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Planning for Christmas 2016

In today's video, I show you how I plan for the Christmas season.

After many years of hectic Christmases, I have found that planning and organizing as much as I can makes for a less stressful season and allows me to accomplish much more.

My process is two-fold. First I make a list of everything I need to do and would like to accomplish, including activities with the children. Then I input it into my calendar, everything from the smallest activities (like making hot cocoa), to the biggest ones (like seeing the Nutcracker ballet).

Scheduling the calendar like this gives us all something to look forward to and provides structure. It also helps me to prioritize family time because spending quality time together can often get pushed down the list amidst all of the business.

I hope that you enjoy this week's video! If you would like to see more planning videos from me in the future, please be sure to let me know.

A few things I mention in the video:

Free holiday printables for children from Activity Village. This is a great resource for fun crafts and activities for your kids this holiday season.

My video and blogpost on how to make your own citrus ornaments. These are inexpensive, natural and so fun to make!


Thank you to everyone who tuned in to Nippon TV's The Most Useful School in the World this past Saturday!
If you missed the show, you can watch it here.

The Madame Chic Collection is the perfect gift! Order yours in time for the holidays.

Comment of the Week
Yvanna writes:

Just a big thanks - came across your Ted talk tonight which led to a binge on your YouTube videos - during which my house and closet has been transformed, and my 10 item wardrobe is pretty much figured out. I have a massive pile of clothes to donate tomorrow! Also can't wait to read your book & book recommendations. Thank you, it really is just what I need right now for so many reasons. May God bless and protect you as you continue to inspire people xx

Yvanna, thank you so much for your kind email. I love meeting people who have found me through my TEDx talk. I'm so happy to hear your closet has been transformed! I'm excited for you to go on this journey.

Be sure to check back this Thursday for my annual Daily Connoisseur Gift Guide.

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Unknown said...

Wow! Loved the Japanese show! You did a great job. I especially appreciated your trick on how to get the kiddos clean up! It worked like a charm.
I can't wait to see your paper planning video. I recently switched to paper planning but not really getting in the groove yet...and can't afford my time to plan like those "plan with me" youtubers although I think they are so pretty. So would love to sneak peek your chic planning style.

madeofmydreams said...

I would love to see more planning videos.

I have a pen and paper planner which is absolutely lovely as it has helped me to organise my life and stay on top of my commitments. I purchased mine from The Container Store; it's

madeofmydreams said...

By Russell + Hazel. I highly recommend it because of its size, asthetic quality, and customisation capability.


Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,
I really liked this planning video. I think scheduling minor activities, like baking or going to the movies, would be helpful during summer breaks too, so I wouldn't lose all my leisure time binge watching on Netflix.
Also, My aunt just bought tickets for the nutcracker for us! I'm so happy that I wanted to share it with you. Many great solo dancers from around the globe will perform, including a principal dancer from the Royal Ballet in London, who, like me, is Brazilian.
I Love your books,

Deb said...

I'm putting in my diary to watch this video and order your third book :)

Maureen said...

I loved this post! Thanks, Jennifer. I have always been a planner, and I enjoy seeing how others do their planning. Being a new first-time mom, I appreciated seeing how you plan to make Christmas as memorable and fun as possible for your kids. I'll be borrowing some of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

laura wilson said...

Jennifer, seeing this list brought back so many memories of when my boys were little. I especially loved the movie night. We had a Friday night movie night too! Just like when I was little, Sunday night seemed to be the T.V. night with homemade popcorn or black cows and watched the Walt Disney Show and the F.B.I. These shows date me but such happy times.

Lucia P said...

I love your approach and the printed calendar. I think it's fun for the family to get to see what they have to look forward to.
My children are grown now but I have such wonderful memories of family holiday traditions like movie night etc...You are creating wonderful memories right now (I'm sure you know that). You won't regret it!

Laura Wilson, I also remember Walt Disney watched as a family on Sunday nights in our jammies! So I just dated myself too.

Jennifer, thanks again for your inspiring and lovely blog and books.