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Madame Chic Japan Vlog 2016

Hello Daily Connoisseurs,

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with your family! I really wanted to do a Thanksgiving post this year, but with my trip to Japan the week prior to Thanksgiving, I was unable to get that done. If you haven't seen my Thanksgiving tablescape blog from last year, you can check it out here.

This week's video shares my recent trip to Japan with you. I traveled with the baby to Tokyo to shoot a television show. Thank you so much to the Japanese readers who have embraced my books so enthusiastically. I am so grateful to you and simply love visiting your country!

Here I am with the director and crew for the on-location shoot.

In this video you will see my makeup artist sessions, my hotel room, what I ate, where I shopped, local culture and sights as well as a few funny episodes involving a complicated washing machine and a Japanese face mask! The most exciting thing about the vlog, however, is that you get to meet my baby boy, who was such a delightful companion on this trip.

My little man. Everyone who met him said he is so "Kawaii"!

We are outside the National Art Center after visiting the Dali exhibit.

Going over my lines in the greenroom before the big shoot!

The Madame Chic books were featured at the front of the airport bookstore!

Regarding the Japanese drugstore items I show in the video, I found some of them on Amazon. If you are interested in them, here are the links:
LuLuLun Japanese moisture face mask

Kate Tokyo brown shade eyes eyeshadow (I have shade BR3, but could not find that on Amazon, so here is the link to BR1, which is quite similar).

Brow Lash Ex eyebrow pencil. (I am not sure if this is the shade I picked up at the drugstore, but it looks similar, and actually better, for my coloring.)

I hope you enjoy this week's video, Japan Vlog 2016.

Japanese viewers: The television show I am appearing on is Nippon Television's The Most Useful School in the World, airing Saturday, December 3rd. I do hope you check it out and please let me know how you like it!

Comments of the Week
Anonymous writes:
Bonjour Jennifer,

As for tights, I always put them with my damp hands and with my palm in contact with my tights and not with my legs. It's a bit strange but doing so I avoid ruining them from the very first time.
When buying thin and expensive tights, I often choose the superior size.
And before washing, I put them in a special bag.

Thanks for all your posts.

Hi Anon, those are great tips, thank you! I also wash my stockings in a mesh laundry bag to prevent tears. And many times, my nails, jewelry or heels have caught on the tights causing a snag. I like how you deal with those issues.

Kathleen writes:
Hi Miss Jennifer!

One of the things in which I delight about my own ten item wardrobe is ease of packing! When I was young, my mother always told me, "Packing is simple as long as your clothes are clean." and yet I found myself frequently dithering over what I might like to wear followed by later regret that I had not chosen something else. I've amended her advice to, "Packing is simple provided your clothes have been chosen with care and they are currently clean." The last 5 week long trips I have taken I've simply moved my ten items from my closet, to the smaller of my two suitcases (including the hangers), added underpinnings, a bathing suit, my travel toiletries, and called it an enjoyable 15 minutes. I've found that I am always overpacked but never feel as if I'm lacking in any area.

On the subject of pantyhose, when I was in college my sister and I used to tell each other, "Never wear a skirt without hose!" And we would thoroughly enjoy how fantastic our legs looked. As I've gained responsibility and a desire to skip that step while getting dressed we have modified the statement to, "Your legs will look better in hose." Less totalitarian and more motivational!

My favorite brand of hose is, Leggs: Sheer Energy; Medium Support, Control Top. They are about 4.50 a pair and I can wear one pair of them between 7 and 14 times (sometimes more!) Before they tear or run.

Thank you for the video!


Hi Kathleen, thank you for your great comment! I also love the ease of packing with the ten-item wardrobe. In fact, I recommend that people who have a hard time doing a ten-item wardrobe, pack one for a long vacation. They will see the benefits on their trip, like the ease of dressing and the ability to look presentable and stylish. Thank you, also, for sharing your pantyhose recommendation. I have found that Amazon sell the Leggs control top tights you recommend in a 4-pack for just over $16, which is definitely more affordable than most pantyhose I have seen on the market.

