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Getting the Guest Bedroom Ready

My aunt and uncle came to stay the night with us. They are moving out of their house of 37 years and relocating to Southern California! We are so excited to be closer to them. In this week's video, come along with me as I get the guest bedroom ready for them. You'll also get an updated guest bedroom tour. Although we haven't bought anything new, we've changed it all around. I like this arrangement the best.

I hope you will enjoy this week's video. The music in the video is Summer Waltz. Copyright free music from Epidemic Sounds.

The Madame Chic Collection makes the perfect gift! Order yours in time for the holidays from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Comments of the Week
TheThe Wool Fairy writes:

I do agree, females are much easier to buy for than males! I have two boys (ages 10 and 11) and here's a good book suggestion for boys on the subject of etiquette. My 11 year old son actually read and enjoyed this book, which speaks volumes: 50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know by John Bridges. He told me he found the handshake chapter and how to accept a compliment most helpful (; It's modern and "readable" for a young boy in the pre-teen/teen years. I love the Madame Chic series and was looking for something similar to pass along to my sons. Maybe someday as your little guy grows up you will come up with a Mr. Chic series for young boys..hint. hint. Happy Holidays Jennifer and thanks for another year of providing your readers with inspiration.

Thank you, Wool Fairy, for your reading recommendation. I would love to write an etiquette book for the young Monsieur Chics of the world one day :)

Rain writes:

I never considered scheduling "the little things" that make the season special, into the calendar. Great ideas!

Hi Rain, I love scheduling the little things! It's freeing up my schedule even more this year and I've even had time to play the piano and read my Victoria and English Home magazines. Both of those activities are rare these days for me!.

Question of the Week
On YouTube, Dianne writes:
I love all these suggestions. I am constantly stumped by my men gifts. What to buy adult men that they really will like. Any ideas?

Hi Dianne, My father had his 70th birthday last week and we got him a digital photo frame. He absolutely loves it! I would have added it in my gift guide but the timing was off. I think it makes a great gift for a man. With the Nixplay app, family and friends can easily send pictures that instantly upload to the frame. Very cool!

This week I would love to know... are you having guests stay with you over the holidays? What do you like to do to get their room ready? Let me know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog!

If you have a question to submit, I might answer it in a question of the week, or I might include it in an upcoming Q&A video.

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Katya said...

Hi Jennifer! I loved watching this video. My favorite part was the guest soaps AND the view outside the window :-) (Especially from a cold and snowed in Chicago!) One thing I love to TRY and do for our guest room is collect soaps from hotels that we visit (the extra ones we don't use) and have those waiting for guests to choose from in a basket. I also love to TRY (and this does not always happen) and make the bed with fresh sheets as soon as a guest leaves, because it is kind of like making myself a present and relieving myself of a job for the next time that we have overnight company. It's such a breath of fresh air knowing that is off of my checklist when someone asks to spend the night!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that looks like me changing the duvet cover. What a task! How do you get yours so smooth? I have one from Pottery Barn but my attempts to iron it are not great. It's so large I cannot find a way to do it well. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

Your make up looks especially pretty in this video! I am inspired to bring the towels and fresh soap into the guest room. I have always just had them out in the bathroom.

Unknown said...

i love everything about this video! i'm inspired by the simplicity of your guest bedroom. i've been itching to redo my guest room with something more simple. i'm loving the scandinavian look lately and craving minimalism. your room is beautiful and cozy looking. I love the simple duvet with basics pillows and just a throw at the end of the bed. perfect! something i always try to do when i have overnight guests is get a small arrangement of fresh flowers to set out in their room and light a mild candle for a few hours before they arrive.

Unknown said...


Thank you for sharing this video. I have purchased all of your books and have enjoyed them all. Thank you for writing them. I'm wondering what inspired you to create a You Tube channel. Did the channel come after or before you published your books.


PLL said...

For the past few years I host a family Christmas brunch. Part of my family live out of town and will be staying with me a couple of nights. To make them feel comfortable and welcome, I will freshen up my guest room in much the same way that you do in your video. And keeping in the spirit of the season, I will add needlepoint Christmas pillows to the bed and in the guest bathroom a scented pine candle and a basket with Christmas hand towels will welcome them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, I enjoyed your Books and you inspire me!!

You have a beautiful Guestroom, and made it very nicely for your guests, but I was very surprised wenn you first changed the sheets and AFTER jumped into the bed - walking around the clean Sheets. That was a small "minus" in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I am thoroughly inspired by this video. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

When people stay in our guest room I put a little decanter of water with a glass on the nightstand so they don't have to fumble around in the dark to the kitchen. I also keep the nightstand stocked with an extra charger, eye mask, tissues, and Tylenol. The guest bathroom has a very odd way to turn the shower on so I put up a little chalkboard signs with instructions so the guest doesn't have to get dressed again to come find me for help.
When I lived in DC I also kept a binder with tourist maps and brochures for guests to go through.