy ten items wardrobe!
Claire @www.apreppyperspective.com

Nancy said...

Oh, joy! How very happy I am for you. God bless you and your family.

Elisabeth said...

What amazing news!! Congratulations! Sending warm wishes and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and lots of energy! xoxo

Erin said...

A heartfelt congratulations on your happy news, Jennifer. I would love to hear about life as a mom blogger as you have, in many ways, gone against the "rules" of being a successful blogger and have still managed to be VERY successful in my eyes. So, as a woman planning her own blog in 2016 I would love to hear any advice, tips etc. on how you have managed to blog, get publishing deals and run by your own rules. Thanks so much!

Charlene said...

Congratulations!! Such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and your family.

Nana Lee said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! I am also a mother of three (all daughters)- welcome to the club! My third one was 5 years after the second, so I with age, I was more tired too. If I may give just one word of advice - delegate. Two older ones can and are eager to help with so much. Best wishes! Thanks also for your books - I recommend to all my friends.

Andrea W said...

Oh Jennifer God bless you! I am one of those who had an intuition that you might be expecting another child.

As a woman old enough to be your Mother, I feel both joy and concern for you. I know that your creative career of blogging and writing is a passion right alongside your primary vocation of motherhood and homemaking. I am sure you are wondering how you will make it all work and maintain the level of care and mindfulness that you desire in these various parts of your life. It will be full, rich, and challenging!

Your faith will see you through it all. No matter how your creative career ebbs and flows with other life priorities, I look forward to enjoying what you have to share for many years to come, Don't be afraid to "pace yourself"! I have a feeling you are in it for the long haull! ��

Enjoy this season of your life!
Andrea Winchester

Sprm said...

Congratulations !! Great news for the new year. Take care and looking forward to your posts as always :)

galant said...

Wonderful news for you and your husband and daughters. But try not to do 'too much', you will need to rest perhaps more while you are pregnant, so if blogging has to take 2nd, or 3rd or even last place, then so be it. Your family must come first, so as Andrea W says, "pace yourself."
Margaret P

Marta G. said...

Dear Jennifer, congratulations! Such a grest news!
I read 2 of your books over Xmas and I absolutely love them. I must say you put into words how I want my life to be. Thank you for this. And moreover your books give me a lot of motivation on daily basis. I would love to hear more of living 'chic' with a child. I am a mum of quite demending ;-) 2-year-old and I struggle to do all normal things let alone do them properly :-) meal planning, keeping house tidy, anything would be great :-) warm greetings from rainy Zurich.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the impending arrival, wonderful news.
Kindest wishes from Hertfordshire UK

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,
First of all congratulations! Wonderful news about the baby.

I agree with you and your "pinterest perfect" observation. I have always loved the example of the Oriental rug weavers. Those who make those beautiful rugs purposely weave in a slight mistake. Their thought is that only God can create perfection. Whenever I am feeling the perfectionist bug overtaking me, I remember those gorgeous rugs.

I think it would be interesting to have a discussion and exploration about raising poised children- boys and girls. In this "affluenza" age, the next generation is in desperate need of learning contentment, civility, and living in community.

Thanks again for your words and thoughts. You have inspired me in my writing career.
Many blessings to you and your family.
Virginia Ruth

Erika said...

Greetings from Sweden!

I second the other readers who'd like more discussions on how not to over share with others and how to stop people pleasing. Maybe also something on what letting go of perfectionism will do for us, and how we still can uphold high standards.
I also love when you talk about and analyze popular culture.

Thank you for your great work & congratulations to you and your family! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer, you look thrilled on the video! Congratulations, I'm very happy for you and your family. May this baby bring even more brightness to your lives! Emilia

Rose said...

Jennifer it's summer holiday time here so I've only just read your exciting news. I'm delighted for you all.

Maureen said...

Congratulations, Jennifer, and happy new year! Your news made me smile because I am currently expecting our first, due in August. :) Years ago, I requested a "How to Stay Chic While Expecting" post, which you graciously granted, and I have re-watched that video a couple of times since finding out my and my husband's happy news. Thank you again for creating that post.

I do have a pregnancy-related question for you. Do you continue with three meals a day while expecting, or do you include snacks? For years, I have been eating three meals a day, but lately, my appetite is all over the map, which is majorly throwing me off of my routine. I know we're all different, but I would love to know what works for you.

I really appreciate your new year's message. I agree that everyone seems to feel such pressure to be perfect, which is unrealistic and will only make us disappointed. Concentrating more on living life passionately is so much more authentic and satisfying. What a refreshing message.

Thank you again for sharing your life and your thoughts on The Daily Connoisseur. You inspire me! And again, congratulations on the wonderful news!

Unknown said...
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Polly said...

Congratulations on baby #3! Babies bring such magic to the house--and such wonder for the older sibling(s). I know it will be an exciting year for you all.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Jennifer. God bless you and your family in this new year. I love your books finnally reading Poise, love it. Jennifer I really would love to get your books in Spanish, any works in that?, I hope so; I know a lot if young ladies that need to read it and apply it. May all go well in these few months of your pregnancy. Norma Martinez NY NY

Unknown said...

Congratulations Jennifer. God bless you and your family in this new year. I love your books finnally reading Poise, love it. Jennifer I really would love to get your books in Spanish, any works in that?, I hope so; I know a lot if young ladies that need to read it and apply it. May all go well in these few months of your pregnancy. Norma Martinez NY NY

Unknown said...

2016 request. I enjoyed and appreciated your Q & A video some months back. One question in particular, of how to be presentable in the context of extreme cold temperatures, begged another for me. At the time I was living in San Antonio which gets very, very hot. So my request is to explore how to manage heat and humidity while maintaining elegance. I am equally keen on readers' tips comments as what you have to say about this, Jennifer. Thank you! Also, I'm so happy for your new addition to the family. You and yours are in my prayers.

Unknown said...

2016 request. I enjoyed and appreciated your Q & A video some months back. One question in particular, of how to be presentable in the context of extreme cold temperatures, begged another for me. At the time I was living in San Antonio which gets very, very hot. So my request is to explore how to manage heat and humidity while maintaining elegance. I am equally keen on readers' tips comments as what you have to say about this, Jennifer. Thank you! Also, I'm so happy for your new addition to the family. You and yours are in my prayers.