I hope you enjoy this week's video! Please let me know what your favorite parts of the vlog were. What do you love about Japan? Let me know in the comment section below, and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Lucia P said...

Thank you for the drugstore haul! And for the whole video. What a treat. Your little guy is just darling.
That washing machine looked beyond complicated. Again, I am one of your drugstore haul fans, so thanks!


AB said...

OMG. Your son is sooo cute! What a smiling happy boy ❤️ I usually don't comment but I watch all of your videos and they are very inspirational! Glad to see you get such an interesting opportunity with the Japanese TV show!

Raine Mertz said...

Thank you so much for this and for talking about breastfeeding! Your trip looks like it was amazing and I can't wait to try that facial mask even though it did look scary lol

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you had a great time in Japan! The city looked so clean and I was really impressed (even though I used to live there). And yes, people take fashion seriously there. I'll be there this Winter so I hope I get to see you on TV there! Congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

When I am in museums in Manhattan, I am always impressed by the elegance of the visitors. They often look like part of the exhibition. I wonder if California is the most casual place in the United States.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

You mentioned in a clothing care video that you use a pill stone or sweater stone on your knit sweaters.

I finally invested in a couple of nice sweater and am very curious as to which pill stone you use. My research has unearthed so too many options with a mixture of reviews.



Vicki Zimmerman said...

Jennifer, it was an absolute delight traveling with you, virtually, and I so enjoyed seeing your experiences, and, especially, your little man, who is so well-behaved and poised in his own right. You looked amazing and thank you for sharing all the cultural highlights with us in your Vlog. So, did you ever go back to the drug store and buy a darker shade of the eyebrow pencil? Your dresses looked so pretty, as did your makeup throughout the video, and with your beautiful skin, your natural look is pretty, too. Also, from your earlier "packing" video, you mentioned that you took one pair of black tights and three pairs of nylons, two of which were the Donna Karan nude and the Commando nude. Was the third pair a see-through black or another pair of tights? As we've been experiencing cooler weather, even here in California, I'm curious about your color choices on the nylons. Welcome home and thank you for sharing those wonderful moments with your little one.

Daesman said...

Hello Jennifer,
What a fun video! Your son is absolutely delightful. He is indeed a poised baby and seems calm and interested in the world- just like his Mama. It was wonderful to see a glimpse into your trip, Japanese food and culture, and the great beauty products. As always, what I appreciate most is your authenticity. Thank you for making poise attainable, genuine, and sometimes less than airbrushed-perfect.
I also want to thank you for introducing me to the Chanel eye-shadow palates and blushes. As a woman of color with a yellow skin undertone, I have never previously been drawn to Chanel. Sadly, their foundation colors never work very well on my skintone. However, because of your resounding praise, I have tried their eyeshadow palate and blush. There is simply no going back to anything else. Their colors, textures, and quality are beyond compare. So as with so many other things- thank you! Happy Holidays to the Family Connoisseur.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your vlog! I really needed a good laugh, and your battle with Japanese appliances delivered. :-) By the way, have you looked into the new Netflix original The Crown? It might help fill the void left by Downtown Abbey.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the vlog of your Japan adventure and how nice to have your little one with you. As for your search for a good eyebrow kit/pencil, I've really liked using Urban Decay's Brow Box. They have a kit for blondes and one for brunettes. I purchased mine at Ulta and use a Real Techniques eyebrow brush to apply( though the kit does come with a small brush, I prefer a longer handle.).
Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring blog and books and congratulations on all your success.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

RE putting on sheer hosiery...I learned from my mother when I was a little girl (I'm 69 now) to wear a pair of cotton gloves (the 'old fashioned' white ones) when putting on hosiery and tights. Scrunch one leg at-a-time down to the toe and work the stocking up gently to the knee (for pantyhose types), then do the other leg. Stand up and work up the rest to the waist. This works beautifully and saves punching a nail, especially long thumbnails, through the stocking. I still have the pair of gloves my Mother used. I keep them in my stocking drawer and enjoy a lovely memory every time I put on hosiery. Higher-end department stores still sell gloves, but the nicest and most beautiful (and usually less expensive) can be found in antique stores - also, great-grandmother's attic for free!