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French Weight Loss Secrets Part 2- No Deprivation!

Our mini-series on French weight loss secrets continues today, with my second lesson from Madame Chic: deprive yourself not.

It was a strange paradox: when I lived in Paris we ate such decadent food all the time, yet no one I knew was overweight. How was that possible?

Here are just some of my observations.

I observed that the French:

Did not deprive themselves of decadent food.

Had a healthy attitude toward the food they were eating.

Were eating meals in a very civilized and conscience way.

And the portion sizes are not too large.

I hope you check out today's video to learn more about how not depriving yourself of the food you love can help aide in your weight loss or in maintaining a healthy weight!

Comments of the Week
Emma B writes: What a wonderful video. I had a real lightbulb moment when I first read 'Lessons from Madame Chic'. Reading your book really helped me take control of my eating and in particular, my snacking and 3 years on it's still helping me maintain a healthy approach to food, so thank you.

Hi Emma, I'm so happy that Lessons from Madame Chic encouraged you to take a healthy approach to eating. Wonderful!

Jude T writes: I can't remember where I read it but the French 'pay attention' to the food they eat which is what you are also alluding to, if you eat something, to be aware of it.

Hi Jude, I love that. We are being rude to our food if we don’t pay attention to it!

Today, I would love to know... what are your experiences with food and deprivation? Do you have a healthy attitude toward eating? Are there any changes you'd like to make? Let me know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week!

See on you Friday for the last post in this mini-series. We will be discussing exercise...

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Allie said...

From a person who has safely used short-term fasting in order to lose weight, it seems like the French employ a similar strategy by not snacking, eating their calories during breakfast/lunch/dinner and having a mini-fast between each. This helps reduce the overall calories consumed in a day. For me, while in between meals, it really helps to talk to myself like, "In just one hour, you're going to be able to eat some of that fantastic leftover lasagna and a crisp salad." It feels like I'm reassuring my body that food is on the way, so there is no need to worry that I'm not eating at that moment, or that I'm missing out by not eating the last muffin in the lunch room.

Allie said...

I just wanted to add that you just need to stick with it. You won't notice a difference a first, then out of the blue your pants will be looser, or people will comment that you look different. Good choices, every day, over time, yield amazing results!

Amanda said...

Bonjour, Jennifer! I have enjoyed reading your blog and your diet tips are wonderful reminders even for us who live in France. I live on the Swiss border and I believe we have the best cheese and chocolate in the world. It's true that no one here deprives themselves and there is no guilt about indulgence. As regards snacking, I meet up with friends several times a week for coffee/tea and no one ever has food with it. When I'm in America it seems like people often have food socially. Here you will not be offered food between meals even if you're at someone's house for hours. Funny, right? Maybe it's a reflection of the people? Americans are friendly and casual with everything food included. French are formal and respectful food included. I love living in France but occasionally our family has an American evening and eats popcorn on the couch while watching a movie. It's ok as long as you're aware of your actions, respect your food and respect yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I bet you've never dealt with any sort of food addiction.
For some, just as with cigarettes or alcohol, moderation is not possible with certain food triggers. The act of not purchasing the product or not going to certain restaurants IS the act of self control or moderation because having the food item in the house is not worth the temptation.