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My Morning Routine

Today I am sharing my morning routine with you. Everyone has different life circumstances. Some people have children, others don't. Some people commute to work, and some work from home. Everyone has a different schedule. The important thing is to find a routine that works for you. The key word being routine. I believe a regular morning routine is key to starting the day off right. Of course things happen and we don't always adhere to our regular schedule, but having the foundational bones for a regular morning schedule works wonders on your day.

In this week's video, I talk through my morning routine with you, which looks like this:

6:00am Wake up. I like to wake up before the rest of my family to have some quiet time and to get ready.

6:00am to 6:30am Time to wake up in a relaxing way: pray, read, check the news, drink water, take vitamin, cup of tea or coffee (normally coffee but I've switched to tea during the pregnancy).

6:30am to 7:00am I get ready for the day: bathe or shower, get dressed (easy with the ten-item wardrobe), le no makeup look, do hair and tidy up the bathroom/ make my bed.

7:00am to 7:15am Wake up the children. Help them get ready including brushing teeth, making beds, getting dressed, doing hair and putting away pajamas.

7:15am- 8:00am Give the children breakfast, make their lunches, eat my own breakfast, shoes and coat on. Out the door at 8:00am to walk to school.

Here is a key tip:

I always set the table for breakfast the night before and leave out waters for the children. I also set the lunch boxes out and place non-perishable lunch items in their boxes (I finish them off with the fresh items the following morning).

Check out this week's video to hear me discuss my morning routine. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

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Comments of the Week
Sweet Caroline writes:

One of the very first times of practicing hospitality as newlyweds, my husband and I asked a couple (whom we had recently met) for supper at our apartment. The couple arrived about thirty minutes early. For some reason, I didn't have my shoes on yet. I grew up in a family where you never, ever ran around barefooted if guests were present, but there was just no polite way to scamper upstairs to get my shoes on. It was awful! Then, to top it off, the lemon chess pie I made was way too tart. (As in, the pie was not edible!) Doubly awful! I am happy to inform that somehow I overcame that night, and my husband and I have gone on to host a multitude of people in our home--always with my shoes on! ;)

Sweet Caroline, I loved your story, which is so similar to my first disastrous dinner party. I am so happy you were able to recover and now enjoy the art of entertaining!

Dara writes:

This is amazing! I had no idea that other people experienced this same situation. I am 20 years old and graduated high school only a few years ago and that is when it was very difficult to accept people's comments on how I dress. I used to dress down to avoid the comments but I realized how much happier I feel when I look my best. I start to feel my best and do my best when I look on the outside how I feel on the inside!

Dara, I am so pleased that you have moved past worrying about other's comments and have joyfully embraced looking presentable always.

This week I would love to know... what is your morning routine? Do you start the day off feeling prepared or do you constantly feel like you are playing catch-up? What is your favorite part of the morning? Leave your comments below and you could be chosen as the comment of the week!

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Claudia said...

I would love the leave things out in the morning for breakfast, but unfortunately we have two cats who tend to be jerks and would spend the night pushing everything off of the table ;)

Anonymous said...

Where does your husband fit into your morning routine? Does he help at all?

My morning routine changes with the seasons. I confess that in winter, I don't follow your suggestions precisely. I get up, fix coffee and let the dog out for his morning pee, then sit and cuddle with him, enjoy my coffee, and read for a couple hours. Then I'll check email and Facebook. I feel so comfy in my long flannel granny gown that I enjoy wearing it as long as possible. Then I shower and get ready for the day. (I'm retired, so I have this luxury. I'm also a homebody, so I don't really go out much in cold weather.)

In warm weather, I shower and dress, then follow the above routine. I get out of the house more in warm weather and feel the need to dress early.

I subscribe to Carl Honore's slow living lifestyle. I do not get in a hurry for anything. Yes, I'm good at planning and organization. That helps and makes life easier.

Amy said...

Victoria Moran taught me years ago to always start the morning with "ME" time - Meditation + Exercise.

My morning goes like this:

5:00: awaken, husband brings me coffee in bed and we read in bed for 30 minutes (he reads the paper, I read spiritual literature).

5:30-6:30: at 5:30 my husband works out in our workout room and I stay in bed, write in my journal and meditate. I use a special essential oil for my meditation time.

6:30-7:00 I work out in our workout room (cardio) and either listen to the news via TuneIn radio or the disco channel on Pandora :)

7:00-7:45: shower, makeup, hair - leave for work.

I'm off on Wednesdays, so I also take additional time on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to do a weights workout.

Gigi said...

When my son was an infant, I quickly realized that waking up before him made for a MUCH smoother day (particularly since I've never been a "morning person"). My routine, now that he is in college, doesn't revolve around him anymore - but still...if my routine is interrupted the whole day just seems "off."

Rose said...

Great video Jennifer. I work full time outside the home, care for my elderly mother who lives with us, there is DH and the dog and the cat. I have to be organised, if I'm not tasks build up and become much harder to deal with.

