# Reader Questions Answered

Q&A Part One

In this week's segment of reader questions answered, I answer your questions and take on some fun topics, including writing motivation, being chic at home with children, social anxiety at parties and traveling (long-haul) flights with children. If you are unable to see the video above, click here, look in the sidebar of this blog, or visit my channel: www.youtube.com/TheDailyConnoisseur

This is a long video, so below are the times in the video where I discuss each topic.

0:33 I discuss the my work/ writing routine

3:55 I discuss being chic & poised with small children

9:00 How to deal with social awkwardness at parties

12:40 Traveling overseas with small children

Be sure to tune into next week's video for part 2, where we will discuss morning routine and dealing with exhaustion throughout the day.

If you would like to submit a question for the next Q&A segment, please leave your question in the comment section below.

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Comments of the Week

Deb writes:

All of your values here are identical to those I used with my sons when they were young. You are sharing worthwhile techniques here and whilst my sons are young men now, they have maintained this discipline throughout and we've never had issues with untidiness or not looking after their things or being disrespectful of others belongings. Some of my friends have really untidy teenagers/young adults and I think it is because they always picked up after them, did everything for them when they were young and they were not given the life skills and consistency. Children are not born civilised, it is up to us to show them the way on every level and I'll admit that can be a lot of repetition and hard work. We do reap what we sow though. Also I want my future daughter-in-laws to enjoy the benefits of living with well-trained men in the future! Hoping your pregnancy is well. Thanks and regards, Deb

Hi Deb, thanks for your input on raising tidy children. It's great to hear that your sons are continuing their tidy habits into adulthood!

Emily M. writes:

We form an opinion about the people we meet within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, many people know this statistic. But it is alarming how many people do not seem to recognize the significance of this number. In 7 seconds you are not sharing with another person your kind nature or your sense of humor or your honesty, you are sharing only your appearance. Now opinions can and should change based on the evidence presented, however we don't always have that opportunity. If you are stopped by a police officer, or run into a potential client at the supermarket, or need to ask an airline attendant for a favor, wouldn't you want to give yourself the advantage of looking like a mature, responsible adult?

Hi Emily, I loved your observations about first impressions. Yet another compelling argument for why what we wear matters.

This week I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the subjects discussed in this week's video. Be sure to leave me a comment and your comment might be chosen as comment of the week.

See you next time for part 2 of the Q&A. Have a wonderful week!

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Sonya said...

Thank you for being so real and encouraging about life with small children-- I needed that today!

Kristina said...

Thanks for part 1 Q&A. I would like to see a video on home entertaining for Easter. Also, I noticed you didn't do a 7 day 10 item wardrobe for this past fall/winter wardrobe. I really missed that this season and I was hoping you could still do it using a friend to model (because I know you're pregnant) or perhaps by just pairing items together. Will you be skipping the 10 item wardrobe for this spring/summer? I would also love to see a future videos on home organization. Lastly, in your Le no makeup video, I noticed you first put on foundation but it was not listed. Did you use one of the two concealers you listed as your foundation instead? Thanks Jennifer, I really enjoy all your posts.

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for including a link to my blog!


Woman of the House said...

I'm an introvert too, but most people don't realize it because over the (many) years, I have learned how to converse with people and draw them out. Before I go to a social event (even if it's just lunch with a friend), I think of two to three things that I can ask about. If I know the person well, they can be specific things, but if I'll be meeting new people, I keep it more general (i.e. ask about jobs, children). Being armed with ready-made conversation starters is key. I find that when I ask people about themselves, they will sometimes run with the conversation and I hardly have to talk at all, but some follow-up question always presents itself, so I can ask that next if I need to. I try to be genuinely interested in the person, and let me tell you, most people are thrilled to know someone will listen to them and cares enough to find something out about them. If I see someone sitting off alone and disengaged, I'll make it a point to talk to that person. A lot of introverts detest small talk, but I've learned to look at it as a necessary step to really getting to know someone. Yes, I am tired at the end of social events because it's hard for introverts like me, but it is worth expending the energy to make someone else feel welcomed and a part of things.

Charitie Martino said...

Your thoughts on every topic in this video - especially conversation amongst new individuals - are spot on. As appealing as "the ten secrets to perfect conversation" or "the fail-safe 25 conversation starters" might be, oftentimes we simply need to be self-assured in the sense that failure is perfectly acceptable and communication will always be a growing process. If we pressure ourselves into performing, by proving our identity as a witty conversationalist, than our minds will be consumed with this thought and this thought only, clouding any effort to engage honestly with someone. Humility and integrity are the necessary ingredients of a conversation.

Charitie Martino
Vis à Vis

snappyjaye said...

Thank you for this video, Jennifer. I really liked what you said about keeping a positive (and adventurous : ) attitude about traveling with young children. It was a good reminder before a long trip we're making without my husband over spring break. My three children are good travelers, but I still get anxious each time before we leave. You have been such an inspiration to me - as a mother, a homemaker, and a creative person. Seeing how you prioritize being presentable and making time for creative endeavors shows me it's possible to do those things and still take care of my family...and that I'm not the only one that cares to try to fit those things into my life. Any way...I'd love to hear more about your writing. Are you writing any fiction?

Nana said...

Thanks for this video. Its pretty nice to get to know you better.
Kisses and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I love your videos! You have such a great demeanor in all of your videos.

I'm glad your travels went so well with your kids. I need travel tips on how to remain chic when you aren't so lucky and your 1 year old screams for entire flights. Maintaining a positive attitude is much harder when your fellow passengers are shooting daggers at you and your baby won't stop crying.

Looking forward to future videos (and books)!

Rose said...

Jennifer I so admire you for keeping it real, that's why I keep reading/viewing here.

A link for writers interested in routines Is: http://jamesclear.com/daily-routines-writers

Joanna said...

Hi Jennifer,

I would like to ask you how do you plan your work, longterm goals and shorterm - simply your day? How to keep balance between work and your life in case of a freelance job? How to work in such a way that you could keep the deadlines but not neglect your health and family? I tend to overwork beacuse I worry that I will be late and then I'm so tired and stressed, that in the end I work more slowly. Personally I have also a problem with dividing work and my own life when I work at home. It is more dificcult when there is no clear distinction and your are in the same space all the time. So when I work I feel guilty that I'm not taking care of my home and the other way round. How to do it all? Do you have any tips of your own?
Lots of love,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you for your comments ladies! I have added your questions to the list.

Kristina- The foundation I used in the recent makeup video was Chanel CC cream. It should have been linked on the blog. Thank you!

Christina said...

Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy. For a future Q&A video I would love to know what you do to take care of it?

Erin said...

Loved hearing all the questions and answers on this video. Thought I'd share a video I made back in 2011 on how to fly with children. It has helped many a parent fly with ease. I am Canadian but live in England so we fly often - tips tried and true. Here's the link in case you or others are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLt5gsHV-uQ

Rustam Sayal said...

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