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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It's time for my annual holiday gift guide. I'm really excited about my choices this year! Let's dive right into it.

Carrot Top Paper Shop
Jenny Williams, founder of Carrot Top Paper Shop, is a talented artist with a brilliant idea. She creates portraits of literary heroines. What a wonderful gift to inspire young girls. With so many dubious role models out there today, gifting a young girl with a portrait or quote from Anne of Green Gables can give her something beautiful to look up to. I adore Jenny's work! She is offering a 25% off discount to all readers of The Daily Connoisseur. Simply use the code, MADAMECHIC at checkout. This code is good through December 20th, 2016. Thank you, Jenny!

Lillian Vernon personalized rolling luggage for kids. My daughters really love to prepare for a trip (gosh, I don't know where they get that from!). They get really detailed about how they pack, so I just know they are going to adore these personalized suitcases with their names on them. The above picture shows various styles from their website.

Chatbooks is a new app that I am loving! You can create photo albums from your smartphone. You can either create a custom album (which would make a great gift, especially for family far away), or create a series from your Facebook or Instagram pictures, or from the "Favorites" on your iPhone. Click this link to get your first book for free.
I recently started the "favorites" series where Chatbooks send me an album every time my phone accumulates 60 favorites. I received all 8 volumes of my favorites yesterday and I love them. I suggest getting the hardbound books, they seem more durable than the soft cover (which I have ordered in the past).

Buns, Braids and Twists by Christina Butcher and The New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith. These books make fun and interesting presents. It's fun to try the hairstyles on yourself and others.

Personalized stationery makes a thoughtful gift. It doesn't have to be the fancy kind, a simple notepad can be very appreciated. I made mine on Zazzle.

My gift guide could not be complete without mentioning The Madame Chic Collection. It truly makes the perfect gift! If you have loved reading the Madame Chic books and know someone who would love them too, this is an affordable and attractive way to buy all three. Buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

I do hope you check out today's video for more on all of these gift ideas.

Ballerina, Kathryn Morgan, features The Madame Chic Collection in her annual holiday gift guide video. Thank you, Kathryn!

If you missed my appearance on Nippon TV's THE MOST USEFUL SCHOOL IN THE WORLD, you can see it here.

Comments of the Week
Isabela writes: Hi Jennifer,
I really liked this planning video. I think scheduling minor activities, like baking or going to the movies, would be helpful during summer breaks too, so I wouldn't lose all my leisure time binge watching on Netflix.
Also, My aunt just bought tickets for the nutcracker for us! I'm so happy that I wanted to share it with you. Many great solo dancers from around the globe will perform, including a principal dancer from the Royal Ballet in London, who, like me, is Brazilian.
I Love your books,

Thank you, Isabela! Yes, I find that planning for all holidays and breaks in a similar manner to what I showed in Monday's post makes for a fun and meaningful time. Have a wonderful time at the Nutcracker!

Laura W writes:

Jennifer, seeing this list brought back so many memories of when my boys were little. I especially loved the movie night. We had a Friday night movie night too! Just like when I was little, Sunday night seemed to be the T.V. night with homemade popcorn or black cows and watched the Walt Disney Show and the F.B.I. These shows date me but such happy times.

Hi Laura, movie night means so much to my children. They look forward to it every week! There's something about the routine and anticipation of it. I loved hearing about your movie nights when your boys were younger. Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Let me know what your favorite gifts are this year. I would also love to hear a memory of your favorite gift as a child. Remember, your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog!

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Rachele said...

Zazzle was really fun! I spent quite a bit of time selecting and customizing post it's, pens and notebooks for three of my colleagues...

A couple comments:

First, they have So. Much. Stuff. Kind of overwhelming. I found I could add the color into the search bar which made things a bit easier.

And after about an hour of decisions and designs, I went to check out. Their shipping is RIDICULOUS. They were going to charge me separately to ship the pens, the notebooks, and the sticky notes. I can sign up for a year of unlimited two day shipping for 39.95 (the standard shipping would not have sent the items in time...estimated 12/23), but I don't know if I would order enough from them to justify that membership price. In fairness, they do have a 30 day free trial on their $9.95 standard shipping membership, but again, don't expect your gifts until very close to Christmas.

So while this is a great gift idea, anyone considering this might want to be prepared for that aspect before they invest a significant amount of time designing, etc.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm sorry you had that experience! I wish I had a contact at Zazzle so I could ask them about it. When I ordered my stationery I don't remember anything like that and I ordered multiple things. I also remember either cheap or free shipping. (If it's not cheap or free shipping, I don't order it online). If I find anything out I will let you know!



Anonymous said...

You might want to rethink emblazoning your child's name on his/her luggage. Do you really want any stranger to know your child's name? This goes for anything that can be easily seen in public. In private it's a whole different thing; put names on anything in a bedroom or around the house. Why not err on the side of careful?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Anon,
I agree regarding personalized luggage for airports and such but these are weekender size bags that we will most likely use to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, etc.

Lissa said...

Great gift ideas, Jennifer. As always, I love your posts! Have a Wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2017.

Warm Regards,

madeofmydreams said...

Oh, I do believe your daughters will love their luggage! I remember being around 8 years old and packing my own things into a vintage Amelia Earhart train case that had been handed down to me! It is delightful and very grown up feeling to have and pack one's own luggage for trips!

Your box set is wrapped and under the tree for me (my grandfather gave me money and asked me to buy a gift for myself), my sister-in-law, and my English pen pal! I certainly feel in the Christmas Spirit!


The Wool Fairy said...

I do agree, females are much easier to buy for then males! I have two boys (ages 10 and 11) and here's a good book suggestion for boys on the subject of etiquette. My 11 year old son actually read and enjoyed this book, which speaks volumes: 50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know by John Bridges. He told me he found the handshake chapter and how to accept a compliment most helpful (; It's modern and "readable" for a young boy in the pre-teen/teen years. I love the Madame Chic series and was looking for something similar to pass along to my sons. Maybe someday as your little guy grows up you will come up with a Mr. Chic series for young boys..hint. hint. Happy Holidays Jennifer and thanks for another year of providing your readers with inspiration.


Trophykart said...

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Ali Kettmer said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you so much for this video. Anne of green gables and Elizabeth Bennett are my favorite characters!
Do you have any other suggestions for gifts for men? (Perhaps what you are getting for Mr. Connoisseur)
Thank you,