Like you I get up earlier than everyone -- except the cat, I set the table the night before and have some time alone first thing to wake up and anticipate the day. Then a shower and make up, feed everyone, breakfast for me and then a quick whip around the house. I make sure I check my menu plan and ingredients so that dinner is straightforward.

I've learned there is nothing chic about either rushing or being lazy so I focus early and it pays dividends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your videos are my weekly 'not-so-guilty' pleasure! I am a very exhausted and sleep deprived mother of two lovely boys--a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old. I am currently on maternity leave, home with both of my children. I had a sleepless pregnancy as well, so it's been over a year now since I've had a good night's rest--I'm lucky if I get 4 hours straight! Your video has inspired me to try waking up before my kids even though I am getting so little sleep. I usually wake up with my kids around 7am, or even a bit after (my husband gets them in the morning when I need some extra time), but I find that I'm so groggy all morning and don't have time to put myself together.
I am wondering if you could elaborate more on other strategies/philosophies/perspectives that help you maintain your energy, positivity and poise when you are absolutely exhausted with the kids. I find if I squeeze in a nap during the day, meal prep runs late. If I don't nap, I'm lethargic throughout the day. If I go to the gym in the evening, I don't have much time with my husband or other errands after work. I LOVE motherhood, but this exhaustion permeates my daily life and even my conversations with my friends and family. What would an exhausted Daily Connoisseur do? :)

Polly said...

This is a great topic! I have been formulating a "morning routine" post in my mind for a while now. My own is also to wake early, ideally between 5-5:30 (this only works now that I have children who sleep through the night!). My husband leaves for work around this time, so I am truly alone in the house! I like to exercise, shower, dress, and then drink my tea/coffee, eat my breakfast, and do my writing. By the time all that is done it's usually around 7:30 and I start making breakfast and starting my morning chores (I have a list of things I do every morning). My children typically rise around 8:00 and for the next hour I feed them, finish my morning chores, and supervise their chores. School starts in the 9:00 hour.

Some days I am very tired, so I sleep later. If I sleep until 6:00 I will abbreviate my writing or my workout. Some days I wake very early and skip the workout in favor of writing. And some days if I'm just really tired, I get up at 8:00 with my children! Then my morning routine is simply showering, breakfasting and chores.

I dearly love my alone time in the morning. It is such a refreshing way to start the day and I always feel glad to be up ahead of everyone...except my husband. He's the earliest bird I've ever met. :)

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'aime me lever très tôt et profiter de ce début de matinée... Comme j'adore cuisiner, plus tard je prends plaisir à le faire...
Mais généralement je n'aime pas trop vivre une routine et si les choses doivent changer pourquoi pas !

Gros bisous ♡

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I love hearing about other people's routines and it's nice to know that no matter how different our lives may be that a routine really does make life better and more manageable.

I like a routine beginning in the day and the night before I set out our coffee cups out on a paper towel and the coffee is ready to go. Our cats eat on china plates and they are washed and ready for the morning, as well (I'm one of those people who feel we must respect our furry family as much as we respect ourselves when it comes to daily living and freshly-washed plates, on a daily basis, for our cats is an essential part of our family living and routine).

I get up at 7 a.m. every day and we make our bed, first thing. Then, I greet our two cats and start with cleaning the cats' room (they sleep in their own room to avoid any disruption of our sleep. In fact, our vet who comes to care for our elderly Shaded Silver Persian, and the love of my life, told me "these cats have it made," and I had to laugh.) I have a soft, cuddly bed under my desk in my office where my little one sleeps as I work on the computer.

Even though we are retired and have no children, we have held to a routine and it brings such peace and comfort in our day. Everything unfolds so much easier with a routine, as you mention and share so beautifully, Jennifer.

This is an aside, but I was wondering, do you ever drink coffee, Jennifer, or are you strictly a tea drinker? Also, do you avoid caffeine now that you are pregnant, or do you consume caffeine at other times? You look wonderful and I can't wait to hear more and see more in your upcoming videos with the topics you mentioned covering in the future.

Anonymous said...

I, too, get up earlier than everyone else (in my case, a husband and three parrots), and I have a rigid routine that I do in a certain order. It really helps me do what I have to do in record time AND also get some ME time before the day starts. It is also helpful to have a routine that one can do even when brain-dead for times that one is feeling sub-par -- either from being sick, a bad night's sleep, or whatever. I first make my tea, do a mise-en-place for breakfast, set the lunch table (our big meal of the day), and start the fire in the fireplace (in the winter). Then I do a few exercises, meditate, do my affirmations, and spend some time online (that would be NOW). Then I get dressed -- I usually have set out my clothes the night before AND I also shower and wash my hair in the evening to make my mornings more seamless. Minimal makeup if I am staying home, a bit more if OI am going out. By then, it's time to wake up husband and birds and have breakfast. It all is seamless as long as no one throws a wrench into the works -- like if The Hubs can't sleep and decides to get up early, which wakes the birds up. Then, all bets are off, and my day begins chaotically. Fortunately, those days are RARE.

Lillian said...

Love this :)

Mornings have become my favorite part of the day, because I have a very reliable routine. I would like to have the discipline to create a nightly routine too, but I find that responsibilities throughout the day can carry over into the evening, and besides cooking dinner for myself, I feel guilty putting away my work too long before I go to bed. When you are working on your books, how do you discipline yourself to make sure you have a relaxing moment before bed?

7-7:15 wake up, stretch -- sometimes snooze a little more
7:15 shower
7:25 skin care/dry my hair
7:40 select my outfit for the day
7:45 apply finishing touches (select accessories/le no makeup look)
7:50 make coffee/breakfast (usually something easy like yogurt or cereal, and I always have fresh fruit)
8:15 clean dishes, leave fresh water and food for the cat
8:30 out the door

Something nice about my work is our direct access to a large fridge and microwave. My lunch is almost always leftovers from the dinner I made the night before, packed in a ceramic container that I can microwave.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I wanted to ask you if your children have a ten-item wardrobe since you said your oldest daughter selects her clothes in the morning. I'm a twin and I loved choosing what to wear for elementary school, because my sister likes to sleep in.

galant said...

I was wondering what your husbands was up to while you were doing all this? Perhaps lolling in bed or perhaps working?
Now we're retired husband and I have given up on set routines. We go with the flow, whatever we feel like. We don't always sleep well, so thankfully we don't now have to get up when the alarm says it's time to get up. Often we're still in bed at 9.15 pm, especially in winter when it's dark and cold outside and we're glad we can have coffee in bed, sometimes breakfast in bed, and read the paper until we feel like getting up. Routines are fine when you're young, when you have children to whom you must set a good example, when you have work to go to, but once over the retirement hill, it's lovely to set routines aside and go with the flow. We are very much light-led and in spring, as the days become longer we will get up earlier, but not until then. But you have a good morning routine that obviously suits you and your family.
PS We mightn't have a set routine but we're not slobs. I always shower, wash my hair, dry my hair, make up, put on clean clothes, dress fairly smartly, even if we're not going out. And we always make the bed. Doesn't everyone?
Margaret P

galant said...

PS I meant we're often still in bed at 9.15 am!!!
Margaret P

wholeheartedmom said...

Hi Jennifer,
As a mom f 11, I am in wholehearted agreement that routine is essential to having a morning that works for everyone. Mornings happen anyway, so why not be in control and not just survive, but thrive?

Charlene said...

Enjoyed hearing about your morning routine but I too wondered where your husband fits in. Then I remembered that when my children were small, my husband was usually off to work very early or out of town on business. I look forward to your post on children (even though I have grandchildren now) and am curious about the kid equivalent of the 10 piece wardrobe. In my opinion all children should have limited wardrobes because they outgrow them so fast. Love hearing your posts and am always impressed by your self discipline and common sense approach.

Summer Smith said...

My youngest (10 months) often gets up at 5:30. I know he will grow out of this but at this point I often feel like I'm playing catch up because 5 just seems way to early to get up, but maybe that's what I need to start doing. Thank you always for your inspiration. I know that the day and I work so much better when i just get up and get ready!

Jane said...

My Goodness this is so on time, Jennifer. I have been making some small steps toward de-cluttering and simplifying, but honestly as a stay-at-home-mother without a morning routine I find myself making so many excuses for why I am still in a bathrobe even into the evenings on some days! The truth is I just haven't developed the self-discipline to get myself together. When my husband has a day off I have an impetus to get ready to go out, but if I know I will be home all day I will excuse myself from looking presentable as "no one will see me." The truth is my son sees me everyday, and setting a good example for him should be reason enough. However, it took a surprise visit from my brother-in-law and his wife the other afternoon, while I was in said robe, to realize that it was in my best interest to start taking some pride in my appearance. I was totally mortified. I would never leave the house looking like that, so why subject myself and everyone around me to looking at a woman who literally resembles an Abilify ad, wearing that all-too-comfortable fluffy blue robe? I don't want to be a hot mess (visual clutter) anymore! I am going to start implementing a morning routine because I know deep down, I have been waking up on the wrong side of the bed and staying stuck and wishing I could "catch up." I am going to try to model my routine after some of you ladies! Thanks for sharing & inspiring!

Ashu Nair said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your morning routine 😊.Could you please do a video on dating and relationships? I think many of us would appreciate some advice on this subject.

Thank you.

Ashu Nair said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your morning routine 😊.Could you please do a video on dating and relationships? I think many of us would appreciate some advice on this subject.

Thank you.

iro karountzou said...

Hi Jennifer,

i'd love to watch a video about breakfast time!! Maybe on a lazy Sunday when you have time to prepare something more special.

Thank you!!I love your videos!

Anonymous said...

Daily routines are always interesting to read! It seems a bit funny because I feel like it quite possibly could fall into the "dry & boring" category, but somehow we are all encouraged and inspired in our own quests for morning discipline. Thank you for sharing!


Charitie Martino said...

I am also wondering if you are planning on filming a work routine/productivity inspiration? